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Bzzbzzthefly t1_j1eqzuv wrote

Im not that old I just got tired of constantly winning…

Time after time after time, I would set out my desires and hopes of a new and improved world. But society and each persons role has its effect on how the world views a person no matter the good done instead of bad done. So instead of fighting for what I believed what a ”free” world looked like, I retired. I finally just quit. Realizing how nieve I was, trying to “save the people from themselves“ I left.

Hero’s knew they couldn’t keep me locked up. The finest and most overpowered prisons couldn’t keep me hidden away like a lonely bird in a cage. So I made a deal with the US government, give me a small peice of land on top of a mountain, free from laws and society’s formed beliefs of what “hero’s“ were. All of this in exchange for them never hav8ng to worry about me again.

That was 30 years ago. Many have forgotten my name and what I stood for. On top of this Mountain im not alone. A kitten lay on my doorstep on day. I waited, but the mother did not return. I knew if I had not bring the poor thing inside either the beasts of the woods would kill it or the cold would.

I told myself “just one day”. Well that day turned into a week, and then a month. And by that point it was too late. I couldn’t let anything know where I made my home, otherwise I might face trouble again. Or atleast that’s what I told myself. I’m just kidding. Mabey just Mabey I had taken a liking to the cat. Mike, that’s what I named him. A normal name for a not so normal cat. The cat was always trying to steal a little more food. Weather it was from my plate or if I accidentally left the fridge open.

He liked to explore. He got out so many times that I didn’t even try to stop him anymore. It didn’t matter what time he left, but he was always back a 4pm. Thats exactly why I got concerned for my little friend when the clock read 6:30pm and he still wasn’t back. Thats when I realized the old answering machine had a new message.

“Revolutionary“ (my old Villan name) “We know your up their and recently we have been hearing screams coming from up there, we’ve took your cat and we’re willing to give him back if you give yourself up.” Screams? Were they talking about the screaming goats up here? Are they really that dumb. Guess I really wasn’t done in the villain world.

(I have school to get to so I will update if anyone wants me to. Sorry for any mistakes in the writing I’m typing this on an iPad.😭.)

Update: (I didn’t expect it to get as much love as it did so I will keep writing but it might be slightly rushed)

I groaned in annoyance as I realized I had to break out the old costume that lay in the back of my closet as well as the back of my mind. I thought I would never have to look again but something prevented me from throwing it away. Maybe it was because of the great memories that lay with it, or maybe it was because I knew a day would come when I would have to pick it back up.

I did a brief stretch and took a deep breath before I used my powers of ”life and death”.

”Life and Death” was a power of being able to make any plant grow and help me fight. Essentially I could make a whole army just out of plants. The only downside was if they got to big or if made too much in a short amount of time, the plants would release a toxic gas that first, disabled powers, two is extremely flammable, and three that only I was immune to.

Thats how I lost my parents. The most known super hero‘s, Mr and Mrs Time. They could reverse time or speed it up. When I accidentally killed them with this power during training, I was tourtured and experimented on bye so called hero’s to see if they could fine a cure for whatever the toxin was that I produced.

Why is this important? Because I figured out it was these hero’s offspring that took my cat. I know it…

With the help of my creations I traveled at impossible speeds. I knew exactly where their base was because of course I had a chip in my cat. What good owner wouldn’t?

And their base was under only the most popular tourist spot in the great city of hero’s. Using my plants it wasn’t that hard to get past the guards and quickly find the men responsible. I wasnt just going to kill them. That would be to easy, and too nice. No no no, these men deserved humiliation, pain, and popularity. “Why the last one? Why popularity?” Ohhhh I want the people to remember. I want them to remember why they feared me.

I wrapped the building in the plants. I could already hear the commotion and fear. But I wasn’t done. I broke through the building and hovered above allthat passed by. Quickly grabbing the police cars and the people inside as they approached. It wasn’t hard but I made sure people knew that I was more then they could handle.

