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Xero818 t1_j2dfonv wrote

Don't You Want To Become A Cult Leader?


Thainexylon OP t1_j2dhgpk wrote

Come on, you would feel MORE powerful and respected than before... Don't you want that?

Through thorough searching and observations with well-known cults that existed today, as well as looking back at cults of the past, setting up a cult of our own... We brought it forward to you, the book that was made from the blood, sweat and tears of our laborious research on how to set up a cult... as well as being aware with other cults and their tactics!

With this book, you'll be able to discern cultic tactics and even set up your own cult!

Tried and tested!

Price $100

(Note: This is not available in your country, for it has been banned due to a huge incident called "The Flock of the Sheep" that caused >!a mass suicide of 549 members including its' leader!<. We advise you to be wary of this book... You've been warned.)


Thainexylon OP t1_j2dhvij wrote

OP Note: On second thought, the note could've also explained that the book was a scam and was pulled off from the shelves. The copies that have been retrieved were now repurposed either as journals, scratch or firewood.