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TentacleJihadHentai t1_j6ffk5o wrote

The sun was glorious in this world. Golden rays lined a pale shade of blue for a sky, while fruit trees with exotic pink petals filled the lands beneath the heavens.


Dirty boots met river

"Is this...water? So...pure..."

Indeed, it was clearer than some diamonds he held... Too bad the water behind his feet ran dirty.

"...Im sorry. I will move."

He continued his path, his all black cloak, shirt, and pants a stark contrast to the vibrant pink, crystal clear water, and flawless blue skies. His tattered cloak fluttered like a flag in the wind, his step squelching with riverbed mud.

As he finally walked around the Pink Forest (and gathering some berries from the branches), he laid his eyes upon the largest city he had ever seen.

Pale white marble, clearly magical with the faintly glowing golden runic script meticuluously carved upon them, contrasted a blue sky and pink lands. Everything was of this material, from the hundred meter wide and two hundred meter tall wall, to the various temples, towers, and palaces visible from his location.

Even from here, he could make out the location of the market using enchanted hearing. Most were selling items never heard of. Things such as 'indigo' 'tobacco' 'Tyrian Purple', and 'honey' were as foreign to him as permanent safe shelter.

The city seem to draw the beholder in, somehow appearing bigger the more he took it in. His nose could make out the smell of grilled lamb in the distance as he-

Armored forearms blocked his path. Ahh it appears he inadvertently walked towards it. Explains the two guards that approached him. One was redheaded and short.

"Hey there stranger. May we ask for your business with Argentum, our beautiful Silver City?" the taller guard's baritone voice called out.

He blinked his cerculean eyes at the guards. That-

"-is the most beautiful looking breastplate I had ever seen," he told the taller of the two.

Indeed, it was immaculate in its carvings, solid platinum depicting a dragon roaring with its rings outstretched, upon silver-esque armor.

"Ha! My colleague here would be wearing one too, if she didn't fail her promotion tests!"

The aforementioned colleague performed a strange hand sign he never seen before towards her superior.

"Hey I outrank you now. Anyways..." he looked looked back at him.

"So. What brings you to Argentum?"

"Nothing, I do not even know how I got into your nation. Or what continent I am on. Or if I am even on the same world from an hour ago."

PSST. Septimus!


Deceit detection shows nothing

"I see. So, where you from traveler?"


"...the region you are from is called 'Abyss'?"


"What, did it have some giant gaping hole that spewed out soulless demons that ate people's faces?"


Poor sap...

Well. I will try to improve the mood.

"...whats next, the land was cursed for millenia and you, after winning an immensely costly victory, came here accidently while wandering in self exile?"


Wow, good job, 'sir'

Blinking chocolate irises met unfazed cerculean.

"Sir... do you mind meeting with our Queen?"

"Yes, but I will go."


Solid purple rolled out to greet his wet shoes and smelly self.

The Queen Regnant sat on her throne, a massive edifice of arcane Snowstone and glacier-ice blue Cryo-Sapphires. There were twelve steps, each flanked with a phoenix on her right and a lion her left, the phoenixes with wings outstretched, the lions mid-roar. Each Snowstone statue lifelike in detail, time and a half in size, eyes of Cryo-Sapphire. All leading up to the Everwinter Throne, the head of the seat reaching into the cieling like a column pressed against a wall. The heart of the throne, where the monarch sits, was made of solid Cryo-Sapphire, carved and telekinetically reshaped.

Her white haired and silver eyed gaze bored into what remained of his soul.

He honestly wished to die, hence he did not kneel and instead maintained eye contact.

The queen sat unmoving, straight backed and hands clasped upon her lap, before she closed her eyes and sighed.

"Do you know why I had you brought here?" she asked him.

"Tell me."

She made a hole in the world, and soon the hole showed a world...

His world.

A world of war and horror... a world of only suffering and false hope, a world that-

-is covered in farms and schools and playing children?

He teleported over to the gazing hole to confirm. Yes, unmistakable. It is. Somehow.

"My apologies, but can you give me some personal space?"

