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1GreenDude t1_j5tr8cl wrote


ViolentViolet41 t1_j5v3jwj wrote

Alphas are just straight up not a thing.
The packs are usually family, but thats about it.


yazzy1233 t1_j5wbu8n wrote

Alphas are a thing among wolves in captivity and among chimps and bonobos.


CynLarroner t1_j5y7eh7 wrote

Chimps are more hierarchical than bonobos though. Bonobos have more sex with each other and are more capable at things like empathy and altruism


1GreenDude t1_j5v3pov wrote

The alpha is the leader and the leader is usually the parent. It's kind of like how we have presidents wolves have alphas it's just another name for the leader of the pack.


CynLarroner t1_j5y737b wrote

In the wild, wolves aren't hierarchical, not that much. It's only when you trap them in enclosures that you see this behaviour. The alpha thing was disproven by the person who discovered it.