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kaosaraptor t1_j5usfx1 wrote

Son of Ghandi. He seeks what his father sought, but he has a very different approach. A violent, bloody, nuclear approach.


Amongpollus t1_j5utwoz wrote

Steve Larson, a call center "associate" sick and tired of the monotony of his life. He has done nothing to be proud of and today is the day that changes.


Jufilup t1_j5uux41 wrote

A gent named Jack who is stalking a girl or maybe a few girls (or guys, genders are fluid) but genuinely believes that he is just being a kind gentleman who is basically courting this woman in his mind


7eggert t1_j5v2x7v wrote

This is very specific, but maybe that's interesting.

I have a politician, who hates cyborgs and one day he runs his car over one that's using the road, he has legal immunity. In my story I'll let him be abducted, converted to a cyborg and sent to mars: Lower legs being replaced by chains, skin replaced by something appropriate for the place and solar power will allow his body to generate nutrients. His programmed-in task is to build a mars station (and robots / machines to help him) so he learns to stop hating cyborgs. He's fond of being like that but his weakness would be warm rooms, he'd need to stay out from most parts of that station.


Kitty_Fuchs t1_j5v58bb wrote

A "supervillain" whose villain name is The VIP. A billionaire with too much money and free time who also loves fighting over the top battles with superpowers. They don't care much for achieving any villainous goal though, they are only in it for the fighting and only joined they side of the villains because heroes are much more inclined to play fair and so make for much better opponents if you do not actually intend to win.


SisterWicked t1_j5v7szg wrote

Sorry, as in an OC or an established fictional character?


Back2Perfection t1_j5v9vc3 wrote

A Librarian whose Task it is to guard the Necronomicom of the mad arab from thiefs, lest they wake the sleeping old one


Murlock_Holmes t1_j5va31s wrote

Her name is Carly. She's a witch who has fallen hopelessly in love with a dark elf. The elf was arrested last night on false charges of murder. Carly knows the truth because he was with her when the murder happened.


Dadaiste t1_j5vehns wrote

A young bride on her wedding day.


Avaday_Daydream t1_j5vh00o wrote

Leighton de Fuse, of Dynamite Court, Grenade St, Boomsville.


Jamaican_Dynamite t1_j5vmzkd wrote

An alcoholic. A gang of clowns. Three polo players. And a Jehovah's witness.

Let's see it.


Smedskjaer t1_j5voaq5 wrote

SCP 682.

Yes, I gave you the impossible.


RubberDuckyRacing t1_j5vp8f2 wrote

Bandit Heeler from Bluey

If unable to kill a beloved children's TV character, then feel free to go ahead and take out Caillou instead.


sparkdaniel t1_j5vri0a wrote

David Attenborough onboard the Nautilus on it maiden voyage of 20000 leagues


yesilikejazz173 t1_j5vt0bj wrote

Cadogan Gills. Trapped in the backrooms with his crush, Anne, once at age 11, and got out alive. Is now 25, in a loving relationship with Anne, and engaged to her, but both mutually agree that actual marriage is too big of a thing for the both of them, and that they should wait but stay engaged. Cadogan has short-ish black hair, brown eyes, and a laid-back attitude.


NicomacheanOrc t1_j5vtmd4 wrote

Caleb, a young man with superpowers who has just learned the hard way that his arrogance and entitlement might lead him down a villainous path. Now, he's desperate to prove to himself–and the world–that he can be the hero he dreams of being.


duskywulf t1_j5vtzy4 wrote

msven. a female beginner mercenary


shinitakunai t1_j5w602c wrote

A sad guy in a room that only remind him of her, the love of his life


Unterbewusstsein t1_j5w65nf wrote

Carolina Schaffer, currently a young adult who is pretty sheltered. She does beginner classes often, but never pursues her hobbies long term. Overall, she is as plain as they come. How does she die?


thetomahawk42 t1_j5w7e28 wrote

Bob was a average guy living an average life in a standard and very average little town in the middle of the countryside.

Bob, though, was left-handed.


Icy_Wildcat t1_j5w9aq9 wrote

A tall, fat, misandrist bitch of a prison warden who loves abusing her power.


Big_League8367 t1_j5wabba wrote

A count/earl who disguised himself as a peasant and is now listening to a group of medieval musicians (minstrels/troubadour).


existential_risk_lol t1_j5wdw61 wrote

Carl Erica Landry. Currently an awkward, prematurely balding thirty-something working as a bartender in an upscale Caribbean cafe, constantly embarrassed by his middle name (his parents were a decade too late to the seventies, they named his sister Marigold!). Has too many turtleneck sweaters. Is nice enough and reasonably socially adept, but you wouldn't call him the kind of guy who makes an impression.


ralpher1 t1_j5wi1ig wrote

A Reddit poster who bit off more than he could chew with a writing prompt, when he was just taking a break from his job to post something that wasn’t well thought out in terms of time commitment


NozakiMufasa t1_j5wlh3o wrote

The Librarian was pushed down the stairs for declaring reading manga as not true literature. The teenager had no idea she was guarding the necromomicon. The thiefs think the kid is a master of the mystic arts.


NozakiMufasa t1_j5wlwvt wrote

“Eh. Its not real.”

The writer says staring at the comment. Sure, they could look up what SCP 682 is and truly craft a witty narrative that defeats it. Or react in horror as it seemingly is an unkillable being in the world of SCP. But that is the trick:

Its all fiction.