He was standing atop one of her throne's armrests. He teleported back to his prior location and did a quick bow.

"My apologies. You took me by surprise thats all,"

"It is fine. If you are ready, I can show you more."


TentacleJihadHentai t1_j6ffwwt wrote

"I-I-I...Yes I would like that."

All at once, he found himself inside a silver apple orchard.

"I thought we could use a different scene. And some privacy," she said, shrugging as part of her reply.

He blinked back at the Queen. Pale silver, almost white hair, adorning silver eyes and alabaster skin.

"The color motif runs strong..."

"Well, my ancestors were kind of fixated, anyways..." she snapped her fingers, and two of the nearest apple trees extended their branches and curved them towards the queen and her guests, becoming seats.

She lightly smacked an apple tree next to her and opened her palm, and a silver apple dropped onto it. She held it towards him.

"Thank you," he said as he took a bite and his eyes widened at the sheer sweetness, crisp texture, and nectar-like juice blessing his mouth with their graces. Words cannot-

And it was already fully consumed.

"It was delicious, but I am still must know what happened to my world."

"Well, imagine your experiences today, but apply it to the rest of your world," the Queen told him, all radiant smiles.

"...what do you mean?"

"Well, after the giant battle which you lead and won, the peoples of Abyss decided to explore. First time of peace in history, and after some awkward mapping of the world, they moved on."

"Moved on?"

"Yes. They made the best of their peace, and since the battle one hundred years ago, not a single war nor demon plagued the land. People enjoyed and protected the peace they suffered and sacrificed for so long for."

Clear waters flowed from an unmoving face.

"I... am glad," he said as his lips slowly formed an upwards crescent.

Alabaster arms enveloped a black clad form.

"Your friends wanted you to be happy. To see at least some of their closest survive, and move forward. Alarus did, and died sixty years later surrounded by grandchildren. Julia did as well, her life's dream of being a spice merchant successful. She died twenty years ago, after sending her great-granddaughters to universities built in you and your friends honor."

Black clad form met gazes with silver.

"I cannot go back there. The pain.. I cannot bear."

"...Then how will you move on?"

"...May I stay?"

Silver warmly smiled.



ForsakenChapter8957 t1_j6gxuq7 wrote

"I believe the power of friendship will defeat the darkness that haunts the rainbow forest!" The princess, Sugar Plum, exclaimed.

"The power of friend--- Are you serious right now? 'The darkness' is literally an old wizard living in the woods, give me a map to his house and I'll go snap his neck and we all can be back for dinner."

"Havoc, how could you even suggest such a thing! You would take the life of another just to have an easy way out of this mess? It's your fault for destroying his sugar tree on your way in, you just need to apologize."

Havoc pulled out his knife, waving it in the direction of the two beings before him, "Listen here, Mr. Unicorn and Princess whatever-whatever, it is not my fault that a dumbass 'Superhero' from my universe missed their mark and blasted me in this sickening sweet nightmare land. This much pink is not natural, by the way."

"My name is not Mr. Unicorn, it is Hank. And I understand your need to get back to your land, scary knife man, but that is just not the way things work here! You need to bring the seeds and apologize to the old wizard. He must be very sad about his precious tree."

A shrill scream could be heard from the forest, the trees swaying and shaking as if alive and terrified of the noise.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure he's so upset and for sure not going to kill us the minute we set foot in there."

"Of course not! No one would ever do such a thing."

"Well, good luck with this Princess, if you won't do things my way then I guess I'll leave you to deal with the mess." Havoc made it for about 10 feet away before he heard the most disgusting sound he had ever heard, a child crying.

"Wh--Why is Mr.Knife man being so mean to us, Hank! All-- All I wanted is him to apologize and make the scary forest go awayyyy."

"Stop that." Havoc warned, pointing at the Princess, slowly walking back towards them.

"My Princess, please do not be sad. It will be wonderful again, I promise!"

"Why are you being so mean, the wizard just wants his tree back and to make friendsss."

"I'm serious. You better stop that crying, little girl."

"Whyyy are you such a m-m-meanie!" She blubbered out between the sobs.

