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Crush? Jealousy? First date? Last date? Cozy QPR? I'll give it a try! Genre stuff welcome, but I probably won't recognize specific characters from a lot of established media.

update: (3:30PM US Eastern time) These are all great! Stepping away for a bit, but I plan on getting to some more of these later.

update 2: (11:50PM) Another bunch done, calling it a night! I'm hoping to do a few more this weekend, but the pace will probably be slower. Thanks for the great prompts, and for reading!



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Schroedingers_Dragon t1_j29izqt wrote

A firefighter having to save the guy they’ve had a crush for two years from a burning hospital


prejackpot OP t1_j29wqpv wrote

Dale couldn’t get his face out of their head as the truck sped through the streets. Would he be there? Was he okay?

“Memorial General?” Larkins said loudly as they pulled up. “Don’t we usually go here after the incident?”

“Hey, buddy?” Lieutenant Hoss put a hand on their shoulder. “You good?”

Dale nodded. And as they put on their turnout gear, they realized they were. This is what they trained for. “I’m good.”

The captain pulled the teams together and laid out the attack. Later, Dale would think it had felt like a fugue state. Moving with the rest of the crew under the flashing emergency lights, the world reduced to the cone in front of their eyepro, tuning out the whine of the alarms and the screams of the evacuating patients, and, eventually, the heat of the fire that had started in the second-floor kitchen and picked up fuel from an overstuffed supplies closet. They must have seen him on the way in, helping get patients out of the ER. They must have recognized him. But in that moment, for the first time in two years, his face wasn’t a distraction. There was a fire. Dale’s body knew what to do.

He found them later, out in the parking lot, after the fire was finally out. He’d lost his white coat, and someone had given him a thermal blanket that he draped over his t-shirt like a cape. “Dale Brown, right?” he asked.

“Dr. Mitchell,” Dale blurted out. “I’m surprised you remember.”

“I never forget a patient,” Dr. Mitchell said airily. “Well, not usually. Not when I save their life.”

“I guess today I get to return the favor,” Dale replied.

Dr. Mitchell laughed at that. His laugh was deep and rich, and it had the familiar tone of tension being let go. Finally, he pointed behind Dale, to where some cardboard boxes of coffee had been set up on a folding table. “Can I get in on that?”

Without talking about it, they sat side by side on the curb nursing coffee in paper cups. “You don’t need to be working now, do you?” Dr. Mitchell asked. Dale shook their head.

“Listen,” Dr. Mitchell said at last. “Can I ask you something? Do you get used to it? Almost dying in a fire?”

Dale smiled. “A little bit.”

He sipped his coffee. “Well, today was my first time. I’m used to other people almost dying,” he added with a laugh that sounded forced this time.

Dale noticed that Dr. Mitchell’s hands were shaking. And for the second time that night, they acted without needing to think about it. Their body knew just what to do.


EvilNoobHacker t1_j29sbvh wrote

Two guys- each has a bit of a crush on each other- meet in a bar, and proceed to get rather drunk. Only problem? Both don’t know the other is gay, and think the other is homophobic.


prejackpot OP t1_j2c17i6 wrote

“So do you have a girlfriend?”

“A girlfriend? Nah, not me. Nothing serious like that. You?”

“Me neither.”

“But I like to have fun. With girls!”

“Love to have fun with girls, man.”

“If I meet the right one- the right girl I mean-”

“The right girl, for sure, man-”

“-Maybe that’ll change things. But for now I like to keep things chill.”

“I like to keep it chill too. My mom keeps asking me when I’m gonna get a girlfriend, I just tell her, mom, chill.”

“My mom would freak out if she knew about… all the girls, you know?”

My mom would freak the girls out. Wait- dude, you okay?”

“Yeah, I just-shit- Oh, hey, Derrick, how’s it going?”

“Hey Alex, how’s it going! Oh man, Carlos? You two know each other?”

