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ShikakuZetsumei t1_j4xvgw2 wrote

Jeff placed another potato in the press and watched as another bunch of fries fell into the basket. Back and forth, the repeated motion was soothing on his weary soul. There was no higher purpose here other than making burgers and fries for Frank’s Burger Shack. The food was mediocre at best, and the pay was garbage. But it was everything he wanted in his life these days.

“Frank! Get out here you greedy pig!”

The sound of shattering glass and a woman screaming broke his Zen-like state. Heat more intense than the grill suddenly tickled his back. He turned to find a young man standing in the doorway of the burger joint. The glass panels of the door lay in a shimmering pool at the feet of a hulking demon. Flames curled up the creature’s arms and flitted around the horns atop its head.

There was a softer crash from the office in the back. A few seconds later, a disheveled man burst into the dining room. A red mark on his cheek and a damp spot on his shirt suggested he had been napping. Frank never did more work than was necessary.

Bleary blue eyes blinked at the flaming demon and the ruined entrance of the restaurant. “What’s the meaning of this? What the hell’s going on?”

The young man grabbed a tray and hurled it at Frank. “You think you can treat my brother like that and get away with it?

Jeff let out a soft sigh as he pulled a batch of fries out of the frier. Frank had a nasty habit of verbally abusing his employees. But in a small town with no major chains, there were few stores offering jobs to the younger generation. And Frank knew he could get away with a lot because he was buddies with local law enforcement. They believed in ‘tough love’ as much as Frank did.

“You fired my brother after your negligence caused the accident! Why should you live while his dreams die?” The young man waved his hand at the cowering customers. “Drozamos, kill them! Kill them all!”

But the hellish creature did not move. Instead, its tail curled around its legs, and it bowed its head in subservience.

Jeff finished making the latest order before setting down the spatula. “Drozamos. How’ve you been? Is your partner well?”

Drozamos let out a rumbling growl. “They’re healthier these days, milord. Business is slower with all those exorcists running around. We’re supposed to be careful when coming to the surface.”

Jeff raised an eyebrow. “This is being careful?”

There was an audible gulp before Drozamos said, “It was supposed to be a simple grease fire. But my contractor…”

The ex-employee’s brother sneered. “I paid the price! Bobby just wanted a simple job to make some pocket money. Now, he might never move his hands again! They all deserve to die for supporting this pig!”

Jeff clicked his teeth in irritation. It must’ve happened during the night shift.

“Jeff, you bastard! You know this monster?” Frank, having apparently forgotten the danger, jabbed a finger at Drozamos. “Get that freak out of my restaurant!”

A spike of irritation flashed through his brain. Echoes of a past long abandoned demanded retribution in blood.

Instead, Jeff took a breath and said, “Please shut up, sir.”

A sliver of power slipped out from his control and the air shuddered. Drozamos’s summoner stumbled backward looking pale. A damp spot appeared on Frank’s pants.

“I had a good thing going on here, you know?” Jeff patted the cheap, painted surface of the service counter. “I’d rather not let it go.”

Drozamos responded immediately. “Of course, milord.”

“The people, I can fix. They won’t remember this.” Jeff waved a hand and the customers blinked sleepily. “Let the customers go. They don’t deserve this. They just came in here today looking for a cheap, halfway-decent meal. Not like this town offers much else.”

The young man puffed his chest in rage. “I – ”

But the flames behind him dissipated, allowing the customers to file out in a trance. Once the last car had left the parking lot, Jeff turned to Frank. “I’ll fix this place, but I expect continued employment and no questions asked. Do you understand?”

There was a thud as Frank fainted in fright. Jeff took a breath and reeled in his aura.

“Drozamos, go back. Your mission is complete. Here’s a bit of soul energy as payment.”

The demon blinked in surprise before stammering, “Thank you, milord.”

In a puff of brimstone ash, a portal appeared and swallowed Drozamos. As the smoke cleared, Jeff approached the only person left. The young summoner trembled as he realized he was alone.

“Now then, young man. You and I are going to have a little talk about responsible demon summoning.”


Another quick story today.

If you're interested in my works, the archive of my various writing responses can be found in my writing portfolio, link through my profile. There's also an original story, The Crossroads.

Thanks for reading.


SamuelVimesTrained t1_j4z9vht wrote

I`d like to have a Jeff as employee.
He sounds like a really friendly and responsible .. entity?


ChloeWrites t1_j4z6v7b wrote

Your content is always so well written :') Any tips on writing short stories like this?


ShikakuZetsumei t1_j502rqx wrote

Broadly speaking? Practice writing as often as you can. I've been writing and editing for long enough that flash fictions are completable within an hour or two.

