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Lamborgani96 OP t1_j5mantu wrote

They took the WiFi first, and then they started taking lives.

At this point in time many important things relied on WiFi. Military and government contacted each other with it. The government spread information and orders with the assistance of the internet signal everyone knows and loves. Additionally, the recent colonies on Saturn’s moon Titan communicated with Earth via specially made WiFi that linkes them straight to NASA.

They are highly intelligent, and discovered our dependency on WiFi, so they shut it down. We didn’t have enough time to gather ourselves before they launched their attacks. The governments and militaries were scampering to form a plan as humanity was exterminated. The man who was mostly responsible for out major dependency, Jackson Matthews, is to blame. If only he hadn’t introduced such efficient WiFi: the WiFi that had maintained easy communication past the Asteroid Belt.

I sit here writing this as one of them searches my building. If any scrap of humanity lives, take this letter as a warning. Please

—Jackson Matthews