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Thisnameistrashy t1_j6hy9l3 wrote

In an alternate 1916, a time machine is invented and two prototypes are made: one in France and one in Germany. However, the time machine can only go back in time to the first time that one was turned on.

The time machine is first turned on in June 30, 1916, marking that time as the earliest in time that people can go back in time. Each government decide to give their side's time machines to the commanding officers of the Battle of the Somme, which started on July 1.

The generals from both sides regularly go back in time to improve their military strategy with what they know from the future, not immediately knowing that the other side also has a time machine.

Finally, in the 327th variation of the Battle of the Somme, both time machines get destroyed before the generals can use them to go back in time again. Write about this battle.


NextEstablishment856 t1_j6i4mn5 wrote

It was the tipping point of the revolution, the first battle where the people really showed they could fight against their elven overlords


angrycupcake56 t1_j6i8e4o wrote

The invasion of Patengoria. A three pronged attack from land sea and air from lesser (possibly magical) kingdoms to destroy a much more technologically advanced one because their prince refused the hand of each of the invaders princesses.


Sun-praising t1_j6iaat5 wrote

The year is 878 AD, vikings have once again tried to invade the lands that now form germany, and brought their boats up the Elbe river. But near Dresden, a small castle in the works atop of the mountains that flank the river there, repelled the invaders while being outmanned 4:1 and with little in terms of training or equipment. The only thing they had are catapults, which may sink their slow ships (as they are pulled against the current) but can do little against infantry. Which would soon take revenge for any boat sunk as they are too unprecise.

I have an idea of how, but I would love to see your approaches.


Schroedingers_Dragon t1_j6ih4wb wrote

The battle of Tor‘kalok between the elves and faes over whom the tree of whispers belongs


W3475ter t1_j6iinmg wrote

Year 20XX. The anti-magic revolution has begun, and is now on its final battle. Generally, most of the rebel forces have already subsided and were left up to the few in the capital. Most of the capital’s forces are armed with near impossible magical constructs, powerful spells. It is those same spells which they used to oppress those without power, without skill. But it was in this battle the rebel forces introduced the A.M.J, the Anti-magic jammer. Now, the true battle against magic has finally commenced


Kitty_Fuchs t1_j6iq2sv wrote

In a world where the viking settlements in northern america where a lot more permanent (although they still may have lost contact with europe. That is for you to decide.) the first contact between the new european settlers and the descendants of the old scandinavian settlers turns hostile very quickly leading to a skirmish that had a lot more impact than one would expect from a fight with barely 10 people involved.


Tomorrow_Is_Today1 t1_j6itm6a wrote

The revolution had begun with nonviolent trickery and the secret taking of power. But now troops showed up to raze their towns. It's time to fight back with science and magic.


CityCrafty3408 t1_j6ivz6w wrote

Ever since the Artifact showed up, the majority of the Soviet Union is now a feral wasteland full of anomalous reality bending monsters. Twenty years later, the few remaining Soviet citizens that were lucky enough to survive wave after wave of attacks decide to take a final stand. Besides they have now gained monsters of their own.


Martinus_XIV t1_j6j4v9z wrote

The Battle of Argentshade, sometimes poëtically referred to as the Last March of the Black Tower or the Day of Stone Terror, is the final battle of the Alavonic Campaign, as well as the first and only time the superweapon known as the Doïnmarna or "Black Tower" was ever used. Through the use of the roughly 1500-kil tall Dwarven golem, Alavon Felsenkind was able to force the capitulation of the Five Kingdoms of the West.

On the 16th of Neverrime, 44 a.Al., the Fellenaren forces of Alavon, strengthened by Dwarven mercenaries from the confederacy of Kormos and Desraen swords for hire met the Artanen legion, which had been stationed at the city of Argentshade at the northern border of Artan to await them. Queen Fiora of Artan had correctly predicted that Alavon's forces would swing north and use the shadow of the overhanging Capriconen plateau to hide their approach from the east, hoping to launch a surprise attack. The armies appeared evenly matched until the late morning, when Alavon himself arrived piloting the Doïnmarna. Aiming the stone colossus' lumenic weapon at the city of Argentshade, which had been evacuated prior to the battle, he obliterated the heart of the city in a single blast. An hour later, Artan announced its unconditional surrender. Queen Fiora stepped down as ruler of Artan in the evening.