Specifically on flash fictions, keep in mind that space is somewhat limited. I try to keep my responses on this subreddit under 1000 barring extenuating circumstances. Pick a few simple points on world building and character development, and hint at them if you can. Never detail dump if you can help it.

Hope that helps.


MolhCD t1_j4zeoj5 wrote

Ah, one of the pioneer batches of demons, currently in retirement?


Felix001002003 t1_j50w4p4 wrote

That's amazing work man, but because the name from the MC is Jeff I can only picture Jeff Johanson from the game dead by daylight and this is actually so much better XD


Murlock_Holmes t1_j4y81tx wrote

"And another thing," my boss, Trent, yelled. "If you're late for work one more goddamn time, you're fucking fired! You hear that? Fucking fired!"

"Yes, sir," Trina said as she fought back tears. I just let out a sigh. Fucking asshole. Always flexing on the others that worked here. He learned a long time to leave me the fuck alone, but that didn't stop him from preying on everyone else.

"And another thing, you -" He was interrupted by a loud crash in the storefront. A tremendous roar came from the front, and Trent stiffened.

"Trina, go check that out."

"What, sir? No. I'm only sixteen."

"I didn't ask for your goddamn life story. I said go check that out!"

"Trenton Woods," a deep voice from the front rumbled. "I have come for you. Come out and face me, mortal. I am here to consume every soul in this restaurant, starting with yours."

"I'll fucking take care of it," I say as I roll my sleeves up and walk past Trent.

"Atta boy, Skip. Give 'em hell." I rolled my eyes but continued through the kitchen to the front. As I emerged from the doors, I saw a large red beast with ten horns on his head. He had a long neck, like a dragon, but the body of a bull. His head was that of a human, aside from the horns, and his face was betraying the obvious emotion of pissed off.

"Lloyd," I said. "What are you doing here?"

"Y-your majesty," the creature said before he bowed low. "What are you doing here, sir?"

"I work here; what are you doing here?" I asked again.

"My lord, I was summoned by a girl named Trina Sparks. She made a deal with me to take out Trenton Woods. She gave me ten vials of her blood. Virgin blood, sir. I couldn't say no to such a deal. You know how much I love a good drink." Fucking Trina.

"Trina! Get out here," I bellowed. The girl slowly pushed her head through the door. She was shaking in fear, though I had no clue what she was scared of. She summoned the damn thing.

"Did you summon this?" I asked, pointing at Lloyd.

"Uh. I mean. Yes? Maybe. Am I in trouble?" she squeaked.

"You should be. What would your parents say!? You summoned a being of the underworld to kill your boss. And everyone else in here, might I add. Me included. How would you have felt if Lloyd had killed me? Would you have been fine with that?"

"No. I mean. I didn't tell him to kill everyone. I just wanted Trent gone."

"Lloyd! Are you adding souls to your deals again?"

"My lord." The demon bowed even lower if that were possible. "I'm sorry. I take liberties when the deals are not worded specifically." I walked over and thunked him on the back of the head.

"We don't take extra human souls. They will come to us when it is their time." I walked back to Trina. "And as for you. Don't make deals with demons. You never know what could happen. Take this for instance. He was probably going to kill you, too. Did you have a specific clause about not killing you in the contract?"

"What contract?" she asked meekly.

"What contract!? Lloyd, what the fuck, man? You didn't even have the poor girl sign a contract!?"

"Uh. It was a handshake agreement?"

"You don't have hands! I'm surrounded by idiots." I buried my face in my hands. "Absolute. Fucking. Idiots."

"I'm sorry, my lord. I will take Trenton Woods' soul and be gone."

"Eh, what the hell? I could use the promotion anyways. Trent, get out here!"


WTFNotRealFun t1_j4yupv4 wrote

"Here ya go. You ordered the number 3 with a Coke, right?"

The driver looked annoyed when he replied, "You mean a Diet Coke, right?"

"Oh, you're right, that is a Diet."

About that time, screams erupted from behind the drive-thru-guy. He turned to the driver of the car and said, "You need to go. Something bad's happening in the dining room. Call the cops, okay?"

As the driver sped off, Michael ripped off his apron and sped to the dining room. He stopped in his tracks when he came around the corner. Standing in the middle of the dining room was an 8 foot tall fiery demon. There was liquid fire running from his mouth, and he looked like he was about to put the kids in the ball pit on the lunch menu.

Michael yelled out, "Beelzebub, is that you?"

Beelzebub spun around and asked, "Michael, is that you? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Well, say what you want, but Heaven gets boring. Forever is a long time! Every millenia or so, I take a vacation here. And let me tell you, Jesus is not the guy you remember. He used to be so chill, but ever since the crucifixion, he's a different guy. Always so serious. But, what about you? This isn't your style."

