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Vazad t1_j5sphjn wrote

Jack sauntered through a clearing in the thickly wooded park, he reveled in the feeling of power his new form offered. After he'd been bitten a few weeks ago he was worried he'd have to get a rabies shot but this was so much better. The change had hit him suddenly and unexpectedly, rippling changes running across his body, bending and twisting it into a strange wolf monster. It had been hell going through the transformation but this was worth it! With spasmodic flex one of his wickedly clawes paw-hands lashed out, leaving deep scratches in the bark of a nearby tree. If he could turn into one of these there were so many things he could do! No one would fuck with Jack if they knew he could turn into a monster. He wouldn't have to deal with the small fry anymore. No he could use this to go places, he could take what he wanted without worrying about the cops or gangs anymore. Jack would be the big dog for once, he'd finally get what he deserved. Excitement bubbled up and he let loose a long low howl. In the distance he could hear dogs begin to bark and he scolded himself. It wouldn't do to get the cops called on him before he knew what this body could do. Lay low and build up to taking over the city, that was how he'd do it. Moving deeper into the foliage he crunched his way through as he thought up big dreams.

Jack stopped when a crunching sound drifted to his now far more delicate ears. It had been faint but he had definitely heard it. Thoughts of juicy prey filled his newly lupine head as he ducked down, trying to make his large frame harder to see in the dim light. With what he thought was supremely caution he moved forward toward the source of the noise. Despite his efforts Jack's feet crunched on the occasional branch as he clumsily hunted his target. Finally, he emerged into another clearing as he carefully listened for more sounds, the silent forest tree taunting him. Underbrush rustled on the other side of the clearing and his head snapped up. Jack's eyes widened as instead of the deer he'd hoped to see another were-wolf emerge from the treeline, it's eyes trained on him.

Smirking Jack stood up straight as he left the shadowed boughs. He'd been around hard crowds enough to know that you had to show confidence. You had to make sure that they knew you were tough and if they messed with you they'd regret it. Plus he was a wolf now right? Jack wasn't no beta. He was an alpha and he'd make sure the local wolves knew it. The pair circled the clearing warily as they tried to size each other up. While he didn't know exactly what this body could do Jack knew he couldn't let this new wolf get any ideas into his head. Lips peeled back in a snarl he lunged for the newcomer, clawes hands spread wide. Strike hard, strike fast and show him who's boss. That was how Jack would take what was his.

To his surprise the other were-wolf lightly hopped to the side as Jack's mad rushed stomped past him. Before he could stop his momentum Jack felt a powerful fist closed onto the back of his neck, claws dug into the tough skin there as his head was forced down to slam against the cold ground. Dazed, Jack felt the other wolf putting pressure on his head and back that kept him from getting back up as Jack scrabbled for purchase, clods of half-frozen earth flew but he didn't budge. A low and threatening growl stopped Jack's frantic flailing. A cold chill shot through him, the sound reached right into his brain and pierced the core of the naked monkey that was still inside the hulking wolf. A few tense moments passed before another surprise hit the cowering Jack. The beast spoke.

"You think you're a tough guy? You think you're the top dog in the pack? You're not an Alpha. There IS no Alpha, that's a stupid thing humans came up with. Now, knock it off. Next time I have to get involved, I'm done being nice."

Jack sat there dumbfounded for a moment before he tried to reply. The strange mouth of this for making his syllables difficult to understand but finally he got something out that he thought could be understood.

"You're not going to kill me?"

Curses erupted from the wolf-man above him as the weight released from his back.

"Why do I have to deal with this shit every time some new asshole gets bit. No, I'm not going to kill you. Just don't pull that sort of insane stunt again, you're not a monster, you idiot."

Sighing, the wolf rubbed his face as Jack turned over. The fear of almost dying still pumped adrenaline through his body. With a watery glance the wolf-man continued.

"Look. If you agree not to try something like that again I'll introduce you to the pack. At least then you can learn how this all works. We can get you set used to this whole thing so you don't go around acting like you're some insane beast. The names Alan by the way."

Alan reached a hand down to help Jack up, pulling him to his feet. As his heart calmed a bit of Jack's confidence trickled back but he didn't charge again. Flashes of that growl spiked through him every time he tried to work himself up to it. After a few attempts at speaking he finally got out a coherent reply.

"The names Jack."

With a nod Alan started to lead Jack through the woods, after a moment of hesitation he followed. While he was wary he was sure he could still use this. Maybe Alan could teach him to fight in this body? If he played his cards right Jack was sure he could come out on top. l


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1GreenDude t1_j5tr8cl wrote

Alphas are a thing in wolfpacks, but it's not the strongest wolf it's usually either the oldest wolf in the pack or the parent because wolfpacks are usually families.


ViolentViolet41 t1_j5v3jwj wrote

Alphas are just straight up not a thing.
The packs are usually family, but thats about it.


yazzy1233 t1_j5wbu8n wrote

Alphas are a thing among wolves in captivity and among chimps and bonobos.


CynLarroner t1_j5y7eh7 wrote

Chimps are more hierarchical than bonobos though. Bonobos have more sex with each other and are more capable at things like empathy and altruism


1GreenDude t1_j5v3pov wrote

The alpha is the leader and the leader is usually the parent. It's kind of like how we have presidents wolves have alphas it's just another name for the leader of the pack.


CynLarroner t1_j5y737b wrote

In the wild, wolves aren't hierarchical, not that much. It's only when you trap them in enclosures that you see this behaviour. The alpha thing was disproven by the person who discovered it.