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that_one_author t1_j5l0hex wrote

Everyone got 1 wish. That’s the running theory. Ironically, doomsdayers wished specifically to survive the apocalypse while many others wished it to begin. Many wishes cancelled out but enough came true to end civilization as we know it. And your wish to be cured of cancer was granted, along with your 10 year-old sister’s wish that her imaginary friend Avax would save you. No longer human, your parents long gone, you try to find a place for you and your sister.


ionlyhavetwohands t1_j5lx1og wrote

Wouldn't wishing to survive the apocalypse actually also bring on the apocalypse within your own lifetime? How else could you survive it?


that_one_author t1_j5mh73m wrote

The universe is a very efficient machine. It hears that people wish to survive the apocalypse, and people that wish for a certain apocalypse, and does a sweet 2 for 1 deal. Same reason why it combined the mc and his sister’s wish.


AnnoyingDiods t1_j5m7nj9 wrote

This story made me sad imagening the situation. I hope they find a safe place


that_one_author t1_j5mheof wrote

It is a crummy situation to be sure. Like a mix between “be careful what you wish for” and syndrome’s “when everyone’s super”. When everyone gets a wish with no warning, the world gets fucked.


AnnoyingDiods t1_j5mhw57 wrote

Would you write a short story based on it? If not i may when im out of work


that_one_author t1_j5r0ksw wrote

Feel free. I did write a first draft once, and I may do so in the future as a novel But that’s no reason that you cannot use the setting or inciting incident. You are a different person and your story will be different from what I would write. Go for it, unlike some people I have no issues with people being inspired by my work or even ripping off wholesale as long as you do something creative with it. Go wild!


that_one_author t1_j5r0nkf wrote

Also send me the short story, i’d love to read it.


AnnoyingDiods t1_j5r0u4f wrote

Cool ill probably post it here but it will be added to my grater wrold storyline