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quazerflame OP t1_j68z1hr wrote


VegaVisions t1_j690abs wrote

Thank you! I really dug the prompt.

I chose Valari cause it means brave in Latin (I think?). It fits with her being the newest member to the Bravery Militia


Nepeta33 t1_j691v6v wrote

agreed. im reading it as both the typical pronounciation of the name, and as "valor-ee", and its poking my brain with "hang on a second" feelings.


VegaVisions t1_j694ybf wrote

Is it typically pronounced “Vall-R-E?” That’s how I read it.


Nepeta33 t1_j6a2o7z wrote

Correct. Ive no idea Why my brain decided to fumble my own cousins name. But it did