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Mental-Ad-1807 t1_j0avpot wrote

A car VS a medieval knight


RefreshingWorld OP t1_j0b0nyn wrote

I thrust my sword at the metal beast and it holds still absorbing the attack. "You are a brave one," I commend. "Not many withstand the power of my blows."

The beast stares me down and I know it is a worthy challenge.

"You adorn yourself in armor so I know that you enjoy battle. For why else would one such as yourself mount so much precious metal to your frame." I add.

The beast merely growls. A subtle acknowledgment of my praise.

"Enguard." I leap at the creature and raise my sword high, bringing down a devasting blow against its head. Yet it blocks the attack with ease.

It laughs a burning laugh, taunting me. Suddenly it lurches forward and I jump to the side to avoid an earthen-smelling death. It circles again and I repeat the maneuver, but the beast is quick, this time I barely make it to my feet before it is at me again.

We repeat this dance, with me dealing superficial damage to the hull of the mighty leviathan and it struggling to deal with my steely resolve and quick wit.

Our battle spanned hours and dare I say was a legendary encounter, but, eventually, I feel the dregs of fatigue pulling heavily on my beautiful muscles. I drop my weapon and raise my hands, "I surrender to you great champion. Your tenacious strength is only matched by your determination. I concede."

I see the beast slow and it comes to a gentle stop in front of me. A merciful gesture. Suddenly, a deafening sound escapes the beast's obscured mouth and for a moment I think I was wrong that indeed it is nothing more than a simple animal. But as it remains there I realize it is not only offering mercy but friendship. It wants me to climb aboard, so I do.

Jumping onto the back of the creature, no, not creature, companion. I know we will make an excellent team.


ICastPunch t1_j0dqu4t wrote

Bro this team up was unexpected but appreciated.


RefreshingWorld OP t1_j0k01d0 wrote

The team-up was my favourite part. The knight and his steed will surely go on to vanquish many a foe.