“We were just-”

“Oh damn, am I interrupting?”

“No, no, we were just chilling.”

“You sure? Because the last thing I want is to be a third wheel on your date.”

“He’s not- wait-”

“Well, gentlemen, now that I’ve made things less awkward after all – would you both be down for a nightcap up at my place?”

“Oh, thank god.”


mafiaknight t1_j29i1t7 wrote

A Redditor (like me!) and their girlfriend (who doesn’t exist...) enjoy a candlelit dinner


prejackpot OP t1_j29p0cf wrote

Oscar prepared meticulously. He scrolled through cooking subreddits to make sure he had a hang of the basics before finally posting: Beginner cook. Critique my menu for a fancy date night dinner. He lurked on men’s fashion communities enough that when he posted his date-night outfit he was met with enough thumbs-ups and crown-emoji responses that the troll replies didn’t even bother him. Even the candles for the middle of the table were recommended by r/Candles.

“Your gf is so lucky,” one redditor even said. Someone gave him a Wholesome award.

All that was left to do was take a photo of the final product. Seafood pasta, a balsamic-drizzled salad, a loaf of homemade bread, all lit by candlelight. Oscar himself, wearing a well-fitted Oxford shirt, sitting across from — an empty chair.

tfw no gf, he captioned it, and posted it with a smile. Let the karma roll in.


mafiaknight t1_j29p8fp wrote

chefs kiss


prejackpot OP t1_j2c6jlt wrote

Thanks! I had to resist trying to name-check a bunch more specific subreddits for this one.


Jacob6er t1_j29llxu wrote

Mid 1960s America, the son of a politician just came out to his family right after his college graduation, which didn't go well. Now him and his boyfriend fresh back from Vietnam are trying to help each other through there own issues.


prejackpot OP t1_j2ae8lj wrote

The two men walked side by side. They were just barely far enough apart not to draw undue stares, but their strides fell into a perfect rhythm of easy familiarity.

“So? How was it?” asked Ashley, the sandy-haired one.

“How was what?” asked Jack, taking a long drag on his cigarette.

“What do you think? Viet Nam,” Ashley said, dragging out the name.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“That bad, huh?”

“How were things here?” Jack asked, his tone softening. “With your father?”

“How were things here?” Ashley repeated. “How things here were was, you need to tell me about Vietnam. So I know what to expect when I get there.”

Jack stopped mid-stride in the middle of the path. Ashley took one inadvertent step ahead of him, then turned and took another deliberate step over. “So?” he asked. “Are you gonna tell me or what?”

“Your father can’t make you-“ Jack started.

“Make me nothing, there’s a draft, haven’t you heard,” Ashley cut him off.

“Draft, hell,” Jack’s voice grew louder. “With your family’s money-!”

“Lower your goddamn voice,” Ashley growled, leaning in for a moment before straightening up and sliding his hands into the pockets of his pants. “There won’t be any family money if I don’t do this, don’t you see? Not for me.”

“Then to hell with your family’s money. We don’t need it.”

“We?” Ashley asked. He seemed to lean back for a moment, and then slowly pivoted on his heels and started walking again, putting distance between him and Jack.

Jack tossed his cigarette on the ground, stomped on it once, and followed. “Yes, we,” he said, quieter now, catching up. “Like we talked about before.”

“We were kids,” Ashley said casually, not looking at Jack.

“Kids hell, you meant it. And so did I.”

“And what about the rest of the world, huh?” Ashley started walking faster now, eyes looking somewhere above the horizon.

“I’m not afraid of the rest of the world. Especially not anymore. Are you so afraid?”

“Yes!” Ashley stopped and spun around so fast that Jack nearly collided with him. “Of course I am.” There were tears at the corner of his eyes now. “And if you’re not, then you came back from war even dumber than when you left.”

Their faces were inches apart now. “I love you,” said Jack, his voice low and certain. “I still love you.”

