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Kitty_Fuchs t1_j5kywox wrote

The first thing humanity did when they figured out genetic engineering was create cat people. The second thing they did was create weapons of mass destruction. Now the cat people are all that is left.


Ishouldbeworking01 t1_j5l079z wrote

You worked at a renaissance fair when the apocalypse broke out, now your fake thin metal amour has protected you more times then you can count


darpacheetos t1_j5l0gok wrote

Scientists release a fungus that feeds off of plastic in an effort to clean up the ocean and pollution. The fungus has gotten out of control and humanity is desperately trying to preserve all the shit we have made out of plastic.


that_one_author t1_j5l0hex wrote

Everyone got 1 wish. That’s the running theory. Ironically, doomsdayers wished specifically to survive the apocalypse while many others wished it to begin. Many wishes cancelled out but enough came true to end civilization as we know it. And your wish to be cured of cancer was granted, along with your 10 year-old sister’s wish that her imaginary friend Avax would save you. No longer human, your parents long gone, you try to find a place for you and your sister.


Sefera17 t1_j5l2yph wrote

A meteor nobody saw coming hit mid-asia a few weeks ago, and threw up enough dust to block out the sun for a decade. Most places have already run out of food, and two thirds of humanity has staved to death or died trying not to.

You’re a family oriented person, and a survivor, but your family isn’t helping matters at all.


SuperUai t1_j5l32mp wrote

USA wins the cold war and the USSR ends.


imariaprime t1_j5l3bd0 wrote

Humanity launches an experimental colony ship into space, with thousands and thousands passengers cryogenically frozen for the long journey. They all wake to discover the navigation systems failed, the engines have no further power, and there is absolutely nothing within trillions of light years.


Thisnameistrashy t1_j5l7k1q wrote

Everybody on Earth coincidentally died in fatal accidents over the course of one day, except for a few thousand people across the globe.

They desperately try to find a cause for the deaths, not knowing the fact that there is none apart from really bad luck.


Doctor_Amazo t1_j5l8bg2 wrote

A bacterial infection causes people to constantly fart enormous volumes of gas, so much so that we choke humanity to death.


Reyway t1_j5l9l8s wrote

Most humans are dead, the world is overrun with demons, large parts of the planet has been nuked, large pockets of sentient AI remain that have built bodies for themselves out of whatever tech they could find.

You are an AI that was infected with a computer virus that recently became sentient, you find yourself in a very human like body in a factory producing exact replicas of your body.


Nimyron t1_j5laz1k wrote

A few years ago, the world got invaded by giant slugs. They are invulnerable and their mucus is extremly corrosive. But they are slow so sure, they destroyed the world but they aren't that difficult to live with. Aside from the occasional relocation when a slug is headed their way, people are living a pretty chill life in the ruins of the world they once enjoyed.


epic_taco_time t1_j5ld9ba wrote

Enough nukes have dropped to cripple the infrastructure and descend the world into anarchy. The pieces are still there to put the world back together again but it won't be easy as some people don't want it.


TerrificTooMan t1_j5lhv6n wrote

After a wave of mysterious energy hits Earth, all of the plant life hyper-evolves by billions of years, overgrowing cities in seconds. Now trapped on a planet ruled by nature, the surviving humans now have to rebuild society, but nature is going down without a fight.


AlexTheDaemonologist t1_j5ljny6 wrote

The fae have came out after years of hiding from humanity and have now dominated the world. The remaining Humans now live in bunkers.


claevyan t1_j5llr45 wrote

Young adult attempts to reunite with lost family after being in a hospital for an undetermined amount of time. Companions and acquaintances along the way start to notice this young person doesn't do normal human things, like toileting, eating, or getting sick.


Evanscroll t1_j5ln2e7 wrote

A meteor shower the rained mutagenic chemicals down on the earth


kiradax t1_j5ln7e9 wrote

In the race to the bunker you turn to defend your family from the raiders chasing you. By the time you get to the bunker they’re all inside but it has auto-sealed with you trapped outside. For quarantine purposes it won’t open for a whole year. So you sit down with your back against the door and start waiting.