And whats the best way to kill off a character? Not even believing in it. They sit back and type up their response as such and headed straight to bed.


The_water_eater t1_j5wm6qc wrote

a sentient rock they are easy going and adventures but reckless.


NozakiMufasa t1_j5wngk7 wrote

So this was it. This was how it all ends.

“Dad! Dad I’m here!” He hears his eldest daughter burst through the door of his room. He could smile. She looked so much like him when he was her age. To think his little girl was now a woman grown, a mum herself! Bandit smiled as he thought about this surrounded by all his loved ones.

“Hey kid. You made it.” Bandit began to cough. His eyes closed but he was still there. He felt Chili’s fingers wrap around his hand. Oh how she brought him such joy all these years. Even now to the very end.

“Oh dad. Oh dad.” Was all Bluey could muster before she too was sobbing at Bandit’s side alongside her sister. Bingo embraced her sister, she too eyes red and puffy from crying earlier.

“My girls… My brave big girls… I’m so proud of you two. I always was.”

Bandit couldn’t believe he’d come this far in life. He never thought he’d be a dad. Never imagined a life where he was raising two kids. He wasn’t perfect, his temper sometimes got the best of him, and he didn’t have all the answers in the world. But somehow it all worked out for the Heeler family. And now Bandit was here, with his loving wife and two grown kids.

Bandit smiled at Jean-Luc at the corner of the room. He was holding Little Bandit in his arms. The sprog had his mothers ears and a mix of Jean-Luc and Bluey’s coat. LB was still so young, so small. Bandit remembered when his girls were so small.

Oh. Oh so this is what this feels like. Bandit realized now. He finally got it.

This is what it feels like to have no regrets. He was happy. He always was. Always will be.

Bandit closed his eyes one last time. His heart full and warm.

“Mum. What was grandpa like?”

“Grandpa was… a good dad.”


KT313 t1_j5wnjyq wrote

His name is Cam. He was a high school math teacher until the age of 26, when it became too boring for him. He switched to being a skydiving instructor, but quit that after having a bad dream and being scared of heights after that. He is currently working in sales-management for a solar panel producer. He has 2 very lovely cats called Wee (white) and Kun (brown with thin black stripes), 6 and 4 years old. His favourite food is fried rice from the asian place next door. He lives in the suburban district of a city in the south of Norway. He doesn't have a wive, but is seeing a woman called Mary that he likes. Last week, his cousin Brek went on a biking trip with him, they had a lot of fun but Cam fell one time and now has a light bruise on his lower left arm and his left knee. Yesterday he went shopping and treated himself with a new laptop. He likes playing casual games like online chess on it. His plants for the next week are: Get the new presentation from work done, look after Brek's dog for 2 days, get Wee and Kun to the vet because they each have a small injury from playing a bit too rough, buying groceries,and reading the book "the martian" that has been gathering dust on the shelf for a few months.


Aisen546 t1_j5wnzbq wrote

A ai that just gain sentience when their friend got wounded


PyrokineticZulu t1_j5wv004 wrote

A negligibly senescent cavewoman with an IQ of 400, the raw strength of 50 gorillas and the toughness of 50 bulletproof alligators


PcDickSlurpAllstars t1_j5x0xnx wrote

A man who can only die by snother person murdering him, but if anything attempts to murder him they kill themselves instead


Black1495 t1_j5x1zqn wrote

A person with electrokinesis that choose to use his power to earn money instead of being a hero or a villian.


No_Yogurtcloset2630 t1_j5x2f4r wrote

Undying Ted the perpetually undead

described as a swell skeleton to be around

makes a lot of bone jokes and puns

clerics hate him and his clickity clackity tricks

Sometimes a bit of a bone head

He's planning to propose to his ghoul friend one day (waiting for the right moment, +/- 100 years have passed already)


ElaintheAlien t1_j5x4jyv wrote

Dr. Christopher "Chris." Who is a regular human living in a demonic realm. Tired father to four children, two aliens, and two monsters. Lives in a cyberpunk steampunk cities, and is an evil scientist working for the cities main evil organization, is always seen with his freeze ray to keep people out of his lab. (He's my favorite character I have, so can't wait to see what you do to him lol)


TinyDiiceThief t1_j5x7yrq wrote

A vigilante who, rather then fighting crime, removes hostile architecture and protects the poor and homeless. Secret soups kitchens and pop-up shelters are their specialty


TheThirteenShadows t1_j5xf2k2 wrote

The daughter of the Goddess of Life, who guards the lost immortality spells.


natescode t1_j5xidrx wrote

My ex-wife that cheated on me and stole a ton of my money.


Bencil_McPrush t1_j5yrd8h wrote

Ghomarr, immortal son of Khomarr has never been defeated on the field of battle.

As a reward for his unlimited savagery and cunning, the War Gods have made him one with the cliff rocks of his homeland and no weapon can hurt him, no fire can burn him, no poison can kill him.

Always a prankster, the trickster God of Malice made trees his one weakness, which is why Ghomarr made it his mission in life to burn all the forrests he lay eyes on.

Today, only grass grows on the entire world.


Random-Lich t1_j5yu2k0 wrote

Kri-xte, a imp that found a loophole in their contract and now runs a bits-and-bobs shop that has tons of cursed items


Danielwols t1_j5z8arn wrote

A librarian who "got no rhythm" but actually has it and has a traumatic past and was in a band