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RefreshingWorld OP t1_j0azfl5 wrote

Sweeping billows of fog blanket the boardwalk as I sprint onward. "Why is it always -" I wheeze out, "- such a pain. On my day off, every damn time."

I continue to run, using the lantern-lit city lights to help me discern the way through the twisting fog maze.

"Slow down lad!" A passerby yells as I accidentally knock him, nearly sending him tumbling into the filthy water below.

I gulp in a breath of air and manage a weak, "Sorry." Back in his direction as I keep running.

"Left of the Osella's tower, and follow the floating stairs onto the catwalk above," I mutter. Instructions repeating on loop to myself in time with my pounding footsteps on the cobbled street. "Left of the tower, follow the stairs. Left of the tower follow the stairs."

As I approach the inner city. I finally feel the resistance of the fog clear. There is a marketplace setup, not good. It's blocking the streets with shanty tents and wears that cling desperately to the support the ornamented walls provide.

I don't stop.

Up ahead I see the tower, floating webs of light spill out of it and stretch to separate ends of the city. Thankfully, the catwalk is in view - a hundred feet or so to the left.

I run up the stairs and feel them shift down on my weight. Send some inspectors to check this out later I mentally note. The last thing I need is another call because some tourist doesn't properly anchor themself and slips through.

I reach the top and finally see the subject of my call, a man clad head to toe in armor. He has adorned it with red ink and he sits across the railing with a small round snack in his hand.

"Sir, I am gonna have to ask you to remove yourself from the railing."

Oh, yeah sure. Was uncomfortable anyway, you know what you people should invest in?

"No, I'm sorry but -"

"Chairs, seriously I'm telling you."


"Do you people have chairs, I'm not seeing any up here."

"We don't allow people up here."

"That's a shame, you should get moving then. Actually, you look a bit out of breath, you need a second? Don't worry I'll give you a second. Ok, times up, where am I?


"Sounds great. You look like you need a chair."

"I don't."

"You sure."

"Alright, time to send you home."

This was gonna be a long day.

(PT II Soon. Sorry about the delay)


RefreshingWorld OP t1_j0k3sg5 wrote


"Home," the armoured man quips back, "you don't know anything about my home."

"I don't but I'm sending you back now." I seethe. "You aren't meant to be here."

I hold out a bullet and show it to him. "Aronite bullets, they'll send you back through whichever pathway brought you here."

"I don't know about you but I moisturize and that doesn't look like it'll help. I'm off limits, suit to, we are a combo deal.

I can never get a day off. Vacations are a myth. My life is just over time.

I draw my pistol and fire three bullets, faint shimmers distort the air around him as he ducks to avoid the attack.

"Hey, Ironman doesn't like being shot." He responds and tempered lights burn through the catwalk where I'd just been standing. He spins around and I feel the floor buckle as he cleaves through two of the supports.

"You are gonna be coming down with me." I spit out maneuvering around another beam.

"Not likely wizard."

More plasma burns at his feet and he launches himself into the air.

No good deed huh?

I jam a few more rounds in and snipe at him but he drops through the air out of my line of sight.

I vault over the railing and feel my fingers connect with a nearby arch.

(Coffee break is just about over)

To be continued.