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Thisnameistrashy t1_j6hy9l3 wrote

In an alternate 1916, a time machine is invented and two prototypes are made: one in France and one in Germany. However, the time machine can only go back in time to the first time that one was turned on.

The time machine is first turned on in June 30, 1916, marking that time as the earliest in time that people can go back in time. Each government decide to give their side's time machines to the commanding officers of the Battle of the Somme, which started on July 1.

The generals from both sides regularly go back in time to improve their military strategy with what they know from the future, not immediately knowing that the other side also has a time machine.

Finally, in the 327th variation of the Battle of the Somme, both time machines get destroyed before the generals can use them to go back in time again. Write about this battle.


28th_Stab_Wound OP t1_j6hynkx wrote

(I admit I don't have enough knowledge on the 1st iteration of the battle of the Somme to do this prompt justice at the moment. I'll read like 1 wikipedia article later and get back here soon as I can)