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TentacleJihadHentai t1_j4su8c1 wrote

"I refuse, your souls need to be saved, and you four must know your places. Beneath the Lord of Lords."

So Almighty he plagiarized his World Flood epoch from others. Odin did tell Gabriel.

"How Dare you?" Gabriel seethed back.

Let me tell you the story of a man who heard a voice from Heaven. To build an ark and to fill it with his family and animals. For all life outside the Ark will die to a flood. What did I speak of?


Wrong. Utnapishtum from Epic of Gilgamesh. Anu says "What the Inanna?"


Let us try it again. Same description as before. Exactly. Izanagi asked.

"Noah. Of course it is."

Wrong. Atra-hasis. Ea would like me to relay "What the Ishtar?" Izanagi spoke.


Let us try this a third time. Same story. Same description. Zeus questioned the Archangel.


Ziusudra. Enki declares "What the Ninhursag?" Zeus informed.


If you recall, the Christian Messianic figure is not that original either. Zeus added.


Trip to the Afterlife? Osiris, Tammuz, Adonis, Attis, Zagreus. Jesus was the latest.

Water from wine? My son, Dionysus?

Epic climactic battle at the end of time? Not very unique that one.

"His miracles were the most impressive," Gabriel interjected.

Odin's power began to fluctuate.

Hello? Brahma? Do you mind if I borrow that technique of yours? Thank you.



And in an instant, did the entirety of the dimensional Realm bathe in light, the radiance blinding even the Holy Ones gathered at There and Then. Colors in variety surpassing the mortal ability to describe filled the whole Realm, and the Brahmastra gave testimony of its Inventor's wisdom.

I can contact Shiva and try his as well. Odin notified the Realm.

Heh. Never gets old seeing one go off. Zeus spoke with a faint aura of admiration.

Tell your Lord he is not welcome to visit. Such vanity and ego will harm the good will this Council built up over the uncounted aeons. Izanagi concluded.


10_Eyes_8_Truths t1_j4txs0p wrote

Izanami going full blown prosecutor on Gabriel is just brutal. Her bringing out evidence then a victims testimony right there and then was just brilliant.


scruphie t1_j4swlt0 wrote

This appeals to me on many levels, I love different takes on mythology.


TentacleJihadHentai t1_j4sy4tz wrote

If you search up the World Flood stories I mentioned, they all predate Noah by centuries.

Some easter egg fact.


Enough_Worry4104 t1_j4u0mjx wrote

Super cool. I love mythology, and seeing how stories mimic each other and borrow is so interesting. Well done.


TentacleJihadHentai t1_j4utcqa wrote

Noah is the youngest of the flood stories mentioned. By centuries.

Some fun fact.


mage_in_training t1_j4w1h4j wrote

I'm of the opinion that Catholicism outlawed "witchcraft" to prevent the learning of other mythologies to prevent questions too hard to answer.


TentacleJihadHentai t1_j4uv83u wrote

(Non-canon) Addition:

So Izanagi, tell us. How come you and Izanami seems to get along so well? Zeus inquired.

Indeed. Do tell. Odin added.

I mean. The worst I ever did to her...was leave her alone to calm down after our fight near Yomi. Its not like I go around impregnating mortals at random. Besides, what is there for her to hate me over? I am faithful, raised my kids with love, and do not randomly sire demi- Zeus?

Odin sniggered.

...It is nothing my friend. Zeus replied.

Odin's smugness permeated the whole Realm

Animalistic skirt chaser

Odin my friend... were Thor and Baldr not born from different women, within a year of each other?

And then there was silence.


MikeTheGamer2 t1_j4toenq wrote

I cannot even begin to express how much I feel this story. While I am a polytheist, I do not think any one god is ever above another. Thank you for putting into words how I feel.
Thank you.


Dawsho t1_j4uhrdl wrote

>Colors in variety surpassing the mortal ability to describe filled the whole Realm

Would you say they were colors unlike any ever seen on earth?

Don't let HP lovecraft find out


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TentacleJihadHentai t1_j4uwv7e wrote

These are separate gods, Izanagi husband and Izanami wife.

One died and stays in Yomi. A Shintoism afterlife-esque place.


NinjaFormer t1_j4u7g2y wrote

Goddamn this is amazing.


Also nice username lol


SunshineInDetroit t1_j4vevsw wrote

It would be a nice addition of an old Sumerian god to say "Didn't He use to go by the name of 'El'"?


TentacleJihadHentai t1_j4vjexf wrote

I thought about it, but that assumes the others cared enough about him to remember.

So I did not add it in.


3shotsdown t1_j54ytbl wrote

The world flood story exists in Hinduism too. I think its one of those stories almost every culture has.