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insertcaffeine t1_j6barss wrote

Bill. A gentleman who joined the army as soon as they got involved in Vietnam so he could choose a non-combat position. The worst "trouble" he ever got in was for bringing a badger home (they were friends). He also got a little talking to for doodling in church, since his pictures were distracting the other parishioners.

Christmas 2005. This guy is the most devout lay Mormon in the history of Mormons. Still, when my mom and aunt were misgendering my trans twin brother and trying to get him to drive their drunk asses around, Bill said, "Where is he? I can pick him up so he can celebrate with us." He was more thoughtful than self-proclaimed hippies.

Now he's in hospice. He doesn't have much longer.


AssCumBoi OP t1_j6bcqrl wrote

I look forward to writing about Bill. They sound like a lovely person. Hopefully, I'll get a story for you tomorrow (I'm going to sleep now, I was more tired than I thought)