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NotThatJaredBlack t1_j6gckp2 wrote

You wake up in a world completely owned by corporations. People are literally corporate property, to the point that the moment a baby is born, since the mom was corporate property, the baby is too, and thus literally everyone is owned. You, having not been born in this reality, are the only one without a corporate boot on your neck. You are…

(Cue the tittle card)

The Free Agent

(Opening theme song begins)


reikutohno OP t1_j6h5j5v wrote

“Finally… my life’s work!” He exclaimed as the magic circle in front of him showed promise. The mana from the surroundings was continuously being drained into it.

Zircon, the greatest sage of this era. One of the heroes that ushered in a time of peace. He racked up a lot of achievements during the war with the demons. He spent all the money he earned to continue his research.

He reached the peak of all sorts of magic, save for one.

Right now, he was on the verge of fulfilling that goal.

“By my decree, come forth—?”

The flow of mana suddenly became unstable.

“Tch.” He bit his lip. The spell required copious amounts of mana. He had theorized his mastery over other kinds of magic would fix this issue. Elemental magic to simulate the natural flow of mana. Gravitational magic to create a focal point. Space magic to outsource that mana elsewhere. Time magic to inject precise amounts of mana at specific points.

Still, it was probably the unnatural kind of mana that was making it unstable. He had no choice. The amount of mana needed was absurd.

Well, he did. That would be to sacrifice other living beings. But he would never resort to that. For what did he fight for if he resorted to that?

The flow of mana reversed. The best thing he could do is to contain the explosion. No, it was an implosion.

“Well, shit—”

That day, the great sage Zircon disappeared without a trace.


“I’m alive?” His vision started to clear. Sound slowly started to return to his ears. It was loud. There were a lot of people talking. Some weird beeping noises.

He turned around to see a vehicle. Odd design. A horseless carriage was not uncommon. Magic cores became easy to come by. Behind that vehicle were more of the same kind. He almost thought they were a swarm but people could be seen inside them. They were making beeping noises in his direction.

“Out of the way, pervert!” One yelled.

“Pervert?” He turned around to see this so-called pervert. Instead he saw some strangely dressed people talking amongst themselves. One of them was talking to someone who seemed like an authoritative figure. They were pointing at him too.

That man took out a strange device from his pocket and pointed it at him. “Freeze, pervert!”

“Pervert? Me?”

He only needed to look down to confirm. True enough, he was naked. But that wasn’t the bigger issue. He expected some flabby old legs when he looked. But for some reason, his legs seem more youthful. More…spry?

The man pressed a button on the device he was holding. Nothing happened. It was then that he took out a larger box-like contraption and started talking to it.

“We have an untagged individual. Requesting backup. I repeat, we have an untagged individual.”

“I should get dressed,” Zircon nodded to himself. With a snap of his fingers, a small void appeared.

Good. His inventory still worked. There was barely anything in it, though. He used most of his things for the experiment. There were some decent clothes at least. They moved on their own, sliding out of the void and wrapping around him.

Seeing what he did made the man panic. “A nano-user! Calling all units! It’s a nano-user.”

Hearing that, someone screamed and panicked. People started to run away.

Within the mayhem, someone approached him and tried to pull him by the wrist. “This way!” From their voice, they sounded female. Highly likely younger than him> He was an old man, after all.

“Freeze!” Noticing that, the man shouted. “I said freeze!”

They pressed a button. This time, they were targeted at the girl. Immediately, an electric current ran through the girl’s body. She fell over and started to convulse.

“Put your hands up!” The man shouted as Zircon tried to help the girl.

“She’s going to die at this rate,” he muttered to himself. The current ran through his wrist as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

“I said—”

“Shut up,” Zircon cut him off. The electricity flowed through his arm. It ran through his body and going through to his extended hand. Like a bolt of lightning, it shot at the man and knocked him off his feet. It wasn’t lethal, only enough to paralyze them for a few seconds.

“That’s how you use lightning to incapacitate,” he muttered and looked around at the chaos and mayhem. A place he was very unfamiliar with.

“What… or where the hell did I get myself into?”


[Basically people have a tag on them that marks them as property. And that means you can be identified immediately. And you can have devices that can mess with those tags. Abuse of power is not uncommon and terrorist groups wanting to be free from being 'tagged' try and fight the system. Had to figure out how to get the protag in that world though, among other things to make them stand out.]


Aphrel86 t1_j6i216t wrote

oh darn that was such a good intro. Id be totally hooked for wizard stumbling around in hitech futuristic dystopia world.


ThatQuiyoext t1_j6gn011 wrote

A character who Is doing everything in their power to avoid dying in various and increasingly absurd Ways to avoid getting Isekai'ed (Think Final Destination but they know Dying equals Reincarnation they DONT Want to be a Part of.)


reikutohno OP t1_j6lkyrd wrote

His eyes widened when he heard his alarm blaring. His phone was placed near his head.


Immediately, he rolled out of the bed. Within seconds, the phone battery exploded, scattering shards of the device.

Wide awake, he looked around frantically. His senses were honed after going through this every single day. He rolled to the as the shards somehow nudged the bowling ball on his shelf. It missed him by the ear.

The bowling ball was probably placed there by one of his parents.

Of course.