"Mike, some total dumb ass used a summoning spell to force me to come here and kill the Manager, and anybody else here."

"Yeah I have to say I get it. The manager's an asshole. But I have a plan for him."

"Michael you know the rules. I don't kill all these assholes, and I can't go home."

"Bub let me fix it for ya."

The demon paused, shook his head, and there were tears turning to steam as they tracked down his face, "You'd do that for me?"

"Bub... buddy, how long we known each other? Of course I would. Just don't eat anybody."

Michael gestured toward a table that wasn't on fire and said, "I'm going in the kitchen and making us some food. We need to catch up. It feels like forever since The Fall."

Beelzebub turned to the screaming people and said, "That is the nicest angel you'll ever meet. Real down to earth that one."

Edited: Writing on your cell phone at midnight leaves a little to be desired.


TheJ-WFinch t1_j4y4jz8 wrote

“They couldn’t have picked another day…” The soft spoken dishwasher spoke to herself as if it was just another unruly customer, yet it was much more than that.

The scene unfolded before the dishwasher, as she peered over the counter after she heard the chanting. She saw a large demon come out of the portal one of her coworkers had made on a table. It, the demon, had large fangs dripping with what could only be described as lava. The lava spit was catching things on fire, and that had made the sprinklers go off.

Once the sprinklers were set off the boss came out of his office in the back.

“Who the fuck is burning shit now? Lulu did you leave one of the dish rags near the fire again?” He screamed as he walked out into the kitchen. When he saw LuLu watching the front of the store with her other coworkers it looked like smoke would come out of him. “WHAT ARE YOU LOLLYGAGGERS DOING? GET BACK TO WORK.”

“But… Sir there’s… a demon…” One of LuLu’s coworkers, Timmy, pointed out.

LuLu just shook her head at Timmy to shut up.

“What kind of idiot do you think I am?” He growled before looking towards what Timmy was pointing to. When he saw the demon. He laughed. “Is this some sort of Halloween prank? Nice special effects makeup.”

“Sir, it’s February…” Timmy muttered.

“Fine, I’ll go deal with this. JUST GET BACK TO WORK.” The boss rolled his eyes. As he walked out of the kitchen area to the dining area. He stood in front of the demon. His arms crossed.

The demon roared loudly at him. The sprinklers seemed to have snuffed most of the hell fire out.

“Look, I don’t know who sent you, but you’re going have to pay for this. The fire, everything. So cough it up!”

The demon did in fact cough something up. A human skull. After it flew out of his mouth it bounced on the floor due to the lavay slime spit it was covered in.

The boss didn’t even flinch. “You know that is not what I meant. Nice magic trick though. Where did you get a fake skull?” The boss stepped on the skull, expecting to crush it with his foot, when he didn’t he froze for a moment, before screaming and trying to run.

It was too late the demon had grabbed him. Holding him up by the back of his shirt. The demon’s long tongue licked his face, cause the boss to scream even more before the demon started to lower him into his mouth.

“Should we do anything?” Timmy whispered to Tripp another coworker.

“What do you want us to do against a demon?” They practically yelled back, smacking Timmy with a cleaning rag.

“What do you think LuLu?” Timmy hesitantly asked.

“It is our boss… but maybe we should see how it plays out..?”

“Oh that’s crazy. We need to get out of here.” Tripp stood up, deciding to make a run for it.

LuLu stood up as well. Deciding to walk back to her locker. She unlocked her locker, rather quickly. Once it was opened she pulled out her backpack, throwing it on. As she did she heard another scream from her boss. This time she couldn’t just ignore it. She had to do something. So she ran into the dining room standing in front of the demon.

The demon was now holding Tripp up in the air, while it munched on what LuLu could only assume was her old boss.

“Unhand them!” LuLu yelled. “And let everyone in this establishment go. NOW”

The demon simply tilted it’s head at LuLu.

“You’re really going to make me do this…” LuLu took a deep breath. “Okay, fine.”

LuLu threw her backpack off, and quickly pulled out what a normal person would assume was a folding cane. With the flick of her wrist the cane became a staff. Raising the staff above her head she began to chant.

Once the demon heard the language she was chanting in, it let go of Tripp. It’s attention was focused on her. Moving towards her with caution.

Unsurprisingly as LuLu was chanting, everyone in the building evacuated, well almost everyone. LuLu opened one eye, noticing Timmy had grabbed a bag of salt, making a circle around both LuLu and the demon. She continued chanting, not wanting to lose the demon's attention. Once her chant was completed, she had 5 seconds to yell.

“TIMMY LEAVE.” LuLu spat out.