Ashley seemed to sway in place, his face approaching Jack’s, then suddenly pulling away, then jerking back. Jack leaned in to kiss him, and at that Ashley did pull away with a yelp. Then he turned quickly and started to walk down the path, faster, arms pumping like he was running away. This time, Jack didn’t chase him.


Papa_Tanuki t1_j29iqah wrote

Emotionally closed off man gets set up with a bubbly woman by their friends who are dating. He loves DnD, books, and movies. She loves almost everything, and is super excited to learn about his interests. They are meeting at a fancy restaurant set up by their friends, he is uncomfortable because it's so fancy and she is disturbing the other patrons with her excitement and loud conversation.


Gregamonster t1_j2aefjn wrote

And elven man and a dwaven woman trying to maintain their race's rivalry despite working together at a restaurant. Everyone else thinks they're flirting.


NewRomanian t1_j29oh0e wrote

A seraphim and a human which keeps on pissing God off just enough for him to send a Seraph down to tell him off but not enough to actually do anything, enemies to lovers style


Kitty_Fuchs t1_j29om9o wrote

A rich Victorian lady ends up in the stone age through some time travel shenanigans. There she discovers that who she thinks are "savages" treat her very well, so long as she contributes to the tribe, and she falls in love with a member of the tribe.


prejackpot OP t1_j2a1uz1 wrote

Lord Rowan felt cold rage running in his veins as he peered through his ambaric viewer at the village below. He had imagined finding Lydia dead, or even – heaven forbid – held captive, suffering a fate worse than death in some chieftan’s smoke-filled tent. He had steeled himself for such eventualities, and comforted himself with thoughts of the vengeance he would wreck on the primitives who did it.

What he hadn’t expected was to see Lydia out and about in the village, dressed in skins like an ancient savage herself. Good Lord, was she skinning a deer? Was she their slave?

This was Lydia’s own fault, he knew. A chronovelic excursion was no place for a lady, but she had insisted and badgered so relentlessly he had finally attempted to find a safe destination for her to accompany him to. He should have been stronger, he realized now, for both of their sakes.

What had they done to Lydia, he wondered? Her movements were unladylike; one of the other primitive females had said something in their own tongue, and Lydia responded with an undignified cackle of laughter. He had never heard her make such a sound before. He had to rescue her, he thought as he reached for his elecro-rifle.

No, Lord Rowan suddenly realized. He had heard her cackle like that before. Before they were married; when she was a girl, and he was a young scholar, and she would insist on hearing the gossip from the academy. He would make her laugh like that then.

A tribesman approached Lydia, and she turned and – oh, God – kissed him full on the lips. Lord Rowan squeezed the rifle and prepared to take aim.

She used to kiss him like that, when he would come upstairs from the laboratory, from another long day and night of failed experimentation, to find her still at her sewing. Before the chronoveler. Before the lordship.

When had she last kissed him like that, he wondered? When had she last laughed like that?

Lord Rowan thought of the Lydia he knew now: shrill-voiced and pinched, choked with rage at some society snub or some transgression of his own. Not the girl he had loved, he had found himself thinking before.

He looked through the ambaric viewer. The woman down in the village laughed again and fed some cooked meat to the tribesman. No, that was not his Lydia, not anymore. That woman was far too happy.

Lydia had died, he decided he would tell the academy. A tragic accident during an irresponsible chronovelic experiment. There would be some censure, to be sure, but it would be mild. She was only a woman, after all. Yes, Lord Rowan decided. That would be the best solution all around. Quietly, he lowered his elecro-rifle, and began to prepare to return home.


Kimmy-ann t1_j29p8ce wrote

A couple who used to be wildly in love, have just realized after 10 years of marriage they are headed toward divorce because life got in the way. This is their last ditch effort to prove they want to stay together.


armageddon_20xx t1_j29n9uy wrote

Two herpetologists meet at a snake convention and fall in love with the same cobra, which in turn leads them to develop feelings for each other in an awkward way.


