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Distinct-Form9262 t1_j2cdpi0 wrote

A first love reappears in a man's life.. he suddenly feels alive, hopeful, and looks foward to every message..over time they discuss getting back together. He opens up his home and heart to her with a condition that he does his best to explain and tells his story about how he got clean and sober..and is willing to go the distance if she can abstain from the hard stuff..but his message was ill received and miss read..she thinks he is judging her and putting her down and the messages end in a volatile way with her throwing in his face his past mistakes. This happens on Christmas day..a week later she begins troll him on Facebook and telling awful things from his past on other people's posts..humiliating him in front of good friends and family....he blocks her after sending a message back through a post she has just trolled..saying these things happened 18 years ago..and I'm glad it stopped where it did..your acting psychotic....go! This is a true story as of tonight, it's been 18 years, and I blocked her tonight! Let me know if you like this start..and send me your ending at buck welch @ Facebook..or just have an ominous feeling right now.