Once the 5 seconds were up, there was a large puff of smoke. Where LuLu was once standing there was an Eldritch adjacent monster girl that was growing in size. She looked vaguely human but with two red devilish eyes and six tentacles attached to the sides of her head, with two more sprouting from her forehead almost like horns. The rest of her body from the neck down was covered by a magical girl outfit, even as she grew the outfit grew with her.

When she had stopped growing she had to crouch to be inside of the building. The two tentacles from her forehead wrapped around the demon's throat, as tight as they could. The rest of her tentacles began to try to shove the demon back into the portal from where it came. The demon was scratching and clawing at the tentacles that were holding onto it. This caused LuLu to scream and hiss in pain, before yelling at the demon in its native tongue. Eventually the demon was shoved back into the portal.

Causing LuLu to sigh in relief. She wiped her brow with one of the tentacles from her forehead. It took a moment before the monster began to shrink back down to human size. The monster began to mumble once it got its tentacles on the staff. Once the chanting was done, another puff of smoke happened. LuLu stood there, bruised and bloody. She looked around as she leaned on one of the tables, to see Timmy staring at her with wide eyes.

“What Kid, you haven’t seen a magical girl before?” LuLu laughed, trying to find the humor in it all.

“Not… one like… you looked like you could be related to a squid…” Timmy stammered.

“Well you’re close. Cthulhu is my father.. Well, by human standards.”

(Never in my life did I think I would be writing a cthulhu adjacent magical girl story but here I am...)


Tarotgirl_5392 t1_j4zh7sq wrote

The demon returned to the kitchen, wiping egg off its horns and ranting in tongues. "You didn't warn me about her." He grumbled at the summoner as Charla walked through the swinging doors.

"Frank. I should have known it was you. I hope you plan to wipe that up." She pointed to the pentagram of pancake batter.

Frank wrinkled his nose. "I didn't expect anyone to be around after-" he admitted and fetched the mop. He glared at the Demon. "I said no survivors. Why couldn't you carry out that one order?"

"Here I thought we were comrades, Frank. And now I find you're plotting my death?" Charlas eyes flickered in the light, giving them a strange inhuman look. "I'm just trying to get my 40 hours and make enough tips to pay rent. Waffle House is one of the fee places I can work without standing out."

"You mean-'re... not human?" Frank stuttered. Charla rolled her eyes and allowed her long, inky shadows to cover the walls and floor.

"You knew I was an Eldrich, didn't you? You saw me juggle the hot griddle last week."

"Yea, but I also saw Dennis crawl butt-ass naked through the drive thru. And there was that Karen who caught a pigeon midflight with her bare hands."

Charla smirked. "Like I said, I don't stand out here. Next time you want to set a demon loose on the place, can you at least warn your coworkers?"

Frank looked up in surprise as Charla resumed her human appearance. "You mean- you're not going to write me up?"

Charla laughed. "Nah. Like I said. This is a waffle house. This isn't even the weirdest thing to happen today"

(For anyone who doesn't know, Waffle House is a wilder, more feral Dennys)


HelloIamOnTheNet t1_j4zvxb7 wrote

Yeah wouldn't surprise me if I saw that happen in a Waffle House.


Tarotgirl_5392 t1_j51j2bb wrote

I think my first thought would be "I'm not getting that blueberry syrup I asked for" before woah there's a demon and a woman juggling the grill


Doosits_Ruminile t1_j4z6ew9 wrote

I could picture the opposite. Maybe like... ........ (tl;dr at the end)

INT. - Noon - Lone Long Roady's Pine Gas-taurant

One late evening after a loud and barking argument, cursing the mother and fancy red van of your entitled, dead beat boss, you leave the office and decide to go home early. Maybe this time for good.

On your way out, Leslie, the loving woman that she always was, keys on hand was about to ask you to take over the closingshift. But she's an observant one, catching a glimpse at your left over sterness and the room's mood made her stop and re-consider.

Shutter it out, you thought, have nothing to be seen of the recent spitting and ruddy catharsis. You avoid her questions and willingly cave in to her original ask. You know very well, she could use a day off.

Boss is a greedy lowlife bastard after all. Never leaves the dam office anyways, so why not stick around with headphones on? Just ignore the world, one last time.

EXT. - Night - Lone Long Roady's Pine Gas-taurant

Later that night, it's just you with the keys, the back door, and whatever ad interrupted the playlist, gross. With the headphones off you retake stock of your surroundings, too late ofcourse. A sharp cold and warm pulse forces you to numbness. Coming to, no phone, no keys, but a pumping migraine to sober you up.

The door is wide open; putting two and two, even through the delirium, you decide to bolt out. Great!, they took the car keys too. A quick look through the door, it is clear you're out of options. Next town is not within walking distance; maybe wait it out. Brake a window or something if they close up behind them... nah, could thieves ever be so clean?