NetherFun101 t1_j29vjj6 wrote

A depressed teen stands on the edge of a bridge about to jump, but is stopped by a very drunken person who is more than happy to introduce them to the pleasures of hedonism.

(Not my idea, stole it from some meme I saw a while ago)


helpusernamw t1_j2a01qg wrote

Cyberpunk-style, two friends on an interstellar way-station/space station people-watching. This is where they met; unbeknownst to the other, both of them have rings in their pockets (feel free to play with the ring idea and make it into a different marriage/partnership-related tradition or make one/both of them aliens or something)


BarbequeSoap t1_j2a0txm wrote

A small, unknown God of small wonders and nothingness falling in love with a woman that "accidentally" builds a temple for him to live in near her home.


prejackpot OP t1_j2a64f2 wrote

I lie for eons as dead as a god can be. When the new house is built at the edge of the village, I have the patience to wait. I gather my power. And one day, when she steps out to see the sunrise, I expend it all to call a breeze and make autumn leaves dance on the ground. Just for a moment, but it’s enough for her to notice. She smiles wide with delight. A small act of worship for a small wonder, but enough to give me life again.

On a winter morning, she comes out again. This time, I make birds dance around her. She claps her hands with joy this time, and the following day she puts out a feeder for the birds. An altar to me.

She is my one worshiper, and I am bound to her altar. I make her front yard a place of delight. The sunrises are more colorful, the birdsong sweeter. In the fall, the leaves crackle just so. She too grows more delightful too under my gaze. The wind teases her hair, the sunlight makes her eyes sparkle. Her fingers dance as she feeds the birds, an offering at my altar. Here, where my power reaches, she is the most beautiful of all creatures.

Others notice her loveliness, of course. Men come to call. She is sweet to them, but I can see that she does not need their attention. And neither do I. Her worship is enough for me; and my wonders are enough for her. We are perfectly matched in that way.

She doesn’t need my help, I can see now. Her grace is her own. The sunrises are all the more radiant for being seen through her eyes.

Everyone knows gods live off the worship of mortals. But what happens when a god worships a mortal? She will become something like a goddess herself. Her beauty will never fade. She will be bound to this place, as I am.

We will never be parted.


BarbequeSoap t1_j2a8fij wrote

Now that's just downright gorgeous. "What happens when a god worships a mortal?"


prejackpot OP t1_j2c6ohn wrote

Thank you, this one definitely leant itself to more poetic prose.


BladeSmith05 t1_j2a5hmg wrote

Male dwarf. Female elf. Modern fantasy setting, sitting at home in thier living room, planning the wedding.


Ok_Metal_9914 t1_j2a8y6o wrote

Okay. Male and female. Both internationally wanted on bioterrorism charges. To the public she is his second in command. To them they are equals, friends, lovers. Both probably not entirely sane/sociopathic but do care for eachother.

Currently near death, having just survived and escaped a fight through faking their deaths. Currently doing the classic taking care of eachothers wounds and making sure they are as okay as can be after it all thing. Like sicfics but injuries.

Idk, I tried to make it unique. I apologize if it's not the best prompt. Basically two terrible people who do terrible things but love eachother as a sick(injury) fic prompt.


Caffeine-Detective1 t1_j2adb03 wrote

A boy and a girl on their first date. But we are in a far away future when 18, both genders will be sent to war in space. Cities on earth are almost desert, mostly children and baby sitter robots.


prejackpot OP t1_j2bylq7 wrote

We dodged the Parents through the old evac tunnels, then climbed an emergency ladder all the way to the roof. We were laughing and breathing heavily even before getting the hatch open and putting the filtration masks over our heads. Then we were outside, under the stars.

“How long do you think we have?” I asked him.

I could see the twinkle in his eye as he thought, and put a hand to his ear as though he could hear the banging of the Parents somewhere far below us. “Oh, about twenty minutes,” he declared at last.

