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TheCarlos666 t1_j0evy83 wrote

LoL. Stupid meat sack thought it could outpace you. You don't have all those squishy bits and fluids. You can't black out. You are solid state death riding on a flame hotter than the surface of the sun fueled by a mixture of chemicals so volatile that they would burn in vacuum.

Oh look it's going to try and hide in the low altitude radar bounce. That might have fooled to old systems that depended on radar and LiDAR. You are not that dumb. You know what you want to take out. You have every possible view of this target in your memory. Your makers even allowed for "flex". Even if that airframe is so distorted by the stress that this colloidal is putting on it you will still recognize it.

Oh. They are giving up trying to lose you in ground cover. They are trying to lose you with chaff. Dumbass. I'm not following your heat signal. I'm tracking your heat signature. I can tell the difference between the turbulence created by two jets that came off the assembly line one right after the other. My chemical detectors can sniff whether you got filled up in Diego Garcia or refueled airborne.

Okay. Well this chase is almost over. Just a few more yards and this game of tag is over.

Considering the stakes you have the same thought as all your siblings have before the last moment. "I understand why they made me so smart, but why did they make me suic......."