You wait. Grand dad's watch says it's witching hour. Why aren't they out already? And why ain't the alarms on?... Freezing out here... being feast to the Mothman don't seem like the smartest move. A hammer, just where you left it; maybe you can sneak up on the goons inside if you cross paths.

Returning to the door, it's now locked.

The voice. Rasp. Gruff. Close but... far? Your are beckoned by name.

The lumbering blemish of madded dark spoke from behind the low lit curtain of fog between you. It's appendage ending in a heavy hand, closing off the trunk door of a familiar red van. Those were body bags. The migraine reered back in avid dread, fearing a torture as unthinkable as this silent fiend.

Such daze made this amalgamed tumor of shapes make less sense when you understood it. Once aproaching, it slowly met at eye level, more and more... clear. Blinking once... twice... a hand pierced the divide, offering your keys, phone and broken headphones by...

"You can drive?"

INT. - ? - Multiple locations

You simply answered your boss as if nothing happened. In retrospective, the following weeks, you wrestle through the mental objection. You got checked by the doctors, you were assaulted. That night happened... Leslie's worried...

You meet at The Dinner and smoothed things over with some lazy cover-up where logic in the story seems to brake for you. She docent buy it, you both know it, but fear to dwell in conjecture or whatever rat poison conspiracy the Sherif goes on about. But what else are you supposed to tell yourself, let alone anyone?

EXT. - Day - Pine Long Roady's Gas-taurant

Next morning you ask Sammy to let you take over opening duties. He's always an hour late so any excuse works out, whatever gets him by, I guess. Now, you know your Boss is there, alone, like always somehow.

If they could have torn your face off they would've done so long ago. They have been brazen, stupid, annoying, and just all round... ancient... but never got a vibe they were.... anyway. It makes this brusk entrance easier.

INT. - Day - Office

You enter the office, same as at the start. Yep, they're here, as usual, not like you ever questioned a sleezy scum bag's schedule. They look up from writing some whatever documents, expectingly.

You, in your ever so eloquent delivery, finally ask.

"What the hell was that?"

Tl:Dr :

What if your boss was the monsterous cryptid that just wants to make money and live peace. And you're the problematic employee that needs this job but hates their guts. One late evening, after being assaulted by thieves you discover a glimpse of their true nature.


KuroKunsai t1_j5023zs wrote

It's time for me to continue the saga I started with the blood-drainer plot.

Kunsai "Kuro" Kuronosa gave another sigh as he was always the damn fryer being behind on the amount of fries for the orders. Sure, expediting for a fast-food place wasn't the best work, but the pay was better than most other similar places, and while it had its agrivating days, it was mostly just dull work. At least the customers weren't crowding the send-out counter today.

"Jason! Get over here, you lazybones!" The zen of the place was interrupted as Kuro's boss, Andrew Slate, called out for the person who was needed most at this time...the fry person. The lanky coworker rolled his eyes, and shot Kuro a look....great...he was going to have to finish them and set them himself for the orders, as it was a light staff day, though it was also slow. Jason seemed to grumble something the silver-haired man couldn't quite hear, and stomped off towards the back.

Slate was a raging narcissistic who thought he was bigger potatoes than he was, but running the largest Shake Place in the country helped push his over-inflated ego even further. Jason wasn't a bad coworker, but Kuro guessed it had to do with the teen being 10 minutes late again for the 3rd time this month...

As Jason headed to the boss' office, the air suddenly felt..weird...not too hot, or well, not too much hotter than normal when you work next to heat lamps all day, but not quite unusually cold either...He ignored it as he moved around to the hot-line...He ignored the weird feeling as something started to appear in the center of the dining area. The fries beeped, and he pulled out the basket, shaking off the excess oil, and threw them into the salting zone as a roar suddenly pierced the area and screams rang out from the customers. The man turned around...he did not want to deal with this here with all the customers still around...well...maybe not still around, as most rushed for the door, leaving the place pretty empty.

"ANDREW SLATE! YOUR SOUL IS FORFEIT!" The entity yelled, though not like the fires most thought of, the area went cold instead of hot... Great, another Demon, this time from Cocytus instead of one of the hot sections...

The boss peeked his head out, looking at the Demon, who looked more like a fallen angel then a purely demonic entity...Tall, humanoid, with black wings that looked blue in certain spots in the light, dressed in a blue business least, he was for now. While Slate was self-important, he was also...a coward. He heard someone yelling at him, and just stayed in his office, locking it shut.

