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Aftel43 t1_izw96o1 wrote

If there is one thing that is mind breaking about turning into a dragon. It is the actual transformation, growth and adapting to the new body. Pride does come with this but never had an issue to keep it in check and only allow it to be a factor in few things. No plants for me from now on which is both good and bad, I didn't grow as big as usual dragons which is good.

Because modern weapons are no joke, but, it isn't my intent to be a danger, although unfortunately that is very difficult to read from a scaly thing like me as average man is about third of my height. My passion has always been learning and a fitting price is set, if the individual who approaches me wishes to learn something, this has to inform me of something new or teach about it.

The solitude never bothered me but, encounter with a human is always interesting. So far, half and half. You know, half running away and half start praying for their lives until hearing my voice and realizing I am an individual capable of human speech, have intelligence and awareness of the world.

Usually those who meet me at my request don't spread the news which is delightful and they will have my thanks, if they have the bearings to search for me. I notice somebody in corner of my eye as I rest on the ground looking at this river area, I do not turn my head too much just enough that I can observe it with one eye.

It is a human, when it got close enough I turn my gaze fully at it 'Human, you may stop trying to approach me without me noticing now' I said gently. No answers, I do suspect that this might have a firearm that could hurt me. After few seconds though of me staring at the location of the human. She stands up and reveals herself.

She doesn't have a firearm with her, so, I just turn to look at the view again. 'What kind of dragon are you?' she asked 'Hmm... An eccentric one' I said 'So, no fire breath or massive hoard of gold and valuables?' she asked sounding little bit surprised 'No, to both. You have no idea how painful it would be to have the former and while shiny things are nice, I am not that type' I said.

'Why are you here then?' she asked and arrived right next to of me then looks at the view. Finding it just as beautiful as I do 'I have appreciation for finer things, such as solitude, beautiful view such as this and stillness of air' I said and look at the lady. In human standards she is pretty but, more in the graceful side than actual beauty.

She sat down on a rock to admire the view 'What do you do then?' she asks breaking the long moment of silence, which is not irritating as having somebody to talk to every now and then is very nice. 'It isn't obvious?' I ask in a slightly snarky tone but, it should be pretty obvious 'Just living your life? I... Got to admit, I was expecting a bit more grandiose answer' she said.

I chuckle 'Quite big bearings you have m' lady' I said and turn to her 'So, what would you like to learn?' I asked. She seemed to almost hiccup from becoming nervous as I turned to her and asked my question 'There is a price in this isn't there?' she asked, smart woman. 'There is, knowledge, for knowledge' I said. She looks at me into my eye.

'You really are a strange one' woman said still surprised of my eccentricity 'Individuality can be quite a strange thing lady' I said 'Well, that is a statement I can not disagree with' she said, I chuckle a bit and she looks a bit annoyed of being outwitted 'So, how about it? Knowledge for knowledge?' I ask.

'I need to ask, what I would like to know and in turn I need to teach you something new?' she asked keeping her emotions in check 'Correct' I said straightly. She thinks for a while 'We can exchange as many times as we desire?' she asked and does sound like she is buying time 'How much are you willing to gamble?' I asked. This made her quite nervous.

'So, it has to be a fair trade' she said realizing the gravity of the situation 'Indeed' I said 'Does the previous questions count?' she asked 'No' I said 'There isn't really any knowledge I wish to learn but, travel home is long' she said. I chuckle 'Ma'am, no, however if you have a rope just tie a knot around my talon and tie yourself tightly, but, for that you must teach me two things I do not yet know' I said.

'Well, it should be easy but, I am nervous' she said and pulled out a phone to start browsing the internet. I chuffed in amused manner.


Aftel43 t1_izxpz6c wrote

If you request so, I can continue on here with the editing that has been granted but, +25 upvotes? Even with the typos and other flaws that I have and haven't noticed. I guess, I am doing something right then?

