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hogw33d t1_j1gcijx wrote

A Reality Fiction one (if you choose to interpret it as such): an office Christmas party's Secret Santa allows one particularly observant person to figure something out about their coworkers that had been a mystery to them for some time.


Smartbutt420 t1_j1ggffx wrote

A Jewish guy and his Chinese friend become concerned because all their Christmas celebrating friends haven’t left their houses or answered any calls in three days.


frostbitten-hawk t1_j1gl331 wrote

Saint Nicolas bailing out young thieves to give them honest work at the North Pole.


184rgreaterodds t1_j1gmj9h wrote

You didn't buy any presents, you live alone. You wake Christmas morning planning to spend the day video gaming in your living room. You walk in the room to find the walls fully decked, complete with a tree and presents beneath it talking up half the room.

More concerning: a ticking sound is coming from somewhere near the tree.


Janus-Moth t1_j1gr0dz wrote

Aliens abduct Santa and he has to escape before Christmas is over to deliver the presents


Tarotgirl_5392 t1_j1gtx1j wrote

The Mari Lwyd as the sassy best friend in a knock off cheesy Hallmark movie. Feel free to make everyone part of the LGBTQIA+ Community though


Schroedingers_Dragon t1_j1h23fj wrote

You were meant to visit your family for the holidays days. But as you wake up and look out the window, the streets are covered in at least half a meter of snow. The power is out.


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