“With what margin of error?”

His smirk got wider. “About twenty minutes, plus or minus,” he replied.

“I can see why you won’t be a Planner,” I said.

It was meant to be a light joke, but I saw unexpected hurt in his eyes for just a moment. Then it was gone, and his smirk was back. “Pure uncut cannon fodder, that’s me,” he said. “And what about you? I know you’re space-bound, with those zero-gee legs-”

“Shut up-” I teased, but secretly I was flattered.

“But let’s see what your full assignment is,” he finished. And before I could stop him, he’d grabbed my arm and rolled up my sleeve to see my genetic assignment tattoo.

“Navigator, huh,” he said. He was still trying to sound easy, but I could see him looking at me differently. Dammit, this is why I didn’t want him to know. “I was wrong,” he added. “They won’t let the likes of you breathe this dirty air for twenty whole minutes.”

“Then we’d better make the best of the time we do have,” I told him. And before I could think about it, I pulled off my mask, and I could taste the fumes in the air but I didn’t care, not then, and then I pulled off his mask, and then we were kissing.

He had been right the first time, it turned out. We had nearly twenty minutes alone before the Parents finally made their way up a maintenance hatch and came to take us home.


TopReputation t1_j2ae7e4 wrote

Nearly ten years after high school graduation a guy, thinking about the what ifs in his life, goes fuck it and messages his high school crush on FB messenger to ask her out and confess he liked her back then. The problem is they have not talked since senior year of high school and even back in school they didn't really interact much on account of the guy's shyness even though the girl obviously liked him and said hi to him and tried to engage him in conversation.

Tl;Dr : dude msg his hs crush ten years later out of the blue and asks her out


prejackpot OP t1_j2bwdj3 wrote

“Oh fudge,” Claire said with feeling, hopping up and down on one foot, the other above where a Lego piece lay on the carpet. She shot an unnecessary glance at the bedroom door, assuring herself the kids were asleep before she allowed herself to swear for real.

“What’s that?” asked Greg from the couch, not looking away from his video game.

“I stepped on a Lego,” she said.

“Classic,” Greg said with a chuckle. “Ouch.”

Claire sighed and picked up the laundry basket already full of little plastic toys. In went the Lego piece. Her phone buzzed in the pouch of her hoodie again. She carried the basket into the living room, and placed it pointedly on the couch next to Greg. He didn’t seem to notice as she kept moving through the room, picking up the toys that were strewn across the floor.

The floor finally clean, she moved the basket back to the floor and sat down next to Greg. “Alright, the house looks a little better,” she said.

“Thanks, babe.”

She sighed. Weighed her options. “The kids are asleep,” she said, trying to put on a bedroom voice. “If you want, you could join me upstairs.”

Greg paused the game, and for moment she thought he was going to reciprocate. “It’s been a long day,” he said, at least looking at her this time. “I just need to unwind right now, okay? You’re gorgeous,” he added as an afterthought, giving her a quick peck on the lips before turning back to the TV.

“Fine. I’m going to read in bed,” she said. She didn’t need a mirror to know that she wasn’t gorgeous, not right now in baggy mom clothes. But she couldn’t be that bad, right?

Her hand touched her phone, and she absently took it out to see what group chat had buzzed earlier. She stopped on the stair, phone in hand.

Josh Peters, she thought to herself as she read his long, charmingly self-conscious message to her. Huh. She’d had such a crush on him in high school, but she’d figured he hadn’t been interested. Apparently she had been wrong.

She scrolled through his Facebook as she brushed her teeth. He had aged well. And not married yet. No serious girlfriend either as far as she could tell.

haha omggg I had a crush on you too! she typed, and quickly deleted. Should she just block him?

She tried again. I always thought you were cute ;) That was even worse, right?

Another burst of noise came from Greg’s game downstairs. Before she could think about it, Claire hit Send. Crap. Crap.