Havoc shushed the princess, which he realized too late he shouldn't have done, as she threw herself to the ground and was having a full-blown temper tantrum, her legs beating against the ground and her wails drawing the shrill in the forest closer.

"Okay. Okay! We will get find the stupid Sugar tree seeds and take them to the wizard. I'll even apologize if you just- STOP!"

The princess' whining immediately ceased, and she sat up with a wide grin on her face.

"Oh, that's just wonderful! We must go now! Come on, Hank. It's such a lovely day for an adventure." She started skipping into the forest, ignoring the shrieks of the large creature that was surely waiting for them.

"I think I prefer getting shot. Hell, I would rather get stabbed 12 times before I hear that crying again." Havoc mumbled as he sheathed his knife and followed the Princess and the unicorn, Hank, into the forest.


AnyLiterature2363 OP t1_j6hytwy wrote

> Havoc made it for about 10 feet away before he heard the most disgusting sound he had ever heard, a child crying.

Dude this had me ROLLING


McFroogeler t1_j6gvys0 wrote

Once upon a time, there was a dark and brooding anti-hero named Midnight Jack. He was a man with a troubled past, haunted by the demons of his own making. He was a loner, with no friends or family to speak of, and he liked it that way. He was content to live in the shadows, doing whatever it took to survive. He had a reputation as a ruthless killer, feared by many and respected by none.

One day, while on a mission to take down a notorious crime lord, Jack was suddenly transported to a fantasy world. It was a place of bright colours and sweet-natured creatures. The sky was always blue, and the sun shone brightly. The people were friendly and welcoming, and they all seemed to live in harmony.

When Jack first appeared in the fantasy world, he was confused and disoriented. He had been transported there in a flash of light, and he had no idea how he had gotten there or what was happening. He found himself standing in a lush forest, surrounded by tall trees and colourful flowers. The air was sweet and fresh, and the sun was shining down on him.

As he looked around, he saw that there were strange creatures wandering around the forest. They were unlike anything he had ever seen before. Some were small and furry, with big eyes and fluffy tails, colourful birds with long feathers and others were larger, with scales and wings. They were all looking at him with curiosity, as if they had never seen a human before.

Jack felt a sense of unease, as he didn't know what these creatures were capable of. He drew his gun, when one of the small furry creatures spoke to him. "Don't be afraid, friend. We mean you no harm."

Jack was shocked, he couldn't believe his ears, animals talking? He quickly realised that this world was not like his own, it was a fantasy world. He lowered his weapon and looked around, trying to take in everything that was happening.

The creatures, seeing that Jack had calmed down, approached him and offered him food. Jack was hungry and gratefully accepted. As he ate, he started to talk to the creatures, trying to understand where he was and what was happening.

The creatures explained that he was in a fantasy world, the kingdom of Eldrdia a place where magic was real. They told him about Sorathar the powerful sorcerer who ruled the land, using his magic to oppress the people and keep them in fear. They also told him about a prophecy, that a hero from far away would come to the Eldrdia and defeat the sorcerer, and bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom.

Jack was hesitant at first, not sure if he was the right person for the job. But he knew that he couldn't just stand by and do nothing while the Sorathar continued to terrorise the people of the Eldrdia. He made the decision to stay and help. He may even find answers on how to return to his home.


As Jack travelled through Eldrdia he was trying to think of a way that his weapons could harm a being who could wield magic. The creatures didn’t even flinch when he had drawn his pistol. He would need to act fast with the element of surprise on his side. If he could catch Sorathar off guard then maybe that would be enough to stop him.

As Jack continued on his journey, he eventually came across a wagon with a broken wheel. As he approached, he saw a young woman sitting alone, her head in her hands. She was dressed in a long, flowing gown, and her hair was golden and shining in the sun. Jack immediately knew that this must be the princess of Eldrdia.

Jack introduced himself and asked her to tell him more about the sorcerer. The princess Seraphine told him that the sorcerer had always been a powerful figure in the fantasy world, but in recent years, he had grown more and more tyrannical. He had taken control of the castle, using his magic to control the minds of the people and keep them in fear. He had even taken the princess's family captive, threatening to harm them unless she cooperated with him.

