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Thainexylon OP t1_j1xf1nl wrote

The world of Carcio will meet the most insolent, most entitled and THE MOST OUTRAGEOUSLY AUDACIOUS blonde >!beech!< that is Karen.

We will join in on Karen's journey of entitlement as she will constantly harass the witch, annoy the living life out of the locals, and will DEFINITELY mess with the lion.

Will she change? Will she die? I hope so... I mean, I hope she dies real soon, because this unforgivable mistake does not deserve to have this kind of power.

Price: An outrageous amount of $54, but someone complained it's too much.


"This is definitely entertaining. Also, **** Karen." - Bob

"This is disrespectful, I would like to see the author." - Karen

"STFU Karen, this is a work of art." - Emily, Karen's neighbor.

"I want food." - The lion in Carcio.