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PoetPont t1_j500904 wrote

Indiana Jones and the prostate exam


MyrrdinEmries t1_j507kq7 wrote

"After what we found here, Dr. Jones, we think you belong in a museum."

"Very funny."

"Oh, by the way..." Indy heard the cocking of a revolver behind his head.

"Now, we are not young men Jones, I know you have the other piece of the map

in your possession."

"I don't know what your talking about." the muzzle of a gun was punched into the

back of his skull.

"You know what I'm talking about, the path to the tree of life, Dr. Jones!"


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halborn t1_j4zwstb wrote

Indiana Jones and the Doctoral Candidate


Patton370 t1_j4zz133 wrote

“Indiana Jones In Space: The Martian’s Crypt”


dragonlover4612 t1_j501tf2 wrote

Indiana jones and the tomb of the bejeweled dinosaurs.


[deleted] OP t1_j50284q wrote

Indiana Jones and the Lost City of the Ancients is a thrilling adventure story set in the deserts of Egypt. Indiana Jones, an archaeologist and professor of ancient history, is tasked with finding a lost city that has been hidden for centuries.
The search leads him to an ancient pyramid, where he discovers clues that point to the location of the lost city. As he pieces together the clues, he finds himself in a race against time as a powerful enemy is also searching for the lost city. Along his journey, he meets allies and adversaries who help or hinder him on his quest.
Eventually, Indiana Jones reaches the entrance to the lost city only to find it guarded by an army of mummies and other creatures from beyond this world. He must use all his skills and courage to survive this dangerous mission and uncover what lies within this mysterious place.
Will Indiana Jones be able to find the lost city before his enemy does? Will he be able to survive this perilous journey?


Tickedkidgamer t1_j508yqs wrote

Indiana Jones: The Ancient Grilled Cheese.


Korra_Sato t1_j5095r2 wrote

Indiana Jones and the Vault of Glass


LucasDanforth t1_j50amp9 wrote

Indiana Jones and the wheel of time