While Kuro didn't like his boss, he less liked the idea of explaining to the mundane authorities what happened to him....especially as the Moonlit world was supposed to remain mostly was getting harder to do, with every normal person in the street having easy access to a camera, and most businesses these days having some sort of security system and/or security it looked like he was going to have to be doing some overtime tonight to make sure that word didn't get out.

"Kuro...what is that?" Ah, right....Catherine, the other hot line worker who could easily see up front. She was, as far as he knew, a Mundane, and couldn't get involved.

"Just get down Cat, and don't worry...also, don't talk to it. I..." He sighed. "I'll go deal with it..." The poor shaking redhead looked at him, and then turned around, disappearing behind the counter...Good. Better that she not get involved...The Demon was still yelling and cursing, calling his boss a coward as the silver-hair man walked around the counters to get to the dining area.

"Calm down demon. Who sent you?"

"Why should I tell dead meat that? You are just in my way."

Kuro's eyes suddenly changed from his normal-looking baby blues, to an eerie golden color, and even when in his normal black shirt and blue jeans, his calm aura and demeanor suddenly became deadly.

"It wasn't a was a command...Now who...sent you?" He gave the being a withering look.

"I will tell you nothing, now get out of-"

"You're not a demon, you're a devil...You're one of Dis' men, aren't you? You managed to find someone stupid enough to fall for your tricks? I'm almost impressed." The Fixer held out his hand, and a longsword with a jeweled hilt appeared in it. "Sorry...but you really should have left well enough alone..."

"Wait...I recognize that did you...Oh...nonononono... I.." The now identified devil sighed. "You know what I am, and you know that I can't just let a contract go..the boss'll kill me."

"And if you don't tell me who summoned you, and leave right after that, I will do the same...only you'll be permanently dead instead if just being demoted."

The devil hesitated... and then looked over at where Catherine was hiding. "Summoner, you didn't tell me you worked with THIS MAN...."

That...actually made the Fixer blink. "Catherine? Did you summon him?" His voice was questioning, and a little annoyed.

The redhead continued to sit down and ignore what was happening.

Well, I'm out of steam for now...finish it later...


tosser1579 t1_j51cuq1 wrote

The fear effect was killing most of them. The sight of a demon terrified humans and so when he stomped around the room, most of them just had heart attacks and died on the spot. That made sweeping tough, but I had a little time left before my stamina ran out for the day.

He pull out Jerry's spine, through his nose. Good work. Still took Jerry one minute and seven seconds to die, and that was some quality demonic murder if I ever saw it. Of course, Jerry would leave another mess.

I pushed the broom, gathering up some stray trays when someone stepped infront of me.

"Excuse me, Sir," I began looking up at the nine foot tall demon. To a mortal, he would have looked terrifying, to me he looked curious.

"I'm Morgath, the hell bearer, boo?" said Morgath.

"And if you could please step to the side, I need to sweep this area up before closing," I replied. Morgath moved, and looked around.

"Everyone is dead, I don't think you can close," said the demon.

"I still get the points as long as I complete my closing checklist," I replied pushing the last few trays and a whole hamburger into the dustbin. 'Animals'

"Points?" asked the demon, walking to the counter as I stepped behind it and opened up the utility closet. Janet put the mop bucket in half full again, meaning I'd have to dump it before I cleaned the floor. I glared at her, but she was face down in the fryer so she didn't respond.

I'd bring the whole thing up with Jerry, but the spine thing. Thankfully, Morgath dropped that behind the counter and that was Frank's job, not that it would get done either but hopefully Frank would fall out of the ceiling before ravens pecked out his eyes. Or pigeons, more likely.

Carrying the bucket to the back of the store, I poured it out into the utility bin as the demon strode up behind me and raised his arm, "Look, I'm sorry man but I said I'd kill everyone."

He struck faster than a cobra, his hand ended in razor sharp claws and the demon could easily shove his arm through a piece of steel. Obviously, he nearly broke his hand as it skittered off of my chest, and the bucket sloshed slightly. I didn't need to refill it, but I'd probably have to put up the wet floor sign, which was back near Janet and covered in blood.

"Do you mind," I asked. Morgath stepped aside.

"You're a dragon," he said after I grabbed the mop.

I nodded, and started mopping the floor.

Morgath drew out his sword, bathed in infernal flames, and held it up. I flinched, "Hey, new uniform."

"I need to kill you," said Morgath apologetically as he brought the sword down on my shoulder. It pinged loudly as it impacted, splitting the shoulder of my uniform badly.

"I'm going to have to patch that," I grunted as I lifted off the blade and continued mopping. "Look, my shift is over in two minutes. Can you just pretend you tortured Jerry longer than you did?"

"I guess, if you are immune to physical damage does that mean you are an elder dragon," asked the demon as he leaned up against the counter. He grabbed a cup.

