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Reformed_Narcissist t1_j0m1bwk wrote

“HOLD THE DOOR! HOLD THE DOOR!!!” I shouted as I sprinted to the closing doors.

The elevator was nearly full but I didn’t care. Oh god, I was so screwed. That meeting was at 5 and it’s already 5 passed.

“Accounting,” I pant as I just make it in. Somehow, I avoided colliding with anyone and did my best to straighten up next to a person dressed in a very conspicuous outfit.

After a beat, I turn toward the patriotic figure and say, “Holy crap, you’re Captain America.”

Captain America turns to me and grimaces and I check myself. He must be terribly busy and upset with Director Fury gone and being a war hero and everything.

I think of what to say and am saved when the person in front of me, turns to Cap and says “sorry about what happened with Fury, if you need someone to talk to.”

Cap simply replies, “Thank you.”

How dignified.

After a somewhat awkward silence and few more floors and some more people, Cap says, “Does anyone want to get out?”

I see it’s my floor and say ”yeah, it’s my floor.”

I move to go and then turn around and say, “Sorry about Director Fury. I hope things turn out okay.”

Cap looks at me with slight surprise and then smiles and says , “Thank you.”

I smile back and rush to my meeting. Maybe this day wasn’t a total bust.


archtech88 t1_j0muq2m wrote

Headcanon that this is the guy who was playing galaga on the bridge


Demios630 t1_j0ngnpj wrote

That guy actually became the owner of a pmc, and recently died in a confrontation in Mexico involving some SAS and Mexican armed forces.


Zshredder31 t1_j0pqum5 wrote

For a second I legitimately thought that Warren Kole actually died in a shootout with the Mexican government and got extremely confused lol


photoshopper42 t1_j0mt5t3 wrote

I look around confused, what does he mean? Get out? The doors are closed how could anybody get out. And besides, everybody just got in, we all have to get somewhere, we aren't just gonna get out right away? What the hell is he-oh SHIT!

People start wailing on Captain America trying to take him down. But Captain America, being Captain America, gets free and starts knocking them all around with his shield. I don't even realize that I am screaming and crying in the corner of the elevator until it has already happened. I try to catch myself and stop but a guy falls over unconscious next to me and I start screaming even louder.

All I wanted to do was resubmit my expense reports. Accounting has been on my ass about this forever, and I finally set up a meeting to get it taken care of. I guess something went wrong? I don't really know, I thought I filed it all correctly, but I filled it out wrong and they wanted to talk to me about it. It sounded serious, I hope they don't think I'm stealing money. It seems like a silly thing to be worried about now. What I should be worried about is my brain getting split in half by that heavy ass shield.

I watch in terror as the last man goes down. He looks at me cowering in the corner. I can tell he is trying to make up his mind. Whether he should kill me or not? I don't know. Why is Captain America fighting SHIELD agents? Is he the bad guy now? Or maybe they are the bad guys? I'm so confused. I wish I didn't cry in front of Captain America, this is humiliating. I also wish I didn't shit my pants in front of him.

He decides to ignore me and pulls open the doors to try and leave. There are more of the agents coming so he decides to jump out of the window instead. Now I just am sitting in the elevator alone with the broken glass and a bunch of unconscious bodies. Everything smells like shit. Next time I am taking the stairs.


Voidbearer2kn17 t1_j0mgu6m wrote

"Actually, if you can let me out at 5, that would be great." I say softly, the stares from the other men make me feel uncomfortable. I feel like I am in a disciplinary meeting with some people with exceptional anger control issues, and the desire to leave is almost overwhelming.

My phone rings, and I can hear someone curse at me while I answer my phone.

"I am sorry that I am late, I am in the elevator." I answer as I step back, bumping into the other guy with a briefcase. I try to ignore the heavy thunk noise as I try to make my way to the front of the car.

"You should've known you were going to be late and planned accordingly." The person on the end of the line snaps.

"Hey, I didn't know about the goddamn traffic holdup! It's not like I had a magic 8-ball that would've told me, there will be a twenty car pile-up on the freeway." I yell back, waving my arm for emphasis. My fist connecting with the jaw of the guy with the no longer secret magnetic cuff for Cap, knocking him out.

"You are the one that called the meeting, and even when I told you I would be late, you still demanded that I somehow bend Time and Space to make it to the Triskelion. You have no right to make demands of me when I have to obey the laws of this planet." I continue to rant as I ram bodily into Stilwell who stumbles into the goon he has in front of.

Cap takes advantage of the situation and swiftly defeats the others. He looks at me, his body tense, but his face shows confusion.

"You have other places to be, Steve." I say, smashing the reinforced window. "Not here being the top priority. Go."

He nods and hurls himself out of the window, his shield taking the hit first.

"I need to get to my meeting to speak with Fury."


Topgunshotgun45 t1_j0mh7ms wrote

Wasn't Fury believed to be dead by this point?


Voidbearer2kn17 t1_j0mj49v wrote

Yes, that was the public perception of the event. However, Fury did have a hidden 'toolbox' he gave to Coulson which had a plethora of secrets, not mention secret bases that even SHIELD were not aware of.


Myelix t1_j0mmikv wrote

Some of them which were used during agents of SHIELD, too.


Voidbearer2kn17 t1_j0mnnbl wrote

Some. Yes. Not all. And the best way to hide secrets is to make the secrets you want them to find out about difficult, but not impossible to get into. Why would you hide anymore after that?


PosterusKirito t1_j0ppmky wrote

“Uh, why?” I ask. It’s only then that I start to read the tone of the car as it steadily rises. In a facility dedicated to cutting edge technology, these elevators were always notoriously slow.

Only a couple of the men look at me. One of them smirked, probably knowing what was coming next and saw my presence as amusing. Another had a look that one could call the first attack, as he looked daggers at me in the most literal sense I could ever imagine. It’s Dave from security. I thought we were friends. I like to think that he was mad someone he cared about was about to be put at risk.

I look around the car, first at “Cap”, then at all the others as I say “Hey uh, I get off on 5, so, whatever is about to go down can you maybe ju-“

The first swing is thrown. He probably thought he caught Cap off guard as I had his full attention. I corner myself and brace myself as adrenaline takes over. My mind is moving light-speed, and all it’s telling me to do is stay still and watch closely for danger. The fight ensues, and one after another the soldier drops the men, including Dave. I have no idea why this is happening, or who is the “good guy” if any in this situation. All I know is that Cap is the only one who looked concerned about my presence.

It’s down to two, and in a desperate attempt, one of them grabs me and puts a gun to my head. It’s the guy that was smirking about me being there. Cap was basically mid punch, clenching the goon by the tie, when my captor yells “STOP!” Cap freezes and turns his attention to us. He knows the drill. Shield still attached at the forearm, he steps back and puts his hands up as the other goon backs up as well, drawing a gun on him. “Put the shield down. Now.” After a pause that feels like forever, Cap removes the shield from his arm slowly, brings his arm back, and throws the shield straight at the corner of the cart. It was probably only 3 seconds, but to me the shield kept bouncing. First the corner, then the wall adjacent before hitting the guy with a gun to my head. It immediately knocks him out, and flies from one skull to another, and thank God or whoever’s in charge these days that it wasn’t my skull. It goes without saying that Cap knew what he was doing.

With complete style, the shield bounces right from the last guy to cap’s arm. As he falls, the doors finally open. Floor 5. I don’t know what to say. A million responses come to my mind as I prep myself to get off the elevator.

“Uh, have a nice day” I say as I get off. “Yeah you too.”



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