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Jce_WritingPrompts t1_j5w2ymx wrote

    Enar pulled his sweater tight to block the chill of the interrogation room with its drab, lifeless metal chairs and table. The thermostat read 107° F. They were trying to save on heating bills again and he wished they would move the room closer to the fiery inferno in the center of hell.

    The door buzzed and clicked open. In strode a young woman. Enar put on his reading glasses and inspected a file containing the her profile.

    "Marla Ensrude, 27, car accident...firefighter?" Enar looked over the top of his glasses at Marla.

    "Kind of ironic isn't it, a firefighter sent to hell," she said.

    "Not yet. Why do you think you should be here?" Enar read her file a little further. Stable relationship with a boyfriend, they adopt stray cats, she calls her mom four times a week.

    "Oh, but you've already said it," she said with a smile. Enar cocked his head and looked at her. Marla leaned over and pointed at the "Firefighter" on her profile.

    Sirens wailed outside the interrogation room, the screech forced Enar to cover his ears. The sirens hadn't gone off for over a thousand years. The door burst open and in stomped a man wearing a firefighters jacket and hat, carrying a fire hose. He tossed it to Marla.

    She pulled back the lever on the hose. Water exploded in a powerful jet and scoured Enar with cold water, extinguishing his eternal flame. "Surprise."


Avaday_Daydream t1_j5w48g0 wrote

So short, yet so hilarious. This should be a prompt in its own right, actually. A brave group of firefighters take on the task of extinguishing Hell.


retan10101 t1_j5xebmm wrote

There’s a short comic about that somewhere. Although it’s just one guy


chaosgirl93 t1_j5ygs6v wrote

That would probably actually be a pretty cool DOOM mod. Where Doomguy is a firefighter, the maps are engulfed in flames as are the demons, and the guns are water guns.