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photoshopper42 t1_j0mt5t3 wrote

I look around confused, what does he mean? Get out? The doors are closed how could anybody get out. And besides, everybody just got in, we all have to get somewhere, we aren't just gonna get out right away? What the hell is he-oh SHIT!

People start wailing on Captain America trying to take him down. But Captain America, being Captain America, gets free and starts knocking them all around with his shield. I don't even realize that I am screaming and crying in the corner of the elevator until it has already happened. I try to catch myself and stop but a guy falls over unconscious next to me and I start screaming even louder.

All I wanted to do was resubmit my expense reports. Accounting has been on my ass about this forever, and I finally set up a meeting to get it taken care of. I guess something went wrong? I don't really know, I thought I filed it all correctly, but I filled it out wrong and they wanted to talk to me about it. It sounded serious, I hope they don't think I'm stealing money. It seems like a silly thing to be worried about now. What I should be worried about is my brain getting split in half by that heavy ass shield.

I watch in terror as the last man goes down. He looks at me cowering in the corner. I can tell he is trying to make up his mind. Whether he should kill me or not? I don't know. Why is Captain America fighting SHIELD agents? Is he the bad guy now? Or maybe they are the bad guys? I'm so confused. I wish I didn't cry in front of Captain America, this is humiliating. I also wish I didn't shit my pants in front of him.

He decides to ignore me and pulls open the doors to try and leave. There are more of the agents coming so he decides to jump out of the window instead. Now I just am sitting in the elevator alone with the broken glass and a bunch of unconscious bodies. Everything smells like shit. Next time I am taking the stairs.