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KevlitUnter599 t1_j0enhk3 wrote

A pastoral meadow, an eldritch wizard, and a monkey.


RefreshingWorld OP t1_j0fh8gu wrote

Vibrant pastel flowers spread out in every direction. A fitting battlefield for the two combatants.

On the left a wizard, old and decrypt, who has forsaken the ways of the arcane in return for the mind-shattering powers of madness.

On the right stands a monkey.

"You mock me!" The wizard yells, looking to the sky. 'You provide me battle with an animal, and a stupid one at that."

I remain silent.

The wizard continues to glare but turns his gaze downward to look at the monkey, who to his credit is slowly peeling a banana.

The wizard sighs and draws his tome. He flips through the pages until he finds a spell that satisfies him. He chants in an ancient tongue for several seconds until he points his wand forward and fires a beam of the truly incomprehensible at the monkey.

The monkey parries it with the banana and sends the mighty spell into a cascading hill of flowers where it is totally and absolutely destroyed.

Then the monkey sprints forward vaulting and sliding under the madness of several eldritch blasts as he closes the distance between him and the wizard.

The wizard to his credit propels himself backwards through the air all the while summoning primordial tendrils that the monkey leaps, ducks, and slides over as he continues to approach him.

The monkey continues forward slacking, hacking or dodging the wizards attacks until at last he is within range.

"Nonsense." The wizard seethes. "What do you intend to to primate?"

The monkey smooshes the banana against the wizards dusty robes and snatches his spell-book from his hands.

He flips through the pages before uttering a single phrase, which annihilates the wizard entirely.

Then the monkey drops the tome, retrieves what is left of the banana and exits the battlefield to whatever adventures await him next.


KevlitUnter599 t1_j0isyy5 wrote

Oh man, this is great. I love that the monkey actually wins the fight. Yet, it does bring up questions. Like, where did the monkey learn to read, let alone speak the eldritch tongue? And what is there to the monkey that makes it more than it appears to be? This is a fun and idea inspiring tale. Thanks.


RefreshingWorld OP t1_j0jzvhy wrote

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The prompt was a fun one, I loved the setting you gave along with the two characters. It was great to write and as for the monkey, I don't even think the narrator was quite sure.

Maybe he will show up again.