"He is a cruel and heartless man," Seraphine said, "He has no compassion, no mercy. He only cares about his own power and will stop at nothing to keep it."

Jack could see the fear and despair in the Seraphine’s eyes, and he knew that he had to do everything in his power to stop the sorcerer. He promised the princess that he would do whatever it takes to defeat Sorathar and free her family.

Seraphine was overjoyed at Jack's promise and promised to help him in any way she could. She provided him with a map of the sorcerer's castle, and told him of secret passageways and weaknesses in the sorcerer's defences.


As Jack and Seraphine made their way to Sorathar's castle, they came across a treacherous forest that had been corrupted by Sorathar's influence. Jack had the idea to cut through and save them time from going around. The forest was filled with dark, twisted trees and the air was thick with a dangerous magic that made it difficult for them to see or breathe.

Jack, being experienced in operating under the cover of darkness, was confident that he could navigate through the forest and protect Seraphine. However, as they ventured deeper into the woods, he soon realised that his usual tactics would not work. There was nowhere to hide. The trees seemed to come alive and attack them, and strange creatures lurked in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

Jack tried to fight them off with his weapons, but they seemed to have no effect. He tried to outsmart them with his cunning, but they always seemed to be one step ahead. He even tried to talk his way out of it, but the creatures of the forest were not interested in listening.

After hours of wandering through the forest, they finally stumbled upon a clearing. But it was too late, they were both exhausted, wounded and low on supplies. Seraphine was limping from her twisted ankle and Jack's shoulder was injured from a creature leaping out of the canopy. They had no choice but to rest for the night, but the fear of the forest creatures kept them awake.

The next day, Jack climbed up one of the taller trees. He realised they were close to where they started. Disheartened they turned towards the closest edge and left the forest.



McFroogeler t1_j6gw7o2 wrote

However, the journey was not easy. They faced many challenges and obstacles on their way to defeat the sorcerer. Jack's usual tactics of violence and intimidation were not effective in this fantasy world. The sorcerer was powerful and had an army of minions at his disposal. Jack's usual weapons and combat techniques were useless against them.

As Jack and Seraphine continued on their journey, they came across a small village that had been ravaged by a group of Sorathar’s minions. The villagers were huddled together in fear, their homes and livelihoods destroyed. Jack immediately wanted to take action and hunt down the minions, but Seraphine urged him to think differently.

She told him that in Eldrdia, justice was not always served by brute force. She suggested that they speak with the village elder, who was said to have great wisdom and knowledge of the ancient ways.

Jack reluctantly agreed and they made their way to the elder's home. The elder was a wise and kind old man, who listened attentively as Jack and Seraphine told him of their plight. The elder explained a long time ago he was a wizard Callum the Courageous. He told them that the minions were not just ordinary thieves, but were cursed by an evil spell that made them act out of greed and violence. Callum said in exchange for helping them he would give Jack a powerful magic relic that would weaken the sorcerer. The Callum then taught Jack an ancient spell, which he said would break the curse and bring peace to the village.

Jack and Seraphine searched for the minion’s hideout deep in the forest. The elder gave them the direction of the minions' base, and warned them about the dangers that they would face on their way. Jack and Seraphine were determined to put an end to the minions' reign of terror, and set out to find them.

As they approached the base, they were immediately blocked by the minion’s sentries, but Jack was quick to react, and with the help of Seraphine, they managed to sneak past the guards and reach the hideout. Inside the hideout, they found a group of minions, armed and dangerous, who immediately started to attack them.

Jack fought bravely, but he soon realised that brute force alone would not be enough to defeat the minions. They were under the influence of a powerful curse, and he knew that he needed to find another way to save them. He remembered the spell that Callum had given him, and he recited it in the midst of the battle.

As he spoke the words of the spell, the minions began to change. Their eyes softened, and their weapons fell from their hands. They looked around in confusion, as if they were waking from a deep sleep. The curse that had controlled them was broken, and they were free.

