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Serpentking5 t1_j4mnfhs wrote

Witches were not to be bargined with; some claimed they made deals with an otherworldly patron or the fae. some said they WERE Fae. The Truth, no one could say, not even witches. They were simply witches. They did magic and could make bargains with others but their desires were ont the same as humans.

So she took the infant boy from the Kingdom of St. Paprica, and raised him. The Kingdom thought this a wise move, because the female heads of the kingdom (far easier to track compared to a kingdom they claimed and kept the woman at the head honest as the first female child would always be the heir)

But that was not why she took him; it was his blood. Being the Witch of Blood, she understood blood in every sense.


"Tch, Sanguine you've had this done to you a hundred times before."

he was 17 now. Sanguine grew up well in those 17 years; tall, but very skinny without his mother (his true mother, far as they both cared). Still he never really liked it when she needed his royal blood for something. "Mom, you never get the blade quite right."

"oh hush." She said. She looked like a woman in her late fourties; Shorter then her son with hair and eyes the color of her epithet, she watched as his Kingsblood mixed with the blood of lions and ancient redwoods. "The Blood of the Kings of all true Kingdoms: Man, Beast and plant, together in a potion of strength. Just enough for your Journy to face your Mother and Sisters." She grinned. "Don't want you to run into any trouble while you're there after all~"

he frowned. "Wait if it's my Blood then why did you need it to mix in there?"

"because Sanguine, i don't know if you're going to give me grandchildren with some noble floozy. You must be careful with them; human women aren't as kind and gentle as I have been with MY bladework."

"... I'll take your word for it. I just want to ask why and hear it from their mouths."

"They don't' care, I can assure you... but at least get your sister's friendship. that Bitch of a Queen didn't care much about me, until i helped her armies against the Demon Lord." She smiled. "But she did pay me with something more valuable than she could imagine."

"Which was?"

"Heh, forget i said anything. Good luck with then, my dear little prince."