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Hagenaar t1_ja0h405 wrote

Another analogy is convergent evolution. Wherein creatures that look similar, and occupy similar ecological niches may have come from very different forebears.


helvetica_simp t1_ja18ql2 wrote

Like how raccoons have little hands and humans have little hands? 🥺


Hagenaar t1_ja1bvsv wrote

That could be more of a divergence given we're both descended from small furry mammals.


AilisEcho t1_ja1j9ko wrote

What about kangaroo and deer having similarly built heads?


r0botdevil t1_ja22myi wrote

A much better example is penguins, dolphins, and sharks all having very similar appendages for swimming, or birds, bats, and butterflies all having wings.


tatu_huma t1_ja34wbs wrote

Australia is a good continent for this since it been so isolated from the rest of the world for so long there's been time for convergence.

They look so similar to animals outside of Australia.

Here's a graphic showing them


SeenWhatMakesUCheer t1_ja2kht7 wrote

Crabs, nature wants to often form crab looking creatures from different origins


ThrillSurgeon t1_ja2efh6 wrote

Still, it probably is mathematically possible to a degree, but probably statistically in the domain of one solid object passing through another solid object because the subatomic particles lined up. Although, probably more likely than that.