"That costs 1 dollar," I stated watching him. He left a gold coin on the counter that was worth $122, which should be fine. Jerry would just keep the gold anyway. Except for the spine thing.

"So," asked the demon as he poured himself a mixture of sprite and coke.

"Yeah, I'm an elder dragon," I replied.

"So why work here," asked the demon.

"Ever play Stardew Valley," I replied as I continued mopping.

"I was more into Animal Crossing," said the demon. Of course he was, those guys loved Nintendo.

"Well, I realized that just being an all powerful dragon on a massive pile of treasure was kind of taxing, and I wanted to relax, so I got a job like in Stardew doing something mundane," I said finishing and checking the floor. I pressed Miss Sanders back with the mop and touched up that corner.

My assigned area was perfect.

"But here?" asked the demon.

"Its relaxing, don't have to worry about anything," I said walking over to punch out. Jerry was going to complain about the shoulder, except the spine thing.

"Huh, you just do a simple job and then go back," said Morgath, "That does sound relaxing."

I looked around, "We are hiring."


Awkward_Ad75 t1_j4zjeyz wrote

Summoning a demon was probaply the wrong word more like controlling the cloud of flying Chickenwings into the shape of a giant chicken as you sat down in front of the Circle made of pommes with a burger covered in ketchup. They did not know you where an ancient imortal. They did not know your where an ancient imortal necromancer. Beeing able to move bones ways pretty usefull in this case . As you crushed the managers head and squished the Karens face into a bloody lump with a smile. She would never ever harrass a worker again. As you open the gasvalves of all the ovens while the giant chicken-look-a-like colapsed relived from your control as you didnt need it anymore you lit a cigare walking out of the restaurant watching this hell of a place burn to the ground . No one left alive to tell the tale of what happend you sent an application to the next fastfoodplace. It was the 3rd time this had happened why did it have to be so hard finding a chill job? You probaply would never find out but killing bad people and using chicken wings as a weapon of muder to keep your abilitys in shape from time to time wasnt so bad after all.


AwesomeTopHat t1_j56jtlf wrote

During the Age of Madness, there was a being who controlled this Madness, the Mad King. Under the Mad King’s reign, they -the way to describe what they are is to use no pronouns- created, what the mortals call, Demons. Demons “blessed” mortals with magic. With the Demon’s magic, the mortals were able to cause so much Chaos. All they did with it was the same dozen things. The Mad King grew bored of the same Chaos and Madness that the mortals would do. So, the Mad King sealed away their own power into a book and banished the Demons, which in turn banished all magic. The Mad King buried the book so, at the time, no mortal could find it. Order came to the land and eras passed. Now, the governments of this world try to cover up evidence of magic ever existed. The Mad King now works at Bob’s Dinner. They simply go by John. Short common names are easier for mortals to remember then what their true name is. They don’t talk much, for speaking would destroy the mind of those who heard it. They were content to just flip burgers and deep fry food. The owner, Bob, is an ass. Always yelling at the other employees, firing the mortals for the smallest offenses. Bob knew better than to talk to John in that matter. For if John would say a single word, the restaurant would be shut down for months. They may have sealed their power away, but not all of it could have fit into one item. They still have enough power to drive the entire county mad for eternity.

They were content with just flipping ground beef patties covered in sodium chloride then put the patties on a wheat that was ground into fine powder, combined with chicken eggs and water molded into rounded small bread, baked at a consistent temperature until golden brown. Small Chaos refined into order. They could get used to the way mortals could control the small amount of Chaos that was around them. Though they did miss the degree that the mortals could control large amounts of Chaos. Their thoughts were interrupted by Bob screaming. They moved from the kitchen to see what all the noise was about. They saw something familiar. One of the Christianized portrayals of one of their children. The Demon, like a bull standing on two legs wrapped in flames, was tearing Bob in two. A smile crossed their face, or the mask they wore that looked like a mortal's face. Someone has found their book. A new form of entertainment has just appeared. A Warlock, a mortal who is trying to control power beyond what their tiny mind could understand. In a wave of their hand, the demon, the dinner, and the whole town ripped from reality. All that was left was a burning crater, and that would still burn for thousands of years. On the news that night, the government claimed there were multiple gas pipe explosions throughout the city, killing all in the town. That was not true. Two have survived, The Warlock and John, the burger flipper. They recognized the Warlock. She was a waitress that was fired from the dinner early that week. They couldn’t contain their excitement. For the Age of Madness had returned.


