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beef-o-lipso t1_j9aanr3 wrote

That would be a stretch. It's more nature and nurture. Your physical characteristics will impact tonality and what not. You're upbringing will impact cadence, pronouncation, and other influences. Finally, your brain will make its own choices combining all this input into your own voice.

You can consciously influence some parts like pronouncation and accent if you work at it.


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Valyrian_Kobolds t1_j9bilew wrote

It's a fun party trick, makes you absolutely baller at running tabletop rpgs too.


Oftwicke t1_j9bjb6s wrote

Frankly I'm looking forward to doing this when I've voice trained enough lol


dancingmeadow t1_j9dpbud wrote

I'm sure we do make many choices, some of them quite consciously, that affect the way we speak.