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Aftel43 t1_j5ppy14 wrote

(I don't remember anybody calling me that they are visiting me today) I think as I head to my front door. I open the door, it is the witch, Yljia. (Great...) I think expecting another curse. She bobs lightly 'Hello, how about date then?' she says cheerfully. Was I hit by a wall or a car? Now it was my turn to be absolutely bewildered.

'Pardon?' I ask confused by the question, she giggles in mean manner 'You are the first person to just drop a bomb on my lap in such manner, so, I thought that maybe people of this time actually have spine' Yljia says. She is dressed in modern clothing, those are not the ones I said for her but, she looks a whole lot better.

'I do have a backbone and I know somebody caused me enough headache for a year' I say slightly irritated 'It was a fun curse, although too powerful in hindsight. So, how about it? Let's go for a date?' Yljia asks. Don't have anything better to do and don't have that individual who I like to be with...

'Sure' I say and go wear something for a date. She waits outside politely, which surprised me completely. I came back to her and closed my home door behind me. Then we go for a walk 'You go by the same name still?' I ask 'Oh, of course not, Kera. Name is Tivil now' Tivil says as we walk. An odd way to spend time of date.

'So, what kind of wickedness is in your heart today?' I ask finally tired of my curiosity knocking on my mouths door 'Nothing of that sort young man' Tivil says 'Why do you expect such?' Tivil asks 'I feel like you want to put a ring on it and I am not at ease with the thought' I say feeling uneasy.

She smiles warmly 'Maybe once we get to know each other a whole lot better but, good to know you are so forward thinking' Tivil says and smile changing her face in duplicitous way. I got to admit, that made my heart skip a beat. Her smile turned to warm and something tells me she knows what I felt.

'Do you always experiment in such manner with people?' I ask 'No, I am more interested on what lies beyond what we see actually' Tivil says 'So, why did you curse me then?' I ask finding her answer odd 'Back then, I mostly cursed people out of boredom and for my own entertainment. I had no fire' Tivil says being sincere.

'Then I changed your life' I say continuing what she said 'Indeed. Instead of a letter you just dropped a box on my hands and told me to start packing' Tivil says being metaphorical 'You decided to literally integrate back into the civilization?' I ask being surprised mostly of that. We are walking on stone bridge.

She quickly jumps on the railing and starts walking on it. She is so calm about it 'Yeap, so much more intense than I expected, whole lot more interesting than I thought, far from predictable than I feared' Tivil says as she balances perfectly on the railing, I am getting slightly worried.

'What is it exactly you are interested on beyond what we see?' I ask 'Is it not obvious?' she asks and moves her right foot on the air off from the railing on her next step. I grab from her left hand and she quickly turns to me taking a grip from my left hand. She then drops down casually back on the bridge.

She is so unpredictable but, also quite exciting. She locks lips with me and hugs me. I am flabbergasted... I am cursed again, this time, I think I like it. I also kind of dislike it, she has me around her finger. No, not forcefully in love curse, curse of not knowing what kind of twists life has in store for me.