Jamaican_Dynamite t1_j5lonap wrote

Rogue black hole. Everybody talks about how impossibly rare it would be to occur. But let's say it did. Detail the last 5 minutes or so of the end of life as we know it.


DireEWF t1_j5lqv1z wrote

It must have been some child’s wish. But who really knows? Row after row of trees had begun to turn. Their foliage turning into plump sugary gum drops. Their trunks had started to change colors. A band of bright red streamed up the side of a now white candy trunk beside me. The field of grass that stretched out between the trees was droopy, too heavy now to support its own sugar laden weight.


Glad_Hovercraft_3696 t1_j5lrqz5 wrote

A cosmic event caused all electronics to stop working all over the galaxy. Not even Starfleet could protect their technology from it.


Lamborgani96 OP t1_j5lsv9m wrote

One destination marked on everyone’s rain-splattered map. A safe haven amongst the sunken cities and drowned highways, a light in the hungering darkness of the Newborn Sea.

Sierra Nevada.

The mountain-based settlement that had stood its' ground against the whipping, violent winds and the never-ending icy downpour. After the majority of the population had learned the rain would not be ending, they raced to find somewhere that wouldn’t be just another Atlantis amongst the thousands of American cities. Denali was too far; none of their boats would make it. At first, hope dwindled like the amount of surviving cities. However, a radio broadcast from the settlement perched atop the tall California peaks gave many another handle to grasp for.

A sigh escaped Leon's mouth as he recounted the earliest days of this apocalypse, his hand pulling away from the map resting upon a table. The unstable ground swayed and heaved beneath him, and the unceasing patter of raindrops upon the upper deck of the watercraft drilled into his mind. The howls of the vicious gales outside merged with the booming thunder, forming a strangely symphonic melody of chaos. The man peered out the disappointingly small window that provided the only easy view of the storming outdoors. As he glanced at the door leading to the lower deck, he reluctantly approached; Terry would definitely want his help with how hateful the storm had grown.

Leon braced himself for the hell that was the storm outside and opened the door. Immediately he was greeted by a harsh gust of wind attempting to shove him back inside the cabin. With a huff, he pushed through and raised an arm to shield his face, his already-soaked hair lashing at his face and the raindrops pouring down his brow and racing across his face. He gritted his teeth and turned away from the wind, gazing upwards slightly at the elevated platform the steering wheel sat upon. In the brief flashes of lightning that illuminated the otherwise dark environment, he could see the outline of a portly man clinging tightly to the steering wheel.

"TERRY, WE'VE GOT TO ANCHOR!" Leon screamed, depleting his lungs of their oxygen as he threw his voice against the winds. As he began to make his way to the steering wheel, he caught a few words before they were Slot to The cacophony of sounds.

"OKAY…. WHEEL! I'LL… THE ANCHOR!" was all Leon heard from his companion, though he got the message. Slowly but surely he fought his way up the slick stairs, one hand gripping the railing tightly and the other shielding his face. As he finally reached the top deck, Leon reached for the steering wheel and just barely brushed it with his fingertips: he three himself forward and grabbed the polished steering device to catch his fall. As he did so, Terry began making his journey to the anchor situated towards the back of the boat. It was in a precarious position, resting in an exposed area near the two engines with no railings or barriers.

As Leon took up a sturdy stance beside the wheel and tightly grasped the handles, another abrupt glimpse of light given to him by the harsh lightning gave him a glance of something dire. A massive dip was awaiting them, and they were charging for it like a reckless boar. His eyes widened despite the gusts and heavy downpour, and he opened his jaw to warn his friend.

