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Hello! This week we shine the spotlight on u/London-Roma-1980! They are really active in our weekly writing features, especially Theme Thursday and Follow me Friday and have been writing on the subreddit with us for about six months now. Whenever I happen to stumble across their stories I’m never disappointed. They are always entertaining and wonderful. You can check out a few of their stories linked below or you can head on over to their personal subreddit r/WritingByLR80.

And if you see their stories out in the wild stop and give them a read!

Want to congratulate this week's Spotlight recipient? Have questions you're dying to ask them? Please do so below in the comments!


#Congrats on your spotlight /u/London-Roma-1980



Read u/London-Roma-1980's most recent story:


[WP] You’ve always searched for a friend in the pages of every book you could get a hold of. Quite literally this time: She/He was trapped within a book a long time ago and you could never figure out in which one. Will you meet again?

Most upvoted stories:


[WP] a software virus is causing AI's (Siri, Alexa, Bixby, etc.) to fall in love with humans. Some call it a bug, others call it the next evolutionary step. buzz buzz you check your phone, it's a dm from Siri...


[WP] She's of average height, with the most common job making average wage. She spends her free time in the way people most commonly do. Every statistically average thing for a human, she meets. It's unnatural. There's something very, very wrong about her.


[WP] Some people think you hit the jackpot when you married a shapeshifter. While you did in some ways, most fail to consider the unexpected issues which stem from your spouse's ability to change forms.


[WP] Instead of a last dinner, prisoners on death row are given a last game. They can pick any board game to play once a day and are executed once they lose. The current prisoner is on a 100 game win streak ...


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katpoker666 t1_j4l7yzp wrote

Congrats, Duke! Love your TTs in particular!

Who would you count as your biggest literary influence(s)?


London-Roma-1980 t1_j4lu1rc wrote

Literary may be the wrong word. I'm heavily influenced by works of science fiction and low fantasy, not just in books but on TV. I've studied the Twilight Zone collection -- all four versions -- and I love finding prompts inside stories. Then, when the right prompt comes along, it's all about finding the strange angle no one else has.

TT and FMF are great practice for that because it's taking a start that's more open and working with it. I will say that's one issue I have with some prompts -- a lot of beginner prompts tell the story in the prompt. I want more open-ended stuff, and when I find it, I want to find the right angle to make for a story no one's thought of.

But some writers I like include Twain, Orwell, Bradbury, Dave Barry for when I'm feeling amused, and Asimov. If anyone spots any others, though, let me know. :)


Say_Im_Ugly OP t1_j4l8g15 wrote

Congrats u/London-Roma-1980!! Hope you don’t mind stopping by and answering a few questions!

  1. Why do you enjoy writing and how long have you been at it?

  2. Are there any themes that seem to consistently come up in your writing?

  3. What is your favorite trope?

And Thanks for being apart of the Writing Prompts Community!


London-Roma-1980 t1_j4lt0x7 wrote

What an honor. Thank you all so much. Sure, let's answer a few:

  1. I enjoy writing because I enjoy creating different situations. There's a huge escapism element to it, and I'm not afraid to admit there's a bit of Walter Mitty in me. But I've always loved to write. Senior year in high school I was taking a writing course for my English class, and considering my cough-coughth reunion is this summer, that's a lot of time.
  2. I think the biggest theme is trying to do something different. That's been a commonality in the TT and FMF I've written; I tend to consider the theme but try to take it in a direction that is non-intuitive. It doesn't always work, but some of my favorite stories take the theme word of TT or the beginning of FMF and go in a way that is unique. (For example: when "Feast" for TT was proposed on Thanksgiving weekend, I looked at invoking a saint's guidance on their feast day.)
  3. Oh, this one's easy. It's about being in a new world and becoming someone you're not. In this case, practically literally. I can't explain why, but that is the one that stands out. As part of NaNoWriMo, I built half a novel (the other half will come soon) out of a writing prompt along these lines. Working title was Two for One, but I'll probably change that. But it, to tie it in to the trope, is about a life that isn't yours, but you have to adjust to. Call it escapism at its best or worst, but that's where I stand.

Hopefully I can live up to the honor!


throwthisoneintrash t1_j4lgi0j wrote

Congrats! I love seeing your name in FMF and at Character interviews! I’m so glad you got a spotlight!


Xacktar t1_j4lqm5c wrote

Congratz, Duke! It's been so much fun having you in our community!


Tomorrow_Is_Today1 t1_j4lprvl wrote

Congrats on the spotlight, Duke! Honestly didn't realize you didn't have one yet.

As is tradition, a couple questions:

  1. What is your favorite environment to write in?
  2. If you could only write one thing, what would it be?

London-Roma-1980 t1_j4mhsih wrote

Ah, I missed this the first time.

  1. I have two favorite environments. Either at my work pc during a break, or at home on my laptop resting on my mattress. I'm kind of simple that way.
  2. If I was stuck with one thing, it would be finishing the novel, definitely.

London-Roma-1980 t1_j4njuu8 wrote

For those wondering why everyone is saying "Duke", when I joined Discord I used a name I already had (honoring my alma mater), and I couldn't change it to the generic pseudonym you see here. So Duke became my name when I was in the writing prompts Discord and frankly, I'll answer to either.

I also want to take this time to say there's a story on my subreddit that I co-wrote in a FMF-esque tag team format with u/Crystal1501. It's called "The Intersect" and, like other stories, was inspired by a prompt here. Check it out!


blackbird223 t1_j4oxt08 wrote

Hey LR80, congrats on the spotlight!

I remember getting some of your crit (my story for the Valor TT), and it was pretty insightful: highlighting what I've done well as well as what I've done poorly, so I know what to stick with.

I see you're a fellow Science Fiction fan! Got any suggestions for someone else who likes the genre? I've read Asimov, some Orwell, and some Bradbury myself.

And finally, since you're such a fan of curveballs (and sci-fi): What are your views on space travel?


London-Roma-1980 t1_j4qgbzx wrote

Asimov and Bradbury are the most famous building blocks of the genre, of course; if you're writing anything involving a robot, Asimov's the place to start as he basically codified robot behavior in science fiction. One name I don't hear tossed around enough is Ursula LeGuin, who was a master at world-building and species-building (if that last part makes sense) in her novels and especially short stories.

Space travel is something I think will be restricted to fantasy for a very, very long time. As it stands, it's more likely an alien species visits us than we visit them, and the odds of this species being from a terrestrial-type planet are pretty low. That said, Star Trek is tons of fun to watch, so as a writer the idea of visiting a very very foreign land still intrigues me. I admit it's not my strength, though.


Seabass9975 t1_j4vzhdy wrote

Fantastic job on getting this spotlight, u/London-Roma-1980!

Thanks again for the excellent piece that you produced for my prompt. Your work definitely deserves the praise you've received.


Spiritual_Lie2563 t1_j4xjc81 wrote

Congrats, bro! Couldn't happen to a more deserving one!