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paljitikal4139 t1_j20oy73 wrote

"I still don't know why you can't just, make everyone forget." I said very frustrated. "Well, first of all, Goddesses can only draw power from their people, so any damage done to the people as a mass would be reflected on me." she stated. I never thought I'd actually get together with the goddess of wisdom and valor, if it weren't for that drink with the lads, I'd still be a fckin' farmer to this moment. Well, I still am a farmer, but at least I'm a farmer with a smokin' lady. "And the 'Second of all?'" saiid I. "Second of all, why would I want our relationship to be a secret?" said she.

"Well, maybe because I'm a farmer in the middle of bum fuck nowhere, an you're the deity of the land I own!"

I drank from my mug of beer.

"Also! Many people are gonna try and get on my arse. Only reason they aren't now, is because it's midnight and the moon's tryin' to play the hottest hour of the day."

I drank some more.

"By God's nail! If I had never fallen in love with you I don't think we'd be in this mess!"

At this point, I was towering over her as I was fully stood up. Alexandria, at this point, was quite heartbroken; on the brink of crying. As was I, but I didn't know it at the ti—time.

Man she looks so beautiful.

"How could I have pulled s— someone as nice as you? I don't even care about the church or what not. I just wanna be with you."

I thi— hic think I said that in my head. She looks… red? Man, I think she's an angel.

"I'm a goddess, not an angel." she said as her nice soft smile comes back to her mouth. "Come on, it's late. You should go to bed."

"Oh, hic I– I don't think my lady's gonna like that. Y'know, she's a respectable lady and I love 'er."

She turned red. Why'd she turn red? Oooooh, quae est perfecta. "And I love you." the woman said.

I thi— I think I'm gonna, lie down here. I think I had too much be— hic

Man, I love 'er so much. I don't care 'bout the public, no more.

If I were to choose between infinite wealth or a poor farmer's life with her, I'd plough the fields everyday if it meant she was feeling loved.

That's what hi c love is, right? Just love 'em like you're gonna die tomorrow. Ya gotta love them a lot.

And oh boy, my lady can never be replaced.

I think hic That's enough ecstasy for today.

I'm just gonna— lay here and— hic


Forevershort2021 t1_j24q7vc wrote

“So, how in the name of our Pantheon did you fall in love with our nation’s patroness. Surely you didn’t seduce her.” The lawyer says with a smirk.

“Considering the fact that not one of your kids looks like you, I’ll pretend to answer: I haven’t the foggiest.” Gasps were made at my remark and the lawyer glared as his wife hid her- oh fuck it’s true! Shit! “It’s true! I have no idea! All I did was pray and-“ I snapped. “It happened! Don’t look at me, I didn’t even know it was happening!”

The judge rubbed his face as he considered all the implications. My crops did well. The rent on time, everything was good. I think.

“What did you pray for, sirrah?”

“I prayed for a pretty wife, good crops, and at least a prosperous life. That, and I’d offer up my life as pay-“ I paused. No- that wasn’t it. Ohhh boy. “I offered her my firstborn,” I rubbed my face.

“Oh my gods,” the judge sighed as everyone in the courtroom facepalmed. My wife was in the back holding our newborn son, blushing.

“Your marriage is valid, but please note that while you are entitled to divine spousal privileges- please do no get us all killed.” The judge warned. I gulped.