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RefreshingWorld OP t1_j0k3sg5 wrote


"Home," the armoured man quips back, "you don't know anything about my home."

"I don't but I'm sending you back now." I seethe. "You aren't meant to be here."

I hold out a bullet and show it to him. "Aronite bullets, they'll send you back through whichever pathway brought you here."

"I don't know about you but I moisturize and that doesn't look like it'll help. I'm off limits, suit to, we are a combo deal.

I can never get a day off. Vacations are a myth. My life is just over time.

I draw my pistol and fire three bullets, faint shimmers distort the air around him as he ducks to avoid the attack.

"Hey, Ironman doesn't like being shot." He responds and tempered lights burn through the catwalk where I'd just been standing. He spins around and I feel the floor buckle as he cleaves through two of the supports.

"You are gonna be coming down with me." I spit out maneuvering around another beam.

"Not likely wizard."

More plasma burns at his feet and he launches himself into the air.

No good deed huh?

I jam a few more rounds in and snipe at him but he drops through the air out of my line of sight.

I vault over the railing and feel my fingers connect with a nearby arch.

(Coffee break is just about over)

To be continued.