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JustAnBurner t1_j4wtzip wrote

“Hold on, you’re at war with who?”

“The Golarian Conglomerate, in essence the rest of the galaxy’s inhabitants.”

The Human representative sat there considering their next words. “You should know that humanity will not be pleased.”

“That we are now requesting humanity contribute to our war efforts?” The Valerian representative shook its head, “After all that we’ve given—“

“No. That’s not it.” The representative sighed, “They’re going to blame the Human government for not telling the populace. Most people would probably give you their dying breath after all you’ve given us, but it wouldn’t be sustainable. I’ll tell the Human Counsel, they’ll blow up at me for not telling them sooner, I’ll say you told me today, they won’t believe me, then they’ll think through the same things I’m thinking now.”

The Valerian sat across from brooding Human. There was a peaceful silence, for a moment.

The Valerian spoke next, “And what are you considering?”

“How many of the planets you’ve given us can be sustainably shifted to a war footing. We’re helping you, make no mistake, we’ll just need to try to learn enough about this new enemy to make a little propaganda.”

“If it helps, they are an authoritarian theocracy.”

“Religious freedoms, and the freedom to be an atheist. That’ll always work, good thinking.”

“You’re people will die in countless quantities.”

“Yes. This is war. Actually, that reminds me, are there any limitations on the RoE? Any structures or populations that aren’t allowed to be hit? For example, no targeting hospitals or children’s schools. Or any weapons not allowed to be deployed?”

“No planet-busting, or rendering uninhabitable. Hospitals are not typically targeted, but if they are close to a target, they will not be avoided. In addition, their churches are also military facilities, so expect your churches to be targeted under similar assumption.”

The Human made a free scribbles on a note pad, “That’ll be all for the moment. I’m afraid I’m out of my depth on military matters, so expect at least one other ambassador on our next meeting. I might even be replaced entirely for the foreseeable future.”

“I will likely be in a similar situation, my job was give your people enough to join us, and to be convincing.”

The Human stud and stepped toward the door. “A beautiful job convincing us then, I’ll reach out over the Net if there’s anything major.”

“I’ll be watching for alerts. Perhaps we can stay in correspondence afterwards?”

The Human paused at the door frame, and gave a friendly smile, “I’d like that. Here’s hoping that’s an option.”

The Human set off down the hall, already speaking into a communicator. The Valerian sent a message from their desk, informing the higher ups that humanity was both ready and willing to assist.