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Codee_94 t1_j24xkl7 wrote

I took a little spin and switched roles a little, it flowed easier from the elf pov.

“Look babe, we have been through this before, I just take care of myself. You eat nothing but vegetables and can’t seem to stop doing yoga, or dance, or even that weird sword fighting stuff. No one has sword fought in well over 100 years. I do everything you do. It’s proven by science and everything.” He throws back at me. The arguments have turned fairly defensive lately displayed in a tone that turns my suspicious demeanor even stronger. Why can’t he just tell the truth?

“You just turned 55, from my count you should have some sort of age on your face. What does it matter what we both do, it’s obvious I won’t age but I’ve been alive for 380 years. I’ve seen man age. You haven’t! Your excuses have gotten out of hand. We have been married for more than 20 years and you look exactly the same. There is no way!” As the desperation exudes from every word I can’t help but think that this argument is going nowhere, again. I have been building experience and instincts for a few hundred years has made it incredibly easy to read people. This man is lying.

His shoulders, pulled back, in an attempt to make himself appear larger and even have the confidence a 21 year old tells no truth. At his age the old pretense of being the biggest and strongest in a room should have washed away by now. Bellowing out, his aura of youth spilling with every rise in emotion. Nothing had changed since he was allegedly 35 when he perceived there was something to prove.

“You’re getting out of hand and crazy again. Overreacting like usual. I’m starting to think your intuition is clouded somehow. You’re just like all the other women.” His snide remark seemed to come out of nowhere. Honestly is a virtue and this dug deep. Eloquence of language had never been his strength.

Responding with a coolness that should have been a warning, “Seems that you’re fighting dirty because you know I’m right. You’re not what or who you say you are.” That should stop it

Of course he didn’t take the bait. Drawing a breath from deep within,” 300 years and you’re just an old suspicious hag.”