They were shocked and ashamed of what they had done, and they apologized to Jack and Seraphine for their actions. The former minions pledged to restore the village and followed Jack and Seraphine back. The villagers were overjoyed and thanked Jack for his help. They gave him and Seraphine food and shelter for the night. Jack was proud of himself for finding another way to help the inhabitants of Eldrdia, and he knew that he would need to adapt to defeat Sorathar.


During their journey through the mountains of the west they were met by a dragon, whose name was Talon, that had been living in the mountains for centuries. He had seen many things in his long life, but he had never encountered a human like Jack. Talon was intrigued by Jack's determination and bravery, and he decided to offer him his help in exchange for a favour.

Talon explained to Jack that he had been cursed by a powerful sorcerer many years ago, and that the curse had left him unable to fly. He had been trapped in the mountains ever since, and he longed to be free again. He told Jack that if he could break the curse, he would be willing to help him in his quest to defeat Sorathar.

Jack was intrigued by the dragon's story, and he was willing to help him. He asked Talon to tell him more about the curse, and Talon explained that the sorcerer had used a powerful spell to bind his wings and prevent him from flying. He had also placed a protective barrier around the mountain, making it impossible for the dragon to leave.

Jack and Seraphine left Talon and searched the mountain where they saw the entrance to a small cave. Inside, they found the magical artifact that was causing the curse. It was a large, glowing crystal that was suspended in the air by a network of intricate spells. Jack and Seraphine knew that they would have to be very careful if they wanted to deactivate the artifact without triggering any traps.

They studied the crystal for a moment, trying to figure out how it worked. Suddenly, Seraphine had an idea. She remembered a spell that she had learned from her mother, a spell that would allow her to communicate with the crystal. She recited the spell, and the crystal began to glow brighter.

With the crystal's help, they were able to locate the source of the curse. It was a small, glowing orb that was hidden in the depths of the cave. They ventured deeper and found the orb. It was surrounded by two runes on opposite sides of the room. Seraphine recognised them and told Jack each needed a spell to be cast on them. One a spell of fire and the other a spell of water. Seraphine has no issue with casting a fire spell on the rune, but as soon as she turned to the other the magic on the first rune faded away.

Jack realised he must also cast a water spell at the same time. He had managed to use the spell to save the villagers, but he had never tried any others. It required some practice and after the cave floor was thoroughly saturated, Jack, with the guidance of Seraphine, was able to cast it onto the second rune. The light from the orb flickered away.

The duo left the cave and they saw Talon let out a mighty roar as he spread his wings and took to flight. He was free at last, and he was grateful to Jack and Seraphine for their help.



McFroogeler t1_j6gw93q wrote

Seraphine sat cross-legged on the grassy field, her long blonde hair blowing gently in the breeze. Jack sat opposite her, his eyes focused intently on her every word.

"Now, the key to using spells is to first understand the elements that make them up," Seraphine began. "Each spell is composed of a combination of energy, intention, and visualisation. Do you understand so far?"

Jack nodded eagerly.

"Good," Seraphine continued. "Now, let's start with a basic spell for creating a small flame. Close your eyes and focus on the energy within your body. Imagine it flowing through you, gathering in your hands. Now, with the intention of creating a flame, visualise a small spark in the palm of your hand. And with that, speak the incantation 'Ignis'."

Jack closed his eyes and did as Seraphine instructed. He could feel the energy within him begin to gather and flow. He focused on the intention of creating a flame and visualised a small spark in his hand. He spoke the incantation, "Ignis."

When he opened his eyes, a small flame danced in the palm of his hand. He looked up at Seraphine with a huge grin on his face.

"I did it!" he exclaimed.

Seraphine smiled back at him. "Well done, Jack. Now, let's try something a bit more advanced. This spell will allow you to control the elements of wind and air."

Seraphine stood up and gestured for Jack to follow her. They walked to the edge of the field, where a small tree stood.

"Now, focus on the energy within your body and the wind around you. Visualise yourself controlling the wind, bending it to your will. Speak the incantation 'Aeris'."

Jack closed his eyes and focused on the energy within him and the wind around him. He visualised himself controlling the wind, bending it to his will. He spoke the incantation, "Aeris."

