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photoshopper42 t1_iyxb3jp wrote

The old generation of vampires rolled their eyes and the young ones. Their virtue signaling as they posted how iron supplements and Vitamin D was just as good on TikTok and you didn't even have to murder people. Ohh-la-la. So woke these young vampires.

And then you had the young vampires. Looking at the older vampires with equal if not more contempt. These old vampires who are so set in their ways. Who value 'tradition' more than they care about adapting and becoming better people and treating the world and society better. You would often hear them talk about how the older generation of vampires would just have to eventually die off and then the world would be more woke as the younger vampires got older. But for how many generations have they been saying that?

The divide between generations has just been getting bigger and bigger. The camps have been getting further and further away and they started living in their own bubbles. Young vampires were not talking to older vampires and nobody was able to work together to find a solution that they could both find. But at the same time, whenever the generations were able to come together and try to understand each other, they found they actually had things in common. They both enjoyed sunsets. They both enjoyed turning into bats. They both got annoyed when they had to floss around their fangs because the fangs would accidentally cut the floss.

Maybe if they just talked to each other and saw the others as equals that were trying to get by in a crazy convoluted world, things could get better. Who knows? I'm not going to be part of that solution though, fuck old vampires, they're pieces of shit. I'm gonna go take my iron supplement and some molly and go to a rave.