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ElderStomper t1_j1wpqul wrote

She Left Without Hope


thoughtsthoughtof t1_j2e1hbz wrote

After an anonymous call, Freya Coleb is finally free of her abusive husband. But now she has no one. She looks upon her situation and wonders why free a caged bird only to leave it with nothing?


"A mother should love her child more than her life."

Ellia has always loved her daughter Hope so much. But the threats, the hitting it was all too much. And no one believed her. She had to leave. He wouldn't let her take her.

She got what she wanted, she thinks. She should be happy. But she's not. All she feels is guilt, and it's overriding her will to live (or as an actual summary of the book rather than blurb on the back to get read either it does/something stops her.)