As he opened his eyes, a gust of wind blew through the field, causing the leaves of the small tree to rustle and sway. Jack couldn't believe what he had just accomplished.

Seraphine clapped him on the back. "Well done, Jack. You're a natural at this. With practice, you'll be able to master even more powerful spells."

Jack couldn't wait to continue his training and learn all that Seraphine had to teach him. He thanked her and they continued their lesson under the warm sun.


During their journey, Jack found that he was learning to let go of his dark past and embrace the lightness of this fantasy world. He found himself becoming a better person, and he realised that he had a purpose in this world. He was no longer just surviving, but he was thriving. He learned that it was possible to change, and that the power of love and kindness could truly change a person's heart.

The final battle was intense and thrilling. Jack and the princess had finally reached Sorathar's castle, and they were ready to take him down. As they approached the castle, they were met with an army of the sorcerer's minions. They were fierce creatures, with sharp teeth and claws, and they were determined to protect their master.

Jack and the Seraphine fought bravely, using the skills and knowledge they had acquired during their journey. Jack used his combat skills and physical strength to take on the minions, while the Seraphine used her magical powers to bind and weaken them. They worked together seamlessly, their teamwork and trust in each other allowing them to take down the minions one by one.

However, the minions were relentless, and their numbers seemed to be endless. Just when it seemed like they were making progress, more minions would appear to take their place. Jack was starting to feel fatigued, and he knew that they couldn't keep this up forever. That's when the dragon they had met earlier appeared, swooping down from the sky and breathing fire on the minions, scattering them and giving Jack and the princess a chance to catch their breath.

With the dragon's help, they were able to break through the minions and make their way into the castle. Inside, they found the Sorathar waiting for them, his eyes glowing with power and malice. He sneered at them, confident in his own strength and the belief that they couldn't defeat him.

The sorcerer began to unleash his powerful magic, sending bolts of lightning and blasts of fire at Jack and the princess. They dodged and parried, using the magical relic the wizard Callum had given them to deflect the sorcerer's attacks. The relic was a powerful magical artifact, imbued with the power of the elements. It had the ability to weaken the sorcerer's magic, making it possible for Jack and the Seraphine to stand a chance against him.

As the battle raged on, Jack and the princess began to wear the sorcerer down. They were able to land several blows and cause him significant damage. The sorcerer, however, was not one to give up easily. He unleashed his full power, summoning a massive storm to strike them down. The wind and rain were so strong that it was difficult to see or move.

Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, the princess had an idea. She used her magic to harness the power of the storm and turn it against the sorcerer. She summoned a powerful gust of wind that knocked the sorcerer off his feet, and then she called forth a bolt of lightning to strike him. The sorcerer was engulfed in a blinding light, and when it cleared, he lay motionless on the ground. Jack and princess Seraphine had defeated the evil Sorathar, and the Eldrdia was saved.


The people of Eldrdia celebrated their victory, and Jack and the princess were hailed as heroes. The celebration after the victory was a grand affair. People cheered, laughed, and hugged each other, congratulating each other on a job well done. The streets were filled with music and laughter, as the citizens of Eldrdia let their guard down and celebrated their victory over the darkness.

Jack was beaming with pride and joy, his heart overflowing with gratitude for the friends he had made in this world. He had learned so much from Seraphine, and was able to cast spells with ease now, thanks to her help and guidance.

As the celebrations drew to a close, Seraphine approached Jack with a small smile on her face. "It's time for you to go back to your own world, Jack," she said softly. "But don't worry, you will always have a place here if you need it."

With that, she led Jack to a hidden portal, which she told him had recently appeared as if the land of Eldrdia itself has summoned the portal.

Jack had come a long way since he was first transported to this world. He had changed, and he was no longer the dark and brooding anti-hero he had once been. He had found a new purpose, and he had discovered the power of love and kindness.