"TERRY, HOLD ON! THERE'S A-" Leon's sentence was abruptly cut off as the boat seemed to rise out of the water for a second before slamming down into the hungry waves with insane power. Leon’s teeth clamped down sharply on his tongue, sending a spike of pain coursing through his body. His feet lost traction and he was sent gliding backwards, his back slamming into the tough railing behind him. It took a moment for him to process what had occurred as water splashed over the sides of the craft, soaking him even more thoroughly. A coppery flooded his mouth, and he shook off his surprise, glancing fearfully to where Terry had gone.

The man was gone.



n_LiTn t1_j5lt2k4 wrote

NASA along with their international partners launch a series of Solar Shield/Shade satellites as a means to combat a coming global climate cataclysm by allowing us to manually adjust the "thermostat" so to speak. Predictably, things go wrong. The Satellites are hacked by fellow humans & used against us.. Why would they sentence themselves to destruction? Well that's the thing, the intrusion did not originate from Earth...


Fepl31 t1_j5lwd4z wrote

An Apocalypse where the creature (you can choose what it is/how it looks) is creating problems, not by attacking humans, but by... Simply reproducing too fast.

If the Human Population seemed out of control before, this is in a whole new level.


Background_Fan1056 t1_j5lxb5y wrote

All the Men & Boys are turning into Uncontrollable Monsters except your son whose still listen to you after his transformation.


Maja_The_Oracle t1_j5lyuu8 wrote

Grey goo apocalypse converted the most of the world into nanobots, except for bodies of water. Humanity only exists on boats, floating platforms, and other structures not connected to the ravenous grey ground.


SmallBeanKatherine t1_j5lz72q wrote

An apocalypse brought on by a group of artists bringing their OCs to life. Demonic warriors, magical girls, and sonic recolors now reign supreme. All other life cowers in fear.


NaturalPotential9521 t1_j5m162o wrote

Pistachio tree people have token over the world and replaced. Most humans with Pistachio look a likes


DefinitelyAFakeName t1_j5m16n6 wrote

One day the Earth's rotation slowed to a stop. India and Central Asia has been in daylight for the last 27 years. Meanwhile the America's have been in complete darkness. Europe, West Africa and the Oceaneas have been in varying degrees of dusk


Janus-Moth t1_j5m4e73 wrote

The ants have become sentient and are tired of humanity’s dominance


fchjiuhcrfcv t1_j5m4zet wrote

Zombies that evolve and learn from encounters with humans


AurumArgenteus t1_j5m5x1p wrote

Humanity has constructed a stellazer to cross interstellar distances, but a computer glitch/hack has caused it to target Earth instead of Andromeda.


AnnoyingDiods t1_j5m7emc wrote

The flash. There was a bright flash of light in the sky. Brighter then the sun it self an any one exposed to said flash were petrified or turned into stone abominations with incredible strangth an broken psychotic minds.


GM-the-DM t1_j5m7ly2 wrote

Giant aliens turn Earth into their personal flower garden.


Volgrand t1_j5m86ni wrote

No one remembers what happened, but plant life is almost completely extinct worldwide. Nowadays, hunting is the main food source for all creatures.


Darkstalker9000 t1_j5m8rx8 wrote

We were wrong. Every religion believed themselves correct. They never thought to think, why do other religions exist. 12 hours ago, every human on the planet was telepathically told the truth: they all existed, and now they're waging war against each other to ensure their apocalypse and fates come to fruition. They too, do not realize something. They've created a new apocalypse.


nozon111 t1_j5m98og wrote

The geese have had their fun now they must satiate their thirst for bloodshed


Black1495 t1_j5m9pk2 wrote

One by one each star in the sky turns off, the darkness is absorving the universe. Now, years later our sky is absolutaly black at night. Now our sun, the last star, is turning off too.


Bencil_McPrush t1_j5mammb wrote

You get a car, he gets a car, she gets a car, EVERYBODY gets a car.

Do you know how many insects there are in the world?


Lamborgani96 OP t1_j5mantu wrote

They took the WiFi first, and then they started taking lives.