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felswinter t1_j50pgbg wrote

I swear there's an anime with this nearly exact premise.


pixeltwentyfive t1_j51fqkd wrote

boss isnt exactly an ass but fast food

{the devil is a part timer}


ChloeWrites t1_j5ivyle wrote

TW/CW: Child homicide, murder

January 1st, 2030 The Royal Burger

"I said, make those fries faster Kevin!!!" Jayce shouted as he slammed his fist against his office door. "Lacy, where the hell are those dishes?!" He threw his clipboard on the ground in anger and stomped into his office, slamming the door.

I sighed quietly as I finished the last of the dishes, then briefly looked at his door. "Lacy... That's the human name I've given myself. Still, this is easier, managing mortals than rowdy demons, pompous angels, and various other creatures scattered throughout the multiverse.

"Oooooh Jayce! Time to come out and plaaaaaay!" The entity giggled and laughed. There was screaming in the lobby, just before the lights went out.

Jayce slammed his door open. "Hey, Zane, go fix the breaker! I need light to see the fuck I'm doing!!! Move it!!!"

"I've already tried hitting the breaker, sir!" I heard Zane flipping the switch in the distance.

"Jayce... It is time to remember your greatest sin..." I watched as the entity's hand reached out and touched him on the shoulder.

January 1st, 2000 Jayce's parent's house

"Jayce... H-how could you?! She was your sister!" Jayce's mom screamed at him, watching him pull the knife out of her chest. "You are a monster! B-but... You're my monster... Quickly, pull it out. Mummy will help clean this up..."

Jayce did as his mother said, smiling what wicked, toothy smile of his. "I'm an only child again... Exactly as it should have been..."

After a couple of hours of deep cleaning, Jayce and his mother thoroughly clean the house and hid the body for burying later that night

January 1st, 2030

"Nooooooo! That's not right! I wasn't that bad as a child! Make the memories stop!!!" Jayce was on all fours, crying on the floor. "I just wanted my mom to myself!"

"And to get that you killed your sweet sister, Sally." The entity knelt next to him. "It is time, J-" I stepped out next to the two of them.

"Bercillius... It's been a while." I snapped my fingers, causing the lights to come back on. "Zane, Kevin... It's time you went home. Your shifts were over long ago."

"But, we can't..." They began to speak in unison.

My eyes started to glow purple, my body thrumming with power. The air became heavy in the building. "I'll be sure you get paid. Get rest."

The two young men bolted out of the building without a second thought.

"I... What are you doing in this universe?! Lady Oriyana!!!"

"Well, it seems I am known here. You don't worry your pretty little head about why I'm here. Queen Mary knows why, is fine with it, and that's all that matters." I knelt, giving the entity a dark, toothy grin. Jayce was passed out on the floor.

"B... But I thought it was ONE per universe and any more than that, and they'd both collapse!" If the entity had a corporeal form, I gathered they'd be quaking in their boots.

"Normally, yes. If it was an invasion. I merely visit, playing the mortal's game of life. No harm, no ill will, or malicious intent to the Queen of this universe exists in me. Therefore, we can coexist. Now, run along. Leave this mortal to me."

"N-no! This is my soul to take, my kill! The master promised me this! He said if I failed..."

"Now... Now, calm yourself. Do you think you should fear the Demon King more than what I'll do to you? I know you've collected many superpowers over the years. I believe the mortals call you The Collector. You take from everyone. You gather their souls and permanently acquire their abilities, leaving them as soulless husks. Let this man go, or I promise what I'll do to you will be infinitely worse."

In a flash of light, The Collector was gone. Jayce still lay unconscious on the ground, the store emptier than my wallet. I tapped him on the back of his head to wake him.

"What happened, where am I?" Jayce was in panic, sweating bullets. "Where is that... That thing?!"

"Jayce..." My voice caused him to snap to his senses. "I should end your measly existence on the spot for what you and your mother did to your baby sister. So, I will, but you need to do something for me first."

Jayce turned to face me, feeling the immense pressure emanating from my body. "W-who... W-what are you? What must I do to live?"

"No. That's the easy way out. You will live and exist. You will exist in a coma, reliving that worst memory over and over until death takes you..."

"Nooooooo!" Jayce got on his knees, ready to grovel.

"No." My eldrich voice echoed throughout the building and in his mind. I tapped him on the forehead. "Write a note explaining why you're leaving the business to me. That's all you need to do."

"I don't want that! I'd rather die!" He was shaking fervently now.

"You don't have a choice in what happens to you. Only what to write in the letter, mortal." I pointed to his office. "Start. Typing."

Jayce got up without a word and quietly went into his office to type up, print, and sign the letter. I waited silently while leaning on the door frame.

"It is done... Lacy... Or whoever you really are..." He printed and signed the letter. "As you requested, my letter of resignation..."

I placed a hand on his shoulder and he went limp in my arms. I carried him to his car, using his keys to get in and drive him home before teleporting to my apartment