The Seraphine asked him to stay in the fantasy world, and help her rule the kingdom, but Jack knew that he had to return to his own world. He had learned a lot from the people Eldrdia, and he knew that he could use that knowledge to make a difference in his own world. He said goodbye to the princess stepping through the portal, and returned to his own world, a changed man. He used his newfound understanding and compassion to help others, and he became a true hero, in every sense of the word.

The end.


FPSReaper124 t1_j6gzbe8 wrote

Shade Grimstone had no clue why or even how he had gotten to this... place.

He had spent hours drilling Draxx about it, yet the centuries year old demon that inhabited his mind apparently had no bloody clue.

Of course the locals weren't able to help. The concept of hell and demons eluded them, they did have magic though, entirely useless magic but magic nonetheless.

He has interrogated just about anyone who would stop and talk, which was just about everyone he encountered. By the 9 lords below, surely at least one person could be rude, but no, they all insisted on being falalala-fucking intolerable. Shade took a deep breath consoling himself. He had to find out just what he was doing here and find a way back.

He had defeated Grimlax the risen but no doubt he still had minions back home trying to wreak havic. He couldn't risk them hurting Aunt Lena or Mav, or... Well that was about it, the rest could go burn for all he cared.

Which was just about what he wished he could do to all of the little sweet individuals that surrounded him.

Apparently the world, as far as the locals knew, was made out of just about every cute and childish thing possible. There were 5 kingdoms total, Robot Land, Blanketopia, Candy Kingdom where he currently resided, The Fuzzy forests and Barbie world.

When he'd asked about the political situation, the answer had frightened him to the core. Of course there had been everlasting peace. Of course nobody had ever bothered to assassinate anyone. Of course wars were based in pillow fights and competitions of skill and of-fucking course they were all functional democracies with no kind of tyranny what-so-ever.

The whole thing was just intolerable. Did it really have to be all good? Like seriously even the food was fucking amazing, and apparently nutritious despite being composed entirely of candy.

Shade had pretty well lost it after the fourth day of it all. So he fired a fireball at a candy cane tree to the dismay of the townsfolk and the veritable joy of Draxx. Of course the demon had told him to burn a person next but he'd long learned to tune the dark thoughts out.

The worst part was, immediately after witnessing the destruction, the town in it's entirety had organised an adhoc feeling circle around him, attempting to get him to disclose his frustration. Unfortunately to their lack of understanding the last therapist he had come to with any form of issues had turned out to be the spawn of Beelzebub and the dredging up of some pretty bad memories had caused him to literally fly away and sulk.

Which was what he was doing now.

Kicking at a loose rock candy pebble, Shade muttered to himself. He really shouldn't be mad, but the whole thing was just too much. Maybe when he was five this would have been the best thing ever, but then he remembered his mother had been sucked into a portal to hell when he was 5 so maybe not even then.

It wasn't like he was incapable of understanding niceness, or tolerating it but....

Shit. He was incapable wasn't he. The thought ht dawned on him. He'd gotten so wrapped up and used to the grim dark world that lay beneath, that he actually balked at the idea of talking about his feelings, or receiving a hug.

When was the last time he'd hugged Aunt Lena, or not attempted to squirm away from her when she tried? When had he last disclosed all the shit he had to deal with?

Fucking hell, he finally realised, the breakthrough of the century dawning on him. He had to fly back to the town, say something, thank them maybe, no that was too far, but at least see if there wasn't something to learn from them. Maybe that was the answer, he had to learn to be nice again before he could return back home? That was how all the sappy kids shows worked right? He heard Draxx groan but mentally flipped the bird. He knew what he had to do now.


As he flew back towards the town on wings of pure shadow, Shade actually felt embarrassed. He wanted to apologise, to explain his behaviour, to ask them forgiveness. It almost twisted like bile in his throat, but it was, how would his Aunt put it... Ahh yes, "the right thing to do".

He was practising the words in his head, how he should say it, and then he heard the screams, not of joy, but terror and pain, an unfortunately familiar sound. Followed by the smell of burning sugar and the sudden feeling of heat as he approached.

He could see the smoke, clear as day now, of course the sun never set in this land either. The clouds of thick pungent smoke billowed up from burning houses engulfed in roaring, green, flames. Not hellfire he thought, but faerie magic.