We should catch up sometime, he wrote back right away.

This was crazy, right?

Sure that sounds fun!


TopReputation t1_j2cbqf1 wrote

Perfect, now if only it happens in real life for me.. Thank you for writing


TikkiTakiTomtom t1_j2agtkl wrote

Group of housemates leave for a road trip leaving one friend behind because he was caught up with something. A girl, one of the other housemates, just returned home from her own trip and crashed in bed the moment she got out. Unaware of the other guy being at home, she woke up later that night to sounds in the kitchen but was shocked to turn on the lights and find the guy munching on food half naked in his boxer shorts.

Based on a true story. I want to see how close you can get lol


AnotherNatural1 t1_j2al3nc wrote

When we first met, I was only supposed to get close enough to assassinate you. Now we’ve been dating for six months, and it’s not a ruse anymore, but you still don’t know my secret.


prejackpot OP t1_j2c5o6y wrote

You’re already at the party when I arrive. Of course you are. You don’t make an entrance; you’re the one who’s there to greet everyone. You make sure they feel welcome. I can’t help but admire that about you. Of course, you also can make sure they talk to the right people, and make the connections you want them to make. That’s one of the ways you wield your power, so subtly it’s almost invisible. I can’t help but respect that too.

I don’t mean to make an entrance. But when you stop mid-sentence to look at me – well, that makes everyone else look too. Part of me still hates how your gaze makes me tingle, that gaze that I know is just for me, no matter how many other beautiful women are in the room. I watch as your eyes go over my neckline, but your biggest smile comes just above it.

“You’re wearing it,” you mouth silently to me.

I was wearing it the first night we met. It was the last thing Infiltration Wing gave me, after months of tests and months more in the secret clinic under New Carthage, where I got the genetic alterations and cosmetic surgeries I’d need to get close to you. A single-use attack swarm, hidden inside a crystal pendant the size of my thumb.

I didn’t use it at that first party. Too much risk of collateral damage. I wanted to get you alone. And I did. But by then, you had looked at me like that – and had given me the other, more private look that you saved for my eyes only. You had whispered my name that wasn’t mine in my ear so passionately that I wished it was my name, I wanted it to be my name. And at the end, you had touched the pendant.

“This is so beautiful,” you told me. “Wear it for me always, so I’ll remember the night we met.”

Now, you put your hand on the small of my back and guide me through the crowd. I feel so safe, when I’m with you. I spent my whole life never feeling safe. And I know that was because of you too, so much of my fear and pain were because of you, I should want you dead, I want you dead, but this feeling of safety that you give me now – it’s so hard to give up. I want to get to feel it just one more night.

I lean against you as you discuss a new opera, old literature that’s banned for people who aren’t here in this room, how to improve the flow of traffic in the upper city. This is what I always wanted. Listening to these kind of conversations. I want everyone to be able to, of course I do, but deep down I know I wanted it for me. And now I have it. And I have you.

You’re engrossed in your conversation with one of the regents, but my mind is wandering, and that’s how I see the assassin.

One of the waiters isn’t as mind-wiped as he appeared, and he’s dropping the tray, and he has a knife in his hand, and he’s coming for you. “Death to tyranny!” he’s shouting.

Nobody else is moving. Not even you. Not even me. I have an image in my mind of you stabbed, dying on the floor. Leaving me alone. And I know, in that moment, that I couldn’t bear it. I can’t lose you.

And so I touch the pendant. I release the attack swarm at the assassin.


heymarstar t1_j2au9lw wrote

In a world where everyone gets a certain allotment of luck at birth (but can gain/earn/lose it in any manner of ways you choose) a luck wealthy guy meet-cutes a luck poor girl and gives her his luck.


prejackpot OP t1_j2cbr4y wrote

Jack was the one who saw her first. He always let himself fall in love at first sight; that’s what he spent his luck on, when he had it. Everyone knew that about him, especially Joker, who tends bar down at the Green Lady, where all the sharps hang out. She wasn’t a sharp, you could tell. She was a mark; and just plain, old-fashioned unlucky.

