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chilldude890 t1_j56lrn2 wrote

I stared out the window thinking about my son for hours. The hours flowed by and the life seemed to drain out of me as the time rolled on. I had so many dreams for him, so many ambitions. Though I knew that I would never be a perfect father, I wanted to love him for the rest of my life. Really, all I ever wanted for him was happiness, and now that was snuffed out.

Throughout my life, I had never once felt hatred. I had not liked people, and therefore I would prank them to get even. But now, something had changed inside me entirely. Not many people knew how much I had held myself back except Hix. Hix was the only hero in the world I held some respect for, and though I would still pull my antics on him, I ensured that it was never anything too serious.

Now, in the midst of my son's death, he was the only one beside me. Maybe he was a friend, maybe he was just there because his role called for it, I didn't care. He looked over at me and kept quiet for a while but then finally spoke up.

"Well, I am sure you have some nasty prank up your sleeve, right Jinx?"

"No. This is different. A prank would be glossing over it like it didn't happen. They knew my son was weaker than them and only wanted to be friends with them. Yet still, now he's dead and it's all their fault."

"They're just kids, Jinx. They made it a poor decision and it got him killed."

"Poor decision? You call setting him for the "greatest prank ever" and then running him over with a car is just a poor decision?! It's intentional homicide."

"We don't know tha - "

"I do. I know it for sure and there's nothing you can do to change my mind."

Nix sighed and stared at me for a moment.

"So what will you do? Kill them to get even?"

"No, and you know that's not my style."

"Ok, but I know you're planning something, so what will you do?"

"I am going to do The Prank."

"You wouldn't. Even I know that's too far out of character for you."

"You know that I have already made up my mind right, nix?"

"Yeah Jinx, I do. Well look, your grieving and decisions after have nothing to do with me, so I am gonna go and pretend that this isn't gonna happen."

Before I had a chance to respond, he was gone. My only close ally was gone and so was my son. But, I didn't care. I had to get even.

The prank was the ultimate role reversal that I had devised and never executed on because I knew the irreparable harm it would cause to my reputation, and I was never in the mindset to do it. Today though, everything changed. Pranks to me are really just an insecure way to jest at someone with actions instead of words. While most of mine were harmless, some did cause harm. The Prank however, was a whole different level. It involved a combination of actions and psychological techniques to leave the victims trapped in it forever.


I watched the teens for days on end, mapping their every move. I learned about their mannerisms and habits that could be used as weak points and soon I knew everything that I needed to know. Since they were all boys, I knew that they would be ruthless if physicality came into the picture, so I had to be careful. Then, I began my revenge. I made a costume based on the female character of the show that they loved to watch and even found a way to virtually change my appearance on the outside for a time. When I was done, I looked perfect.

I walked past the teens on their way home from school and pretended to drop something in front of them. They all stumbled over themselves to pick up my stuff and sneak peeks at my body. Excellent.

"Oh, sorry boys, I can be really clumsy."

"No, no, no. Every girl needs help sometimes miss. All of us are heros too, so we can help."

"Ok, then could you please escort me home? I think someone might be following me."

With a little too much eagerness, they huddled around me and took me home. I spent that time confirming all of my research and was astounded at how easy they were to predict. Once we got to the bogus address that I had given them, I gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and left.

The next day, I found one of them walking to school (at the time before he met up with his friends) and talked to him. I told him that he was my favorite of the bunch and that he should come on a date with me that night. Later that evening, I went on a fake date with him and got all the details of his other friends that I needed.

They were apparently an arrogant bunch and not surprisingly, there was animosity towards one another already about me. With that information, I then started the other part of my revenge. I hand wrote love letters to each of them from me, and talked bad about each one of the other guys. I then asked if they could all meet me the next day at the same place.

I watched them walk home that night and they were already arguing. It was glorious. They were angry at the hurtful jabs that I had taken at each of them in their letters and they even fought for a bit. This was going perfectly.

The next day, I met them in person with a picture of my son in my hands. I looked sad and dejected and asked who he was. You could see their faces get somewhat sad but then they remarked that my son was some idiot that they took care of. Apparently they believed that he had not deserved to live given that he was a son of a villain. I felt my rage well up inside, but I contained it.

"Ok. But how did you kill him? Whoever tells me first might get a do over with me."

I said that while using the nicest voice I could and while pushing up my chest. Finally, one spilled the beans and the others corroborated the story.

They hated my son more than anyone. So, they tricked him into trying a new prank where he could deflect their powers while under a car and hurt them instead. From there, they borrowed one of mom's cars and ran him over 8 times. They all seemed to smile far too much about it. It was grim and horrible.

That's when I finally looked at them with my evil grin and they stood in terror. They could feel the change in my behavior.

"That's horrible, and you should not only feel bad, but realize that you have become the villains yourselves. Because of this, I have already alerted the authorities and uploaded this confession to your school's social media page. Everyone will know what you have done, and you cannot run from it. May these scars burn in your mind forever as you become cursed to never to be heroes again!" I quickly turned off my disguise and they looked at me in horror.

As I heard the sirens blare in the background, I threw my signature smoke bomb and vanished. Though I never wanted to be the hero of a story, my son was worth losing every ounce of my villain dignity in doing this. I miss you buddy.


MikeColorado t1_j5739ts wrote

Didn't realize who would pay the "Cost" of the prank until the last paragraph. Well done!!!


chilldude890 t1_j575bt1 wrote

Thank you :) I had never done this before, so I am glad someone liked it!


DragonBoss206 t1_j57huwv wrote

You had a great storyline I just didn’t like how they didn’t get a more severe punishment. They ran the boy over 8 times.


chilldude890 t1_j57y56i wrote

My thought was (and maybe it was not expressed strongly enough) that death was too good for them. Instead, they had to live in damnation of their sins, ripped away from their hero statuses and previous lives.