He landed with a thud, summoning cola from the town well and balling it up as he muttered a brief spell and enchanted the liquid before him.

He shot concentrated streams at each house, dousing the flames, screaming shrilly as they died down.

It took him thirty minutes, but eventually all threat of the flame was gone and he was able to assess the damage.

It was a massacre. Everyone lay dead, Candy Cane Colin, Lollypop Lorry, Minty Marvin. Decapitated, split open, cracked and burnt, their sugary syrup blood soaking the sugar grass and turning the dirt to mud... cake.

He wheeled around at the sound of a snapping twig, his black eyes landing on the sight of a heavily injured Cadbury bunny. The Baron, Carollus Cadbury, a stream of steaming cocoa flowing from a wound rent in his side.

He was weak.

"Carollus, who did this to you?" he asked holding the old man tentatively.

The Chocolate Bunny's voice was ragged, speaking in between coughs that spluttered wet cocoa powder around him.

"I.. don't know dear boy. I... have never... seen such... we possess no word for it.. but it is deep and dark...." he shook his head, a single melted tear falling from his beady eye as he looked at the devastation.

"They were.. dark, wearing armour.. harder than Jawbreaker. Their eyes- they glowed, a million different colours... and-and they seemed to fly, on wings like crystals. Their leader... A woman.. she had long black horns, a crown of them, deep golden eyes, and skin like the whitest coconut. She is... angry"

Shade nodded, his suspicion growing.

"Please dear boy, I grow.. weaker by the second...please save them"

"Save who?" Shade asked.

"She took them... The children and the strong... Those she did not kill.. She put them in bindings... She tied them to some kind of cart. Please... I"

Shade nodded, his eyes growing wet. "I will Baron, I will save them, I promise."

The Baron nodded, smiling weakly.

"I'm sorry... our hugs weren't enough. We only... Wanted... To help."

"They were Baron, they WERE. " He wanted to tell him, tell him everything, his realisation, his desire to learn, to try, but it was too late. The Baron had breathed his last.

For a moment, Shade held him, weeping into the warm chocolate. When he stopped, he found his arms and clothes covered in sticky melted chocolate.

He attempted to scrub it off the best he could, but it held on remarkably well.

Shade stood up, finally, he had made a promise he intended to keep. One he would've if not for the blow to the head he received then and there.


SpectreCactus t1_j6i0ne0 wrote

Blade Broadland was pissed off. As he walked with his "band of friends" which consisted of a unicorn called Marion and a girl who referred to herself as "Super Sparkle Hero".

"Can't we just- like, jump him?"

Marion just pushed Blade forward. "Aight, damn.."

They got to the Devil of Destruction or whatever the shit his name was.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" they heard a cackle from the castle. Out came the Devil guy who was just a normal guy with an Italian suit.

Blade pulled out his shotgun- affectionately named Chainsaw, it was his favorite gun- and just shot the Devil guy.

"AGGGH JESUS FUCK!" he cried, clutching his stomach. "WHAT THE FUCK-!"

"OH MY GLITTER!" Super Sparkle yelled. "BLADE- YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"

"Pipe down, we defeated him, yeah?"


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Metraxis t1_j6hlc4u wrote

Don't have a full piece for this one, so just one final vignette:

The permanently scowling figure stood astride the open portal, one leg in his home reality and one in the land of Alcubear. He looked out over the gathered crowd, come to celebrate the Demon Lord's defeat and the return of Peace to the land, with a disgusted sneer. The King Sensed that the soon-to-be-departed hero had some final words for his people, so he raised his hand for silence. "What do you wish to tell us, oh Hero?" he asked.

"Unlawful appropriation of City resources,
Unlawful imprisonment of a Judge outside the bounds of the City.
Interference with a Judge in pursuit of his lawful duty.
Destruction of City property.

The sentence is death.

High EX."


Zamtrios7256 t1_j6g476y wrote

Wanna go to caaaaaandyyyy mountain chaaaarlie?


Omen224 t1_j6ihhme wrote

Oh my goodness that fits almost perfectly