“I hear this is a place you can- can buy? Some luck?” she’d asked someone, like she didn’t believe it herself. Of course Jack would fall in love with that, with her lost-puppy eyes.

Me, I didn’t have time to notice a lost puppy. We had a trick to pull.

We’d been casing The Tower for months, sniffing around the outside, pulling smaller tricks to keep us in enough luck to make sure we didn’t get made. To the marks, The Tower was just another fancy casino, but any sharp knew it had more than money locked in its vaults. It had luck, and lots of it. But it was also an arcana joint, and you don’t mess with those without a really good plan. And a will.

We had a good plan. Me, I didn’t bother with the will, though. If I had enough to give anyone, or anyone to give it to, I wouldn’t be desperate enough to pull a trick on the arcana.

I won’t bore you with the details. My luck held; Jack’s didn’t. When it was all over, I stopped back at the Green Lady one last time, to pick up the fake passport I’d stashed with Joker and to say goodbye.

She was there again; or maybe she’d never left. I knew just what Jack would do if he was there, so I went and did it for him.

“I’m Ace,” I introduced myself. “You seem down on your luck.”

“You can say that again,” she agreed.

“Can I give you some of mine?”

Her eyes went a little wide. “So it’s real?”

“It’s real,” I said. “And I find myself pretty lucky right now. Except that I was going to share my luck with the person I loved. And now I can’t.”

“So not that lucky, actually,” she said.

“That’s not how it works,” I snapped. It came out harsh. “I could find someone new, if I wanted to spend my luck that way,” I tried to explain. “But I don’t want to.”

She nodded, and I could see she understood.

“Here,” I told her. I took her hand, and gave her the luck I’d taken from The Tower – all of it. “Just… stay away from tarot cards for a while, okay?”

I got up and walked away quickly, before she could do what I thought she might with the luck I’d just given her. I hadn’t been lying; I didn’t want someone else. And I still had a new passport, and a plane ticket in my pocket. There would always be better luck tomorrow.


SirM0rgan t1_j2bblvp wrote

Four people, A, B, C, and D

A is with C, and B is with D.

It is suspected that A likes B, B likes C, C likes D, and D likes A.

All 4 secretly want to be in a polyamorous relationship with each other but don't know how to bring it up.


baddadenergy t1_j2c744n wrote

They’ve asked for two-ish characters and no one has taken the opportunity to offer up a prompt about a couple spliced together now sharing a body, but also retaining independent sapient heads, that can now hear each others thoughts but struggle to communicate their feelings to each other while still figuring out this new living arrangement.

I give you two-ish characters I’ll take my award now


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321-Blast_Off t1_j29p585 wrote

Two high school sweethearts, went different ways and got married. Years later and spouseless now, they find each other.


Inthenightillrise t1_j29qcyl wrote

Two people are in love with with same person and said person has been kidnapped so they go to rescue them, only to get kidnapped themselves. They find that they don’t hate each other as much as they originally assumed.


perplexedphoenix97 t1_j29wsgd wrote

Your hinge match invites you as her date to her friends New Year Eve Party (Rooftop party with a bonfire and music) It's a third date. You are unsure about whether to go or not to go. Yet you decide to go.

Write about how it turns out.


lakib2007 t1_j29yy8v wrote

Two surfer lovers go on a romantic beach walk after a competition


Tirrek_bekirr t1_j2a5jkn wrote

A heroine and villainess falling in love


Prosjekttuba t1_j2aktxb wrote

A caring demon and a worried angel. Late night date dinner between a couple who poses as humans to keep their relationship a secret.


Ox_of_Dox t1_j2avkiw wrote

Zeus is on one of his sprees again! Though, this one girl catches his eye...


