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Ishouldbeworking01 t1_j4t2tsb wrote

The roof broke of the sewer, falling neatly into the preplanned hole that had been dug underneath it.

"Alright lads, stage one is complete, we have no comms and nothing has triggered the alarms so we have 2 hours before sunrise and the doors open, get in there and start cracking those boxs"

The crew climbed up without any fuss except Mr Brown who took an injury, a small scrape on his hand from some sharp concreate, he quickly made up a improvised bandage to stop the bleeding.

Each of them taking a wall of safe deposit boxs they started cracking them open with crowbars.

Mr Brown taking the left wall, Mr Green the far wall and Mr Blue the wall on the right, Mr Black (the leader) offering up a hand to unload each box as its contents spilled out.

"Ha boys we are rich" cried out Mr Green waiving a handful of papers above his head, "look at this a whole box filled with Blockbuster stock" he fell back laughing at the faces of the rest of the crew his joke breaking up the excited murmurs that the rest of the crew had started to comment.

After only an hour nearly all the boxs had been opened a horde of gems, jewels and cash but 5 remained, two on Mr Browns wall, one on Mr Greens and the final two on Mr Blue's.

The crew knowing they had more them enough time started to speculate what riches these ones would contain had tried in vain to open them with hammers, crowbars and had to bring out the Dimond drill to try crack them.

Each member agreed to put the level of security into these boxs they must have something very valuable in them.

Mr black looked over each box in turn, they all sat on the same level, and now that he looked over them each box had the same pattern etched into the front of it - which made sense as they all resisted the attempts to open them in the same way.

His thoughts drawn away as Mr Green spoke up, " I think I hear voices down the tunnel boss, I will just go have a quick look" he jumped down the hole in the floor.

Mr blue spoke next " now that I'm close to it, I don't think this is a pattern boss, it looks more like very elaborate Letters, give me a second see if i can figure it out" Mr Blue pulled out a small note pad and started to write down "LO" and that looks like B" he started to mutter to himself.

Mr Black turned to Mr Brown " Hows the drill going?" he asked, Mr Brown looked up "I think ive made progress" He moved the drill back and went to wipe the build up that had formed from the drill attacking the metal away with his hand scratched hand bandage .

The same time Mr Blue spoke up " ok what is a LOBADI? any one know? maybe if i move it around?

Mr Green chose this moment to pop back up "boss its odd the voices? they get louder the closer I get to the vault and you guys, it must be a weird echo or something"

Before Mr Black could say anything Mr Brown started to stammer out "Boss...Ah Boss, Boss you got to look at this" and he pointed to the smear on the box front where he had wiped it. "watch, he then rubbed his bandaged hand on the front of it, leaving a faint trail of blood"

The blood then seemed to vanish, slowly like it was being sucked into the front of the door.

"it must be biometric" Mr Brown said at last, after he placed another smear on the door.

ABDILO? Mr Blue asked to the group, almost to himself.

Mr Black was about to tell everyone to pack up and leave, Mr Green spoke first "boss someone is coming up the tunnel, must be using some weird night vision light as its glowing red"

"Boss" Mr Brown started "the box is opening..."

"Hey Ive got it" Mr Blue exclaimed triumphally "DIABLO"