At this point in time many important things relied on WiFi. Military and government contacted each other with it. The government spread information and orders with the assistance of the internet signal everyone knows and loves. Additionally, the recent colonies on Saturn’s moon Titan communicated with Earth via specially made WiFi that linkes them straight to NASA.

They are highly intelligent, and discovered our dependency on WiFi, so they shut it down. We didn’t have enough time to gather ourselves before they launched their attacks. The governments and militaries were scampering to form a plan as humanity was exterminated. The man who was mostly responsible for out major dependency, Jackson Matthews, is to blame. If only he hadn’t introduced such efficient WiFi: the WiFi that had maintained easy communication past the Asteroid Belt.

I sit here writing this as one of them searches my building. If any scrap of humanity lives, take this letter as a warning. Please

—Jackson Matthews


dropbear_republic t1_j5mavak wrote

A zombie apocalypse but people have learned to use technology and bio engineering to turn zombies into weapons


Damneron t1_j5mbqv6 wrote

Everyday at exactly the same time, it rains dead bodies. Everywhere in the world.


Lamborgani96 OP t1_j5mchso wrote

Teresa presses play on the YouTube video, hearing the upbeat song begin playing on the speakers. She sighs roughly and approaches the door leading to where the animals were kept.

Whining, barking, and howling assaulted her eardrums as the speakers continued playing. One by one, Teresa unlocked the pens and let the dogs run wild. They flocked to her like sheep, pawing at her legs as she finished releasing the canines. The wailing of sirens persisted outside as Teresa slid to the ground, allowing the dogs to swarm her. A towering borzoi licked her face, plopping down on her lap.

It goes all my troubles on a burning pile…

The speakers played the sorrowful song loudly as Teresa closed her eyes. The sirens kept wailing, her phone going off with EAS alarms. A rogue black hole: that was humanity’s end.

All lit up and I start to smile…

If I, catch fire then I’ll change my aim…

Teresa closed her eyes, feeling a tug in her chest. No, everywhere…

Throw my troubles at the pearly gates…

This was it.


Apprehensive_Age3663 t1_j5md1dv wrote

It is always a full moon. Daytime has become a distant memory. Now the creatures of night (werewolves, vampires, etc.) come out to prey on the struggling humans. The world is dying and everyone is trying to live as long as they can. Even the monsters


KaiserJustice t1_j5mdog3 wrote

99.9% of the planets population lives in a perpetual living coma, unable to feel or do anything , the other .1% have no idea how to fix it. They are all immortal and undying.


fluency t1_j5mf5nw wrote

One year, winter just didn’t end. The year after, the sun set for the final time, and after that it was night forever. Then the hungry ghosts started appearing.


that_one_author t1_j5mh73m wrote

The universe is a very efficient machine. It hears that people wish to survive the apocalypse, and people that wish for a certain apocalypse, and does a sweet 2 for 1 deal. Same reason why it combined the mc and his sister’s wish.


craniumhermitage t1_j5mibfj wrote

Science company brings back Megafauna like Wooly Mammoths, Saber tooth cats, giant sharks. Some are now attacking humans.


Living_Murphys_Law t1_j5mk8q4 wrote

Zombie apocalypse, but written as generically and tropey as possible.


Nowyouknow42 t1_j5mllha wrote

Earth becomes a water world. Intelligent octopuses take over the planet.


28th_Stab_Wound t1_j5mmwna wrote

A warp drive test accidentally sends an entire planet hurtling out of its solar system. It is now a rogue planet, bathed in the void and starved of light.


Lonely_Rogue t1_j5mn84v wrote

Every human on Earth suddenly goes deaf and blind. Fear, confusion, absolute chaos as everyone realizes they're trapped in silent darkness. Millions dead in seconds as their cars collide or swerve off of roadways. Flights in the air are doomed; vessels at sea stand little chance. Those lucky enough to be safe at home may have a few days of security before needing to figure out how to navigate this new reality in the outside world. Will humanity find a way?


