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Kartoffelkamm t1_j1ub31w wrote

"There! Now don't do bad things anymore!" She said.

"What?" I asked, looking up at her, kneeling after getting tired out from the fight. The teenage girl with long, pink hair, and wearing a white, flowing dress, looked at me.

"Don't do bad things anymore," she repeated, "I mean, it's just a friendly advice, but if I were in your position, I'd follow it."

"Why?" I asked. Her cheerful smile disappeared, and she turned serious.

"Because," she said, and cracked her knuckles, "I'm still standing, and you can't even lift your arms."

"Wha- what's that supposed to mean?" I asked, a mix of confusion and fear rising within me.

"That means I'm letting you go," she answered, "I'll consider this situation over with, but if you try something bad again, I'll come back. Over, and over, and over again. Until you learn." She turned to leave.

"Hey, wait," I said.

"What is it?" She asked and said, "I gotta get home for dinner."

"Why just not finish it?" I asked.

"Multiple reasons, really," she answered, "For one, I believe in redemption. And secondly, it's been two years since a real big bad showed up, and our fight just now was really fun. I actually had to get a little serious. Bye." With that, she flew away faster than I had ever seen her move.

As I sat there, as her magic repaired the damage our clash had caused, I realized several things. I realized that, throughout it all, she was giving it just enough to not go down, while I was trying my hardest to destroy her. I realized that, in a serious fight, she would have destroyed me much sooner. But I also realized that she didn't take pity on me, but rather, that she showed mercy.

And considering all I had done, showing mercy may just be the greatest feat she had displayed that day.


Side note: The magical girl in this story is mainly based on Cure Lovely from Happiness Charge Precure.

Throughout the whole season, she does several things that heavily imply she loves fighting evil because the forces of evil aren't protected by the Geneva Convention, allowing her to do things like this.


ArbitraryChaos13 OP t1_j1uvo7p wrote

>the forces of evil aren't protected by the Geneva Convention

Huh. That's an interesting plot point.


Kartoffelkamm t1_j1v09mm wrote

Well, it's more a fun observation on my part, because some of the things that girl does to her enemies has got to be illegal.