Taking a bath was problematic. He had to check that there were no exposed wires from the shower heater. He had to remove the shower curtains as the bar was unstable. Ah, yes, an unfortunate slip would be disastrous.

As he was wiping his face, he sensed a chill down his spine. He immediately placed his towel between himself and the mirror. At that moment, the mirror slid down the sink and shattered. Glass shards shot towards him but the towel caught it.

He couldn’t even relax while getting dressed. His pants legs would keep trying to get caught with each other. An attempt to make him stumble. He also had to jump back when getting his shirt because the cabinet collapsed. Again.

At breakfast, his parents looked at him eagerly as he ate. He groaned.

“Damn, poison immunity,” his dad exclaimed.

“Curses aren’t working either,” his mom sighed.

That’s right. His parents were both heroes from another world. Well, partially. His dad got transported to another world. As a hero, his dad saved that world and married his mom. And now they returned to Earth.

“Can you two stop trying to send me there already?!”

“My, my. It can’t be helped. The goddess is requesting help,” his mom said with a lovely smile. If only they haven’t been trying to kill him “accidentally” since his coming of age. For some reason, it had to be by accident. His heroic abilities have been growing because of it but it was still a hassle.

“Whatever, I’m going.” He rushed to head out as soon as he finished. Immediately, he got hit by a speeding truck, even though it made no sense.

At least, it would if he hadn’t seen that occur several times. Of course, he unlocked some skills already, so the truck hit a wooden dummy instead. He already appeared right across the street.

He turned the corner, and a woman was screaming about her bag being snatched.

A dodge to the right because, of course, the culprit had a knife. And they thought of stabbing the next person in their way. A leg out to make them stumble, and a swift chop to the back of their neck.

“This would be so cool if they stop trying to kill me,” he sighed and stepped to the right. Of course, someone accidentally dropped their really heavy plant pot.

On the next street, he had to dodge a drunk driver. Yes, this early in the morning. Then avoid the falling pole from the crash. And then roll out of the way of the live wires that would have precisely landed on him.

Another normal day.


dragongonads t1_j6gt2lu wrote

With the different bacteria in a person's body from Earth, the MC spreads unfamiliar diseases in the new world while contracting new diseases for himself. Every time he is about to die, he levels up from the people who die and gets refreshed. The system recognizes him as the calamity of diseases and the harbinger of death while constantly going through the cycle of almost dying and getting healed.


oranosskyman t1_j6gu0bv wrote

a protaganist with so little personality they are literally a cardboard cutout of a man. whoever breaks the cutout with their cliche violence played for laughs has to fix/replace it. (its usually the tsundere)


GoldenSteel t1_j6gsoz0 wrote

Write something that explains why all these random girls love the MC (keep it SFW).


Sunhating101hateit t1_j6h4ayn wrote

Reversekai: you stay in your world, but the population of a whole other one gets transported into yours.


Malorean_Teacosy t1_j6h516e wrote

A 13 year old, magical girl falls through a portal into a new world, where there are no magical villains to fight. There is only high school and homework to do.


Thoughtfulprof t1_j6hjwnj wrote

Those magical girl transformation scenes are going to look a little weird in PE class.


Victor882 t1_j6hz7a3 wrote

Almost Star vs the forces of evil


Malorean_Teacosy t1_j6igqbe wrote

Oh! You’re right. I didn’t think of that. My kids have been watching that yesterday. I must admit that I tend to ignore the show most if the time, because I don’t like the style.


Victor882 t1_j6ihqsq wrote

Well it was just the 1 season that was like that and i did have a villain so


Janus-Moth t1_j6h5n6u wrote

You appear in a world of superheroes, one issue is that you know everyone's secret identity because the world you go to is literally the biggest movie franchise in the world


Commander_Night_17 t1_j6h66tl wrote

A narrator for a isekai anime gets ticked off at the hero's attempt to defy the storyline so many times.

One truck-kun later, the Narrator is in the world, and set on doing the story as it should ve


The_water_eater t1_j6gnmml wrote

the protagonist doesn't die of diseases of the other world.


outcast_prodigy t1_j6h17bi wrote

Your character had their isekai life, at the end of their story before their death another portal opens and sends them to yet another world. Although this time they find themselves in the middle of an arena and in their prime. Not long after countless other portals start to form.


TerrificTooMan t1_j6hbb25 wrote

You got Isekaied into a magical world as a ghostly guardian bound to a magical weapon hidden in a magic's so lonely.


manyname t1_j6hd17e wrote

Isekai'd into another world that is exactly the same as the old one, with one minor, but discernable, difference.


Metraxis t1_j6hrqv7 wrote

An incompetent but proactive Fate realizes that she made a mistake, giving protagonist #1 an unbearably and undeservedly shitty life. At the same time, a desperate King calls out across the Cosmos for a Hero to save his Kingdom from the Demon Lord, latching onto protagonist #2. A neglectful but efficiency-minded Reaper sends Truck-kun to snag them both at the same time in the same crosswalk. Somewhere between Earth and their destinations, they get switched.


Dzharek t1_j6hs858 wrote

Turns out you are reincarnated as the God of the Harvest.


SomeRandomGamerGuy t1_j6j6zq2 wrote

A grizzled old assassin gets reincarnated as a magical girl.


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