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DoomGoober t1_j7oh23l wrote

Using rats, there is evidence that anabolic steroids can help speed muscle injury healing:

However anabolic steroids had little effect on healing pressure ulcers (bed sores):


TPMJB OP t1_j7oks5c wrote

Ah, good show! I'd be curious how it affects something like ACL surgery recovery time.


steeltowndude t1_j7onfl2 wrote

(Neither a doctor nor scientist) My first assumption would be that it would actually pose additional threat of re-injury. Tendon injuries, for example, are more common in AAS users, I would assume because the strength of the muscles progresses at a rate at which the tendons can't keep up (not sure if the exact reason why has been studied). AAS would allow one to regain muscle mass and strength quickly during recovery, but it's not doing much for the thing that you tore in the first place.


GeriatricHydralisk t1_j7p82qz wrote

Tendons heal and remodel slowly simply because they're mostly collagen with very few cells, compared to muscle (almost all cells) and bone (which has a surprisingly high number of cells). Even with every cell working flat-out to fix/alter the tendon, there's just soooo much collagen and so few cells that it takes forever.


PBR2019 t1_j7qct74 wrote

This is why a combo of hGH and AAS with supplementation works wonders at healing tendons and ligaments