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Thainexylon OP t1_j1yaraw wrote

>!Dan Solace!< is a stunning, successful, sexy, sadistic man... Yes, he is sadistic for he lusts the blood of the victims he strikes— mostly, those were people who have done something bad— for he is a business man by day, serial killer by night. With over 47 identified victims, and possibly more than that, he is quite prolific with his sprees.

This book contains every atrocities he committed against his victims each having their own story, most are gruesome to the point that there's not a single speck of mercy left. It also goes to show what cruel artistry this man has, to convey the meaning behind every scene.

Price: $57.50

There's a sticky note on the book, it says:

. ...- . .-. -.-- / ...- .. -.-. - .. -- / .. ... / .-- --- .-. - .... / .- / -.. --- .-.. .-.. .- .-.


Xero818 t1_j2dfllt wrote

i don't wanna know what "half a victim" is


Thainexylon OP t1_j2dfrsq wrote

You mean like, 50 cents?


Xero818 t1_j2dk3qt wrote

every victim is a dollar, after all


Thainexylon OP t1_j2dkixi wrote


Also, I already responded to your other two titles, check them out.


Xero818 t1_j2do1pc wrote

other two? i only posted one other one (and yes, i did check it out, it's very cool)


Thainexylon OP t1_j2dotjh wrote

Oh wait, yeah. There are two there.

The cult and the looking-for-a-new-god one... I might have mixed up this story too, thinking that you made this.


Xero818 t1_j2fj2bs wrote

no, i didn't make this one. i did make the cult and death of god ones though.