English_Wrider t1_j5mw9jf wrote

Reference the last 1/3 of 1984. In the same way, create a tragic type of story where one character is brainwashed into something else. Also, I have choose your own story I'm writing.

I have a girl perspective (or female type of character) and a male perspective (or male representing)

From there, you can choose is the other character lives or dies.

My eyes dart around the room and I realize that I’m covered in blood. I can’t tell if it’s mine or not. The redness stains my fingertips. Across the dark room, I can barely make out Austin. He’s crumpled in a corner, surrounded by blood. My body jolts with adrenaline when I see that he's been beaten. They must have given me too much of whatever it was, but they perfected the dose for him. I slowly realize that we both have no clothes on- not even a scrap. His blond hair is a sick pink from the blood and his body is tomato red from inflammation. His back is covered in a patchwork of lashes and his knee looks dislocated. I scramble to fight my way out of the restraints, but I can’t. Perhaps the worst torture is seeing my best friend hurting and not being able to help.

I spin my head around, looking for someone, something to help me. I’m not sure for what exactly, but something. Wait! Earlier, I had a bobby pin in my hair when Austin and I were walking down the avenues of Dallas. I try to remember where it was, and then I remember. We had been sitting at a fro-yo shop and it had started slipping from the wind. Austin had gently reached up and pulled it out for me so I could fix it. I can’t remember that now. It will only break my heart further. That day filled with kisses and strawberry sorbet seems like forever ago. I shake my head to force the thought out, and I feel a poke on the crown of my head. Somehow, our captors were stupid enough to not check everywhere for items of value. I flail my hair over my shoulders and attempt to move that one bobby pin around. Perhaps that little scrap of bent metal could save me, save us.

The constant swinging of my head makes me more aware of my injuries. Something’s wrong with my hip and I can’t see out of one of my eyes. I almost faint at the sight of my wrist jutting out of my arm. I’m in more pain than I thought possible. I mentally say goodbye to all of my family, my friends, and everyone I can remember by name. If it was me alone, I might not have as much fight to escape as I do right now. The sight of my best friend lying on the cold concrete in a heap scares me so much that I scramble even faster to get my stupid bobby pin out. I shake and I shake and I shake my head until I finally hear a soft plop into my hand. I realize that I look like a kid shaking water out of their ears after a relaxing swim. Focus!, I tell myself.

Even the bobby pin’s been through the ringer. It’s bent, but it will have to do. I shove myself down in the steel grey chair around the chest strap to bite part of the bobby pin. I put my teeth in between the two prongs and wedge the thing apart. There! Now it looks like something I can actually use. I adjust my hold on the pin, and shove it in the makeshift handcuffs. The nubs on the end stab into my gums and I wince as I draw blood. *Crack* I freeze, expecting my captor to catch me trying to get free. I wait for a few seconds, both shivering and sweating from the adrenaline. Hopefully, they’re gone now. *Click* My hands are free, but now I have to free my chest and feet. The pin is slick with blood and I have to concentrate just to keep it from slipping out of my hands.

As I hopelessly scrape at the duct tape plastered across my chest, I hear a soft moan from Austin. Thank God! Now I 100 percent know he’s alive. The thought of him brings back the adrenaline. I feverishly attack the duct tape across my chest, trying harder than ever to reach my boyfriend. The sticky tape finally peels a little, and I use what little leverage I have to rip the tape off of my chest. I scream in agony, the pain makes me see red. When I lift the tape closer to my good eye, I am surprised to see that I haven't taken any skin off. Boy, does it feel like it though. I peer down my front only to see stripes matching Austin’s cascading down my ribs, stomach, and legs. I look further and see my blood soaked feet- That can’t all be my blood, can it? I quickly pluck the bobby pin I had somewhat clutched in my broken hand and unclick the apparatus holding my feet to the chair.