Though Alavon is typically said to have made his vow of nonviolence at his coronation as emperor of the Five Kingdoms, some sources state he made it, or a version of it, at queen Fiora's abdication, being horrified by the potential of the ancient Dwarven weapon he wielded. This account is considered dubious, however, as Alavon is noted as having made "grand threats in the name of peace" during the Conference of Everfall later that year.


Ox_of_Dox t1_j6j7ddk wrote

America has been turned into a dictatorship, with people being enslaved and used for testing. The resistance has finally prepared for the final battle against the dictator...


Janus-Moth t1_j6j7ej9 wrote

The year is 2033 and superheroes have been deployed to the first battle of WW3, being surrounded by enemy forces and having a last stand under the Eiffel Tower. Today we find out if powers can save these heroes!


Unable_Addition_3671 t1_j6jgi5o wrote

The battle of 800,000 BC between the primordials and apemen against the cat and dog like invaders from outside of the universe, The battle lasted several hundred years before a treaty was signed to stop WMDs from erasing reality


aurathegodbody t1_j6jixoe wrote

It was LA.

It was Crack.

It was a community.

It was destroyed.

The war between the people and the government

they knowingly now understood needed to be dispatched to the afterlife

......had begun.


Avaday_Daydream t1_j6kb0de wrote

The Mutiny of Aran:
The first widely reported battle of the Grand War, despite attempts to censor it, the Mutiny of Aran kicked off in the town of Aran when the invading Second division refused to attack and formed an unsanctioned truce with the Primary defenders.
Both sides refused orders from higher-ups to fight, and in fact turned on their own artillery units and officers who attempted to re-initiate hostilities.
How did the mutiny end? What consequences did this have for both sides of the war? How did the Second and Primary governments adjust their war doctrine to address the greatly increased threat of defections and rebellions? Did anyone win the war in the end, or did both countries destabilise?


ElminsterTheMighty t1_j6kdt9k wrote

The Ewok revolution on Kashyyyk

They were being imported as pets/funny little guys by the Wookies, at best being treated like children. Finally they had enough and started fleeing into primordial woods that were too dense for the Wookies. After several raids the Wookies sent in a batallion of Ewok-catchers, underestimating their ability to build traps and willingness to clobber the Wookies over their heads once they got them to fall.

A second expedition wasn't much more successful, but there were enough deaths for the Wookies to finally send a call to C-3PO to arrange peace talks and return the Ewoks to their moon.


Ishouldbeworking01 t1_j6kj49m wrote

The famous battle of the, Grand Vizier's fabulous airships and the Dukes awe-inspiring Earthshaker artillery


LeadGem354 t1_j6llg48 wrote

Rabbit Isles Naval incident

American squadron commanded by Admiral Julius Cristo defeated the French squadron commanded by Admiral Gaston de St. Croix. Rabbit Thief captured by French Socialite Madame LaFontaine and imprisoned on Paradis De mer. Major Tactical American victory, though Paradis De Mer remained in French hands and Americans failed to capture the rabbit Thief. Admiral Gaston St Croix, Captain St Croix ( admirals younger brother), ships Le Mercure, La Moulin Rouge, Le Grand Vanquier captured. No American loss of ships.

1791: A portal to another world opened within the Bermuda Triangle, a whole other ocean was discovered therein where sea monsters and strange creatures previously thought to be myth exist. The Strange Seas as they are called became contested by The US, France, Spain, Pirates and the Cursed.

One such area a group of islands was contested between the American forces and the French, with the fortress of Thompson's Island serving as the American hq one side and Paradis De Mer serving as the French headquarters on the other. At the same time a rabbit Thief who had angered both sides was spotted in the area with both sides vowing to capture the thief.


MDM0724 t1_j6m605v wrote

Only one death on either side


Danielwols t1_j6m8670 wrote

A mock chess game between 2 alien species that moves real things like space ships/stations