Atomic12192 t1_j2aym00 wrote

The angel and demon on your shoulders.


poki_pain t1_j2b0i87 wrote

Elderly mortal enemies chaperoning their grand-kids’ field trip to the zoo with the teacher secretly being mutually involved with the both of them, and sick of their shit


flfoiuij2 t1_j2b9w03 wrote

I don’t want you to actually do this, but Imma just drop it here to give somebody that has more braincells an idea. I found this extremely cursed thing on YouTube: Dream/Georgenotfound.


imsorryisuck t1_j2bi68n wrote

awkward, shy and nervous guy tries to pick up a female cop at the bar. somehow it really works.


Janus-Moth t1_j2cb8qm wrote

A supervillain who does crime to see a police officer he has a crush on


Distinct-Form9262 t1_j2cdpi0 wrote

A first love reappears in a man's life.. he suddenly feels alive, hopeful, and looks foward to every message..over time they discuss getting back together. He opens up his home and heart to her with a condition that he does his best to explain and tells his story about how he got clean and sober..and is willing to go the distance if she can abstain from the hard stuff..but his message was ill received and miss read..she thinks he is judging her and putting her down and the messages end in a volatile way with her throwing in his face his past mistakes. This happens on Christmas day..a week later she begins troll him on Facebook and telling awful things from his past on other people's posts..humiliating him in front of good friends and family....he blocks her after sending a message back through a post she has just trolled..saying these things happened 18 years ago..and I'm glad it stopped where it did..your acting psychotic....go! This is a true story as of tonight, it's been 18 years, and I blocked her tonight! Let me know if you like this start..and send me your ending at buck welch @ Facebook..or just have an ominous feeling right now.


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Black Canary was something of a female vigilante similar to Batman when such characters were uncommon.

MALE: Alex DeLarge Malcolm McDowell Clockwork Orange.png Malcolm McDowell as Alex in the trailer of A Clockwork Orange (1971) First appearance A Clockwork Orange (novel) Last appearance A Clockwork Orange (film) Created by Anthony Burgess Adapted by Stanley Kubrick Portrayed by Malcolm McDowell In-universe information Aliases The Large (novel) Alex Burgess (birth name; film) Nationality British

A few clashes soon became an obsession to take down each other. When a common enemy surface and gets in the crosshairs of them both they end up on the same side. As they defeat the intruder, they start a mutual admiration for each other. Each becomes convinced that they can turn the other from the path they fight for.....


LittleCreepy_ t1_j2cy1hq wrote

Bit scify, hope it still counts.

A Woman finds herself alone, after her husband gets murdered. Technological imortality was invented, but the assasins were thorough. She decides to make the hundred year trip between stars to see the copy of her husband, who left for a colony, for just a chance to see the love ofher live again. Faster than light (FTL) was never invented, so she will have to do this the hard way.

Will they find themselvs again? Or will her love and effort even be aprecheated? Will they even be the same person after all this time?


procastiwriterr t1_j2cyhko wrote

A guy who is completwly smitten and a girl who things romance is bullshit and only went on a date because he sad he'll take her to her favourite place They know each other, share a friend or two wish happy holidays but that's it (which really surprises her when the guy asks her on a date she thinks he doesn'y know her enough to like her)


XasiAlDena t1_j2dbaj4 wrote

Yourself, your date who is way out of your league, and yourself from the future who has come back in time to make sure you don't screw it up.

EDIT: If you're not comfortable writing yourself I get it, I'm mostly interested in the general idea.


ExceedHappy t1_j2dqynq wrote

One is a male extraverted guy with severe ADHD, depression, and extreme nihilism. Was kind of a genius in elementary and middle school, but became worse in studying in high school. Also is a class clown, but is secretive.

Another is a female girl who was once the guy's rival, and she was always second to him. But now she is at the top, and the guy just has normal grades. Also has a crushon him.


Ravendrood t1_j2fmh3m wrote

A scorpion and a crayfish find love at the rivers edge