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Looxond t1_j0041h6 wrote

"jimmy this is the third time, you show us your original superman prompt."


Ninjewdi t1_j02201j wrote

I'm always baffled when I see an old Tumblr post totally recycled into a WP. I know it's not theft, technically, but it feels disingenuous.


Omen224 t1_j02vec4 wrote

In all fairness, there are those, like myself, who would have never noticed the prompt otherwise, having missed the first one.


prejackpot t1_j01a7fz wrote

Saudi Arabia lures Clark Kent into the consulate in Istanbul.


bokononpreist t1_j028e3d wrote

There is an episode in the cartoon with this scenario except it's the mob.


GoldNiko t1_j01hmdm wrote

Knowing how whacky the CIA can be, they'd probably want to test the Kryptonite they'd just discovered aswell and would nail him with a Krypotian tea.


total_cynic t1_j02vmuv wrote

Isn't there a comic series with essentially this premise?


magus2003 t1_j0355vd wrote

Immediately thought of the comic where the Joker is about to (he thinks) cave Kents head in with a giant mallet and Kent is having a minor panic attack trying to figure out how to make him surviving the attack seem realistic.