(TW this paragraph gets graphic)”REVOLUTIONARY unhand the people!!” The young hero shouted. “Oh so you know my name?” Nerds from the crown warned all of my past. I could hear the whispers but I dismissed them. None of that was important compared to my little friend. “None of that’s important now” I cut him off before he could answer “Now” , I growled “WHERE IS HE?” People screamed, children cried into their mothers arms, and he wouldn’t answer. I game him a good squeeze. Bones cracked loudly and he screamed. His peers looked in horror at the scene. He started speaking before stopping to puke blood,”He was in the building but now,” he paused “now he’s probably been crushed”. The hero smirked. I felt anger like no other. It was almost inhuman. A kind of roar that could burst eardrums. I first felt like I had been shot in the chest, I didn’t care now I was thirsty for blood… I squeezed Him like a balloon untill he popped. It looked like the town was orgianally painted red as his peers popped along with him. At that point I realized I had gone too far and my plant gas’s had started roaming. People were dropping like flys as I realized how far I had gone.

Back to my home I retreated, but only after useing whatever strength I had to cover the entire town in plants. Yet another civilization‘s destruction returned to natures grasp. Back to my home I went. Ready to lay down for external sleep.

(Ok that’s the end)(I hope everyone liked it again apologies for any grammar or spelling mistakes) (Merry Christmas!) (Or happy holidays depending on where you are in the world).


MechisX t1_j1gdc6u wrote

Never mess with a persons pet.

Perhaps they will live to learn from their mistake.

I doubt it though.


Bzzbzzthefly t1_j1is6u8 wrote



MechisX t1_j1kz0vr wrote

They killed kitty?

They got off lightly.

Idiot messed with my cat many years ago almost killing it.

That used to be a very nice classic muscle car he owned.

Well it used to be nice and a car.

Not so much afterwards. >:-(


Kelder62 t1_j1iqza3 wrote

I'm supposed to be retired...

My fists clenched the paper as I stared at the frosted glass. It was so cold outside but my eyes burned as the tears ran down my face. My cheeks hurt so badly from the suppressed sobs. I don't cry. Villains don't get to cry. What we do is that we fucking bite our tongue and get shit done. No that life was behind him. Retirement was meant to be a time when one drank good booze on the back porch and all that old man shit. He should've been contemplating a garden and reading time magazines but no, he was subjected to this.

The paper had magazine articles cut apart on it. It was so amateur work. No one did this 90s horror routine bull crap. The words spelled together a broken demand and threat that he had no intention of answering.

Y0u r0bBED b4Nk5! n0w WE r0bBed YOU!

He didn't bother finish reading it. The bastards had taken his cat. The only thing that reminded him to be human and treat the world better than his baser instincts had told him. Who were these people and just what made them think this was a good idea. Oh they were so sadly mistaken. Oh he knew who they truly were but what they thought they were was far more interesting.

Slowly his lethargic body carried him across the room. To a group photo of him with his local golfing buddies. Oh how none of them had known he was one of the top villains of the twenty first century. How naïve they were that he was capable of killing Mack for cheating and trying to move that damn ball. How he had held the world hostage and gotten away with it. That the Supers themselves had breathed a sigh of relief when they got what was to be his final broadcast. It was a simple message.

I'm done. I am going to retire and you all are going to let me go. If you give chase, if you try to find me... Cities will burn till the cost of chasing me turns the world against you. You've been warned. Farewell and thanks for the memories.

The picture was taken off the wall and thrown to the side. Who cared about silly gold tournaments now what was Precious to him was taken. There was a keypad and he punched into it an 8 digit code. The date that he had retired officially, not the date he told the world he was going to. The wall opened and he stepped into a hidden elevator that took him two stories beneath the ground.

The layer had better days. It was covered in dust but had everything he loved and had wanted. Trophies from his greatest conquests. All of his old Equipment and costume. With growing conviction he put the old garb on. It was a little tight, clearly he had gained some weight in his retirement. It drew a dry chuckle. Oh how he was going to be a sight to see. Now that he had grown a salt and pepper beard that stood out from his mask. Oh the Kevlar brought back an energy to his old bones that had been long forgotten. The leather gloves boots made a thud as he walked that sounded like inevitability. Oh the world should have let this old dog die.