'Asking for you name is going to require us to trade info, doesn't it?' she asked 'Yes, but, you already know what I would ask from you' I replied and just look at the view 'My name is Jill Gilegan' Jill said 'Ruzen, nice to meet you ma'am' I said and turn my head to look at her then nod to her. She nods back looking a bit unsure.

She then continues browsing. I look at the sky and it is closing on evening. Wind is going to be very cold for her. 'I am not on a clock am I?' Jill asks sounding nervous 'Only on certain type of clock' I said 'What is that supposed to mean?' Jill asked sounding both nervous and confused.

'Take a look at the time on your phone' I said '18:11, what about it?' Jill asked calming down but, still confused 'Winds above the tree tops are going to be very cold, to the point of may cause hypothermia without proper clothing' I said 'That makes a lot of sense' Jill said understanding the danger.

'So, what do we do?' Jill asked as I smell the air and she notices my tongue quickly visiting air close of her. She just raised her eye brow at this as I memorize her scent, because I have a feeling she is going to visit me again later. 'Well, I am guessing you don't have a tent with you' I said and get up then stretch a bit.

'I don't, we are going to your den?' Jill said catching on quick 'Exactly, winds even here on the ground level are going to be a bit too much for human even with your clothing to handle. Consider this as kindness and a way to ask that you do not tell about me to anybody' I said and motion with my head for her to follow me.

She got up from the rock and we start traveling to my den following the river upstream we arrive to a den I burrowed. I enter and at the place I sleep at, I lie down. I open my right side wing a little and take position to allow Jill to sleep against me 'Come on, you might want to eat something before we sleep' I said.

'What do you eat?' Jill asked walked under my right wing and sat down on my front right leg and under my wing 'Mostly wild animals, one bear is enough for three days' I said 'Wow, you are so warm' Jill said amazed by my body heat 'I mean, isn't that normal for my size?' I asked 'Right, it makes sense' Jill said and relaxes.

She then started eating her meal and drinks some water from a bottle both of which were in her backpack 'What exactly are you interested on anyway?' Jill asked 'Finally you ask, history is what I love hear about' I said 'You...' Jill said agitated a bit but, catches herself 'Is asking so difficult?' I asked from her.

'Considering how you barter... Yes' Jill said bottling her agitation 'Fair answer, just use some common sense before asking' I said 'Fair enough... I am exhausted...' Jill said sounding a bit tired 'So many feelings in such little time and I am guessing walking for at least three hours will do that you' I said.

'That is very accurate, I was hoping I could make it back home after hour and a half rest but, then I saw you' Jill said opening up a bit 'Wondering around the woods that late is not wise, miss Jill. Very unwise' I said 'Well, with the presence of a dragon, I am quite sure wild animals aren't even anywhere close by' Jill said.

'Not many, few and quite distance from one and another, however, it doesn't mean that they wouldn't move through the area as quickly as possible and who knows at what kind of condition the animal is' I said 'You are right... Thank you' Jill said 'Consider this kindness and a way of asking you to not tell anybody about me' I said.

'It is a promise...' Jill said as she finally succumbed sleep due to exhaustion and after a while I fall asleep too. You are lucky lady Jill, you very likely would have had horrible follow up day if it wasn't for my kindness and caring of those who I used to be.


_i_am_a_dragon_ OP t1_izykgo9 wrote

The brain is pretty good at piecing things together. As long as it's understandable and your intended artistry is there, it's a good story.

Besides, you managed to do the one thing I can't, actually put a story together. I thank you for using my idea as inspiration.


Aftel43 t1_izytmrc wrote

It MIGHT require a particular mind set... However I read fantasy books I loan from library which usually help a lot on piecing things together. How do you have your characters interact etc.

There has been few books particular that have struck a cord on me. (I might misspell the following name incorrectly) His Majesty's Dragon and Jade Throne (which isn't as good as the first one, but it is worth reading.) *Sigh* what else was there. Oh yeah, Dragon Lance series' Draconian Plots is also pretty good.

The heck... It's now +50... Well, I guess, it is now pretty clear I probably should continue.