I leap out of the chair, keen on getting to Austin, but I stumble almost immediately. My head is foggy, and I feel lightheaded. I know I can’t walk, so I slither across the concrete, yelping every time my arm has to hit the ground. I crawl for what seems like forever, as if I am a baby learning to walk and my parent keep backing away. Finally, I reach Austin. I immediately spring into action, checking his pulse and temperature as best as I can. His heart beat is weak, but thrumming away so fast that it’s challenging for me to count seconds to tell his heart rate. I do my best to count to fifteen while counting the beats, and then I multiply by four. 178, wow. I have to get that down. I move to gently touch his temple, but I pull it away just as quickly. He’s burning up, and there’s pus oozing out of some of his wounds. Infection. God, I hope sepsis doesn’t start. I move to be as comfortable as possible, and lift Austin’s head into my lap. He moans, and I see those beautiful green eyes that I first fell in love with. “What happened? All I remember was darkness and you screaming. Are you ok?” I’m flabbergasted. The first thing he asks is if I’m ok. “I’m fine, Austin. We’re all in this together”. He smiles at my attempt to make light of the situation by bringing up his favorite musical.. He shifts and I see that he’s starting to take notice of his injuries. “You’re ok, baby. I don’t know how, but I’m gonna get you outta here.”


Mrrandom314159 t1_j5mwbdb wrote

Sand started to blow across the entire planet. Barely enough to sting the skin.

But it blotted out everything. There's no way to see, and the oceans are quickly becoming mud.


Anhilliator1 t1_j5mwn2g wrote

Everything started to decay. No one knew why. It was as if the world itself was dying.


Tamtatya t1_j5mxfjt wrote

Anything Organic (plants, people, germs, fossel fuels, etc) suddenly has its gravity reversed.


GuyYouMetOnline t1_j5mxpgb wrote

The cult succeeds in summoning their goddess. It doesn't go as well for them as they expected.


ur-socks-sir t1_j5n0ag8 wrote

A person found a way to have their wish granted, only thing is those don't normally go well. After wishing that they would have everything they dreamed of, they regretted the nightmares that they began to have afterwards, especially when they were what became reality.


[deleted] t1_j5n1t56 wrote

The apocalypse scenario that was averted in Metal Gear Solid 2--basically some AIs take over and eradicate all disinformation and lies because they feel it's necessary for the betterment of mankind.


stillnotelf t1_j5n1uyg wrote

Standard zombie apocalypse but the focus characters are harried parents more worried about keeping their toddlers happy; the family treats zombies as a minor inconvenience compared to the kids running out of snacks. Comedy not tragedy


Future_Ant_3607 t1_j5n3mrn wrote

Day 10099 we've been living on the moon. The last seven days has been a total nightmare


IronwoodKopis t1_j5n4oof wrote

A father clutching his child who died in his sleep unexpectedly.


Terrifying_Illusion t1_j5n64tl wrote

Children are suddenly turning partly into animals, and some (like the magic-wielding angels and fae and the fire-breathing, shockingly strong dragons) are notably more destructive than others. (Yes, even more than those becoming partly literal dinosaurs.)

Turns out human DNA has suddenly and universally mutated into a triple helix.


WatchMeFallFaceFirst t1_j5n6i0h wrote

A new Maine law has a loophole that allows unrestricted lobster fishing. Lobster fishermen battle mad max style for the last remaining lobsters.


Gathoblaster t1_j5n6wye wrote

The ocean became an eldritch horror as a sea of blood that slowly warps peoples mind and body.


Tamtatya t1_j5n6yo9 wrote

Everyone becomes a random animal, but retains their personality and memories.


Stormfalcon2018 t1_j5n8udz wrote

Some rich guy tried to harvest the planets core as a power source, but cracked the planet into multiple floating, but stable pieces.


HayakuEon t1_j5n9de4 wrote

The ground flew up, there's nothing below. We live now among the clouds.