The Villain Reborn wiped the dust from the monitors and keyboard and pressed the power button. It fired to life, full of energy he too was feeling. Oh this was almost feeling good. The pain of his stolen love almost forgotten and now replaced with rage. This was going to be a bad day. A few clicks and his computer went to work. It was taking a bit to get to the desired sign in. Things had been updated. The Heroes were getting better or perhaps he was just using outdated tech. Who cared?

Finally he was looking out into a series of rooms. The Meeting Room of the Heroes league, The UN, North Korean dictator's personal gaming room, various news channels, the list would go on and on. They all looked confused and alarmed to suddenly have an older but familiar face filling their screens.

"Greetings Old Friends" His voice was surprisingly cordial.

"It's been such a long, long time. I hope the years have treated you well. As you can see they definitely took their toll on my youth. Not often though do you see a ghost right? I've been supposedly dead for how long? Ten, twenty years? I don't quite remember but that's unimportant. Sorry by the way Mr. Perfect, I'm afraid the cats out of the bag. Guess you don't get to claim to have killed the world's most dangerous super villain anymore. Not that I minded that you were claiming it... we had a deal after all." Oh his debonair flare was coming back. Evil speeches were so enjoyable and the more he spoke, the more the manic tones were coming back. However his voice didn't sound quite like his own, it was deeper with age.

"Speaking of deals... I thought we had one Heroes. It was simple... you let me retire. I go away. You get to claim to be the saviors the World needed and I go away. The devil that haunted the night gone at last. In return... I stopped hunting them. I wouldn't burn 10 major cities. I'm sure you've been haunting where I put those pesky little bombs. However much like you, I prepare. You've found all ten. Shame I hid thirty extra just to make sure."

Oh the panic was starting to show. They were scared. Good.

"So I'm sure you want know what brought me back. Your sidekicks. The Dove, Dark Hammer, the rest. Your stupid, idiotic, mistakes decided to come attack me. Thought it would be funny to see what would happen if they came and gave me what I had coming. At least that's the words they'll use. But I digress... In fifteen minutes the first city goes. The detonators have been activated. If I die, they go off. If I see a super enter the city where one is located, they go off. If I detect something moving at super human speeds... they go off. So Blur, no cheating. What I want to turn them off?"

Silence for dramatic effect.

"I want my damn cat back... and the imprisonment of all offenders for assaulting a poor old man in his home. Game on."

The timer appeared on everyone's monitor.

14: 32, 14:31

He had said that the bombs were already activated.


Deformator t1_j1gwljq wrote

I always desired power, why exactly?

Was it because little Timothy decided to break my little nose when I asked Julie out? Maybe I just needed to prove that I was worth something. No, I just couldn't stand being weak, my father always told me I was a failure and It should've ended there, it should have ended there.

I sit up and search the floor for my slippers and find the pair tucked just under the bed, I reach with my feet and slip them on. I hear the meow coming through from the bedroom doors direction, Felicity, little black gem of a cat. She keeps my twisted mind straight and narrow, I really must feed her, I really must feed her.

I shuffle out of the bedroom and slowly take my steps down the stairs and go into the kitchen, I weigh out exactly 210g of wet food to put into her bowl for after my coffee, I've never bought this brand before, she needs this for the morning, she lets me know when she needs this.

I make my morning coffee, sit on the dining chair and continue with my morning ritual with my phone in one hand, I scroll and scroll through to the latest news and see what I was looking for, Magniman and pals have saved the day again! Great news, they are new, but, they are doing the best work I've seen in a very, very long time.

I get up and shuffle to the dish washer, open it up and slide my newly used cup into the correct slot. I take a glance outside my window and see a familiar face that I have just seen. Magniman staring directly back into my eyes with a hollow expression, but how unusual? My home is extremely far away, I made sure of this, I paid a lot of money for this. My eyes disengages his to satisfy my alarm to look lower, half a body? Why is Magniman holding half of a woman's torso? His eyes continue to lock onto mine, I am the Gazelle, I can feel it.

I dash upstairs as quickly as my legs could take me and hide under my bed, my brain is still trying to process what I have just witnessed. I hear from downstairs the door crashing open and a small quartet of voices from below, all I can hear is the bass from the voice, all I can feel is the sounds.

"Do you think he saw?" Treble spoke.

