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stacybobacy OP t1_ja4lbd4 wrote

Thank you for the link I'll give it a read. :) It's strange for me that I'm getting sick so frequently, definitely not my norm. I'm 48 and have always been pretty healthy. These illnesses last long too. I'm currently on day 6 of of my cold and I'm still sneezing and drippy. In the past I was usually on the mend after just a few days.


JosBenson t1_ja4q9zw wrote

It might be that due to lockdown we encountered a lot fewer viruses than we normally do, so that since lockdown has eased we are all back around each other and picking up viruses and bacteria. Our system has not had a chance to build immunity in the past 3 years as it would normally. See this article:

Which explains that: During pandemic-related lockdowns, it wasn’t just the spread of COVID-19 being halted. Inevitably, other infections also waned, as school children stayed at home, offices closed their doors and face masks became a normal public sight. Now, with societies opened up again, infections are on the rise, have become worse or more prolific because lack of mixing in kids and adults may have caused a drop in population-wide immunity.


_Oman t1_ja4sxrg wrote

Even before COVID-19 there was evidence that fighting off a significant infection can cause a number of post-infection issues. Sometimes the damage is done by the infection, sometimes by the immune system fighting the infection, and sometimes the immune system can be dysfunctional after the infection. COVID-19 is unique in that is spread rapidly to a large portion of the population, and people had such a varied reaction to it.

Don't limit your research to COVID-19, although there has been a lot more research done in the past couple of years because of it.