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Tigerstorm6 OP t1_j4thbmw wrote

Lucifer walking in, flirting with Athena, saying mean things about his dad, and then goes drinking with Odin. That sounds like a plot for a Supernatural TV episode lol.

It was all super good and engaging! My only complaint is the flirting with Athena part. Form my understanding, she never was the one to be easily flustered by men.


Murlock_Holmes t1_j4tjb7v wrote

I changed it to Aphrodite. Makes more sense that he'd flirt with her, anyways.


Murlock_Holmes t1_j4ti9x3 wrote

I didn’t know that about Athena. I knew Artemis wasn’t about that life, but TIL. Thanks!


roseifyoudidntknow t1_j4v21gx wrote

Her Roman counterpart is a maiden. I didn't now either for a long time.

in PJTLT she only likes intellectually gifted partners


-Brittnie- t1_j4tqi27 wrote

This whole writing prompt seems very similar to their season five episode "hammer of the gods".


Tigerstorm6 OP t1_j4uwgc2 wrote

It was inspired by it, but I was curious to see what kind of scenarios other people could write up with it. And by the looks of it, a lot of people knocked it our of the ballpark


Potikanda t1_j4vl82l wrote

I was totally just thinking this sounded like Lucifer from Supernatural! 🤣