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RubberDuckyRacing t1_j5vp8f2 wrote

Bandit Heeler from Bluey

If unable to kill a beloved children's TV character, then feel free to go ahead and take out Caillou instead.


NozakiMufasa t1_j5wngk7 wrote

So this was it. This was how it all ends.

“Dad! Dad I’m here!” He hears his eldest daughter burst through the door of his room. He could smile. She looked so much like him when he was her age. To think his little girl was now a woman grown, a mum herself! Bandit smiled as he thought about this surrounded by all his loved ones.

“Hey kid. You made it.” Bandit began to cough. His eyes closed but he was still there. He felt Chili’s fingers wrap around his hand. Oh how she brought him such joy all these years. Even now to the very end.

“Oh dad. Oh dad.” Was all Bluey could muster before she too was sobbing at Bandit’s side alongside her sister. Bingo embraced her sister, she too eyes red and puffy from crying earlier.

“My girls… My brave big girls… I’m so proud of you two. I always was.”

Bandit couldn’t believe he’d come this far in life. He never thought he’d be a dad. Never imagined a life where he was raising two kids. He wasn’t perfect, his temper sometimes got the best of him, and he didn’t have all the answers in the world. But somehow it all worked out for the Heeler family. And now Bandit was here, with his loving wife and two grown kids.

Bandit smiled at Jean-Luc at the corner of the room. He was holding Little Bandit in his arms. The sprog had his mothers ears and a mix of Jean-Luc and Bluey’s coat. LB was still so young, so small. Bandit remembered when his girls were so small.

Oh. Oh so this is what this feels like. Bandit realized now. He finally got it.

This is what it feels like to have no regrets. He was happy. He always was. Always will be.

Bandit closed his eyes one last time. His heart full and warm.

“Mum. What was grandpa like?”

“Grandpa was… a good dad.”


RubberDuckyRacing t1_j5xz4la wrote

Thank you. That was beautiful. Chef's kiss Are you a fan of the show?


NozakiMufasa t1_j5z8dte wrote

Yeah I love Bluey. Been watching since middle of the pandemic.