Renfairecryer t1_j5n9nlb wrote

Two city-states, one dedicated to the study and practice of arcane magic and the other dedicated to the practice of divine magic, have fought in a continuous war for centuries; Until they took it too far.


Brendone33 t1_j5na1ju wrote

Winter never ended. It didn’t get particularly colder than usual. There wasn’t more snow (at least not all at once), but summer never came.


cicada-ronin84 t1_j5nazv6 wrote

The Sun has been eclipsed, all that is visible is a dim red matter where on Earth you are at...also a large amount of people are reporting hearing what sounds like radio transmissions in thire heads...demanding human order for the light to return.


Taira_Mai t1_j5nig75 wrote

A group of kids crossing the country trying to avoid something that is sneaky, stealthy and hunts them when they sleep.


Kevin1219 t1_j5niqtf wrote

When Saudi Arabia declared war on Iran, the oil prices skyrocketed.


Yarhim t1_j5nkj5o wrote

A generation was awakend, only a few perfected it. Now you will get your revenge for bullying.


ray10k t1_j5nmc6m wrote

A year ago, over 90% of all the water in the world up and vanished. Today, the first rain starts.


mimizuke t1_j5ntbxa wrote

It started with rain water being no longer safe to consume anywhere in the world. Soon after we have poisoned every last water source. Everyone eventually tries to drink the poisoned water, or distills it - and dies fast. People in regions with no available water have already died, and there are just few cities left having enough drinkable water to survive a week. When it’s gone there will be a countdown: 3 days before everyone dies of dehydration.


GuiltyandCharged t1_j5nxa0a wrote

It's the end of the world but the people on Mars are doing just fine. They even enjoy sending little National Geographic documentaries, who stand by as people are ravaged by the wastes


PhilosopherActive677 t1_j5o3v3l wrote

The neutron star passed near Solar system and destabilised orbits of all planets with its' abnormal gravity. Earth is now getting further and further from sun, going into the black outer space on spiral orbit.

Now it would get colder and darker, darker and colder every year, starting the worst ice age, and the last ice age - the Winter, That Won't End.


TankChan t1_j5o8apk wrote

The solar system has just entered a previously unseen nebula. The incredibly dense cloud of space particles now floating between the earth and our sun has reduced light levels by almost 50%. Day looks like night and the nights are an abyssal black.


wathcman t1_j5obfpu wrote

We thought it was the end. Yet with great effort and great sacrifices we've manage to contain and neutralise it


salsas10 t1_j5ok8gb wrote

It's the children. They are empty. One day, all across the globe, they just started looking towards the North pole. Doing nothing else. Not moving. Not eating. Just staring.


Ignisiumest t1_j5oymqu wrote

Wizards trying to stop the ocean from destroying everything


Sofjoy82 t1_j5p5918 wrote

“This is my puppy. He keeps me safe.”

Little girl only had a puppy for comfort and safety before another survivor or group of survivors found her.


TipAggravating3362 t1_j5pqyqj wrote

The aliens discovered the simplest way to fight the humans was not to fight at all. They gave them windows into each others' lives: images, videos, commentary. They laid bare the contradictions and disagreements underlying the simplest interaction. They connected humanity to itself and watched it crumble under the weight of competition, insecurity, and hopelessness. The humans had guns but guns could not defeat social media. By the time the global depressive episode was realized, it was too late for anyone to try (or really want) to stop it.


blaze92x45 t1_j5qjzxo wrote

We always wondered if we were alone in the universe. Now we wish we were.


that_one_author t1_j5r0ksw wrote

Feel free. I did write a first draft once, and I may do so in the future as a novel But that’s no reason that you cannot use the setting or inciting incident. You are a different person and your story will be different from what I would write. Go for it, unlike some people I have no issues with people being inspired by my work or even ripping off wholesale as long as you do something creative with it. Go wild!


The_water_eater t1_j5s05wv wrote

the world is invaded by a god that destroys the major cites and military bases and actively taunts everyone that is still alive