"He must have, I saw him looking directly at me during clean-up" Magnibass exclaimed.


My Panic intensifies

"I saw you go upstairs, I have X-Ray vision you know." Magnibass then continues "You have such a pretty little cat! I used to have a few of these, my mother always said I was too rough with 'em."

I slide out from under the bed and make my way down stairs, I am zoning out again, I hear the sounds again and again. as I reach my last steps I see them all in their brightly coloured outfits, Felicity in Magnimans left arm purring away.

".. What do you want from me Magniman? I assume there isn't any trouble here" I sheepishly reply

"Oh, no, of course not! I just want to make sure we understand what we saw." Magniman is different to how I imagined, is he a villain I wonder? The others seem to be playing along with his game. "I just want to make sure you understand, what you saw I mean." he continues.

"What is it you want me to have seen?" I bargain, "Nothing." He pats my should with his hand that is free, the others look nervous. "But you must understand what happens if you did." He swings a punch straight in the centre of my face, knocking me down and breaking my nose instantly, blood all down my new shirt, it hurts but I'm too shocked to render an expression on my face.

"I will be taking this little one, always wanted one of these." He keeps stroking the now silent Felicity.

I look up at him stone cold, him and his entourage turn around and move to the door, I can see they are preparing to fly away I would assume, Magniman looks over to his companion.

"Diaman, maybe lets clean this on-"

Diaman's face spasticated in a way no human could ever comprehend, his bones bend in unnatural positions, reciting the hollow clicks with each repetition. Magniman's hollow face matching the events unfolding, shuddering.

I fly up as if my body acts in reverse, nose reforms and blood flowing back into my body with Magniman and his last two companions just staring at me with hollow eyes.

"Her name was Julie wasn't it?" My voice beckons his response.

"H-H-How did you know?" One of Magnimans henchmen retorts, Magnimans eyes still locked onto mine, his pupils dilating, the sweat slowly dripping.

"I never asked for your input." A thousand deep voices cry.

Suddenly the henchman disappears, then enough blood to fill a human body appears and splashes to the ground, then next an arm, a leg, a torso, another leg up until finally a disfigured face appears. Magnimans' eyes are still locked onto mine the whole time, and mine his.

"Wai- Wait, I know this power, it can't be! He's dead! You'r-" his last henchman brought to a sharp stop, his lungs suddenly implode and blood spurts out violently. Just as he is falling down, like in reverse, his body returns to it's previous state "No! WAIT PLEA**-**" Pop. I was already bored of that the first time around, his lifeless body slams against the floor for good this time.

It should have ended there, Felicity needs to be fed, She lets me know when she needs this.

"I really must feed her, Timothy." My voices soothen.

"How are you alive? The world watched you die?!" Magniman existentially questions with a limp expression and body, Felicity jumps down now and purrs while rubbing against my leg.

"We cannot die Timothy." My voices laugh "Everything repeats itself, I am merely an Echo."

His eyes finally disengage mine, his eyes drag down to see Julie's half torn body, and looks back up at my smiling through the window.

I hope Felicity likes her new wet food, though I don't like the sound of screaming much.



First story, I'm not a great writer but I got bored at 6 AM. <3


Glitched_cyrstal t1_j1iuow8 wrote

In all my years of villaining, I have never seen such an evil as this. Taking the cat, a beloved creature and the only thing keeping me sane, from an old man. I WILL MAKE THEM PAY! Alcatraz wasn't that hard to break out of, so I'm not serving my sentence, because whatever happens tonight will be justified. May the devil have mercy on their souls!

Though the new heroes might be strong, they are nothing like they were in the old days. (be to fair their was more radiation back then, it has mostly decayed now) Superstrength, flight, superspeed, they all got nothing on the powers of the past. Laser eyes, teleportation, invincibility, and even immortality. Though these are strong, telekinesis is stronger. I will rip those "heroes" apart and make them feel every last second of it. The pain is not the only thing tearing them apart from the inside. Since after all these years I have learned not only have to move everyday objects, but braincells as well. If done correctly, I can make them feel the guilt as their last moments on Earth will seem deserved in their minds. I will make them know this is their fault. Don't poke the sleeping bear, especially if there is nowhere to run.


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