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LibertarianAtheist_ t1_j7qqwzx wrote

So the main rotor doesn't change position at all? It's all combination with the tail rotor?


The rotor to move in relation to the heli's body. "Rotate"
Like the tires of a car turn in relation to the chassis


[deleted] t1_j7r2t3y wrote



LibertarianAtheist_ t1_j7r43lp wrote

>rotor pitch

How does the rotor pitch changes without the jet engine moving? I guess that's my original question but I didn't know what words to use.


doginjoggers t1_j7v0wdo wrote

Individual main rotor blade angles (pitch) are changed by the swash plate. Tilting the swash plate (cyclic input) creates more lift on one side of the rotor. Raising or